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  1. I've been playing Steel Path for a while now. Guess, I can add my two-bits too.

    1. Enemies are bullet sponges that's true, they are not much of a threat. I would suggest old T4 Tower mechanics with increased dmg that scales with each wave/round/level treshold. Moreover, +250% increased EHP is a no no, make it 150% with boosted dmg(200% max). Mix it with dodge and parkour mechanics and that's what would make players more engaged.

    2. Something that was proposed above. Increase Eximus spawn rate and Steel Essence drop chance, ~10% would be nice I guess if Eximus spawn rates are also higher. Grind would be reduced and more enjoyable, but that's only my opinion.

    3. More Teshin! I love his voice lines, should absolutely replace Lotus voicelines.

    4. Steel Path Honors store! Different rewards, stance forma is nice, orokin catalysts/reactors would be cool, build normal Forma would be amazing, more Dax cosmetics, some conclave cosmetics maybe, maybe some specific Mods in the future, 1 day boosters for balanced Essence cost. All of that mb something more but for Teshin's sake boost Essence drop chance and Eximus spawn rate!

    5. I haven't noticed any significant affinity increase, boost it more? 

    6. More ways to acquire Steel Essence and Riven Slivers? Maybe Assassination targets can drop it at increased chance? Way more than 10% but maybe 20 or 30% since Eidolons have 100% drop. Moreover, bosses are ANNOYING now, bullet sponges, no threat, it just takes longer even with OP riven weps (especially bosses like Sargas Ruk).

    Change them a bit, mix some stats, add Sortie modifiers to their missions that change randomly, lower their armor&HP a bit, some significant dmg increase and better rewards would be SICK! Would enforce players to avoid their attacks, learn attack patterns and follow mechanics. With some decent drops like build Forma, Riven Sliver, Kuva boosters, Radiant Relics, Steel Essence = enjoyment & reward(satisfaction).

    7. Tier 6 Bounties, add some better rewards or double it, increase drop chance i.e for Eidolon LEns.


    8. OMG Tusk Thumpers! Pls, rework them, I hate them in normal Bounties and now? Without slowing frame and hitscan wep it's living hell and waste of time. Destroying their legs should slow them or stun them, they should have armor parts or sth else all over their bodies that once destroyed reveals weak points with dmg modifiers to main frame (5x more i.e) also their main body should also be vurnerable but with high dmg reduction for example 80-90% dmg reduction but once armor part is down and weak spot revealed it's quick job if players are skilled enough to hit it moving, on the other hand once the legs are destroyed his movements are less frequant, spins less, moves slower easier to kill. Drops what bosses drop or just some rare Grineer loot! His dmg could be boosted too, all Thumpers can do for now is annoy players with knockdowns.

    9. Haven't tested Orb Valis bounties yet with smoll Orbs or Tier 6 bounties. Nor did I try Eidolons - but I guess it's hard, really really hard with the same rewards so meh. Except Steel Essence but once players get armor there's nothing else to get.

    Overall, I enjoy Steel Path, feels like New Game + and that's nice. For some casual fun and enjoyment it's pretty nice. I can enjoy though enemies on Earth, Mars which are nice tilesets. However, for the long run I can't see it work, even for me, even for fun. Players will leave it really as fast as they got in. If I were to rush more planets I would burn out rly quickly. Change the rewards a bit and rething what makes a HARD MODE really hard, more armor&HP or harder hitting enemies.

  2. To begin with, I will say it's not any form of feedback thread, nor do I try to create fan concept of possible additions to this gamemode. What I want and what truly makes me wonder lately is the opinion of majority.

    Lately there was Railjack Revisited patch that changed alot. Many threads like that were created and most of us focused on recent patch. However, RJ still exists and as I recently checked, it truly begins to shine. Drop rate increase, survivability increased, damage output increased, QoL changes made. All of this makes it a whole new experience from what it was. 

    This makes me wonder, what are our expectations of this game-mode? Further conent expansion? Connection to other gameplay mechanics? Way of story-telling (tied to main storyline and quests)? Challange for veterans? Another conent island?

    What do you guys expect it to become? How much would u love to invest into RJ? Would you mind if it was strongly tied to the main game and possibly required to invest into to progress further?

  3. I play Warframe 'coz I enjoy playing it. Actually, every player (ever) plays mostly the games he enjoys. Problem with Warframe is that ppl do some things, they burn out and complain, then they quit. I barely have time to play WF so I have tons of things to unlock or enjoy and believe me I've been around here since Closed Beta, but some days I have enough and I need a break, I understand why the situation with majority of Tenno is like that.

    Story-telling is lacking I agree.
    End-game is missing I agree.
    PvP would be lovely but they gave up on it.
    Conent islands and content dilution is real.
    Grind is hard.
    RNG isn;t helping.
    Many mechanics and features need reworking.

    Time and money are lacking too, we can;t forget normal ppl like us are making this game.
    Fortunatelly, there's tons of conent for everyones liking.... eidolons, orbs, open world maps, syndicates, ESO, Arbitrations, Railjack, Focus, Liches, Dojos, Orbiters, fashion-frame, Index, Rivens etc.

    Once u sink in it's ez to lose ur sense of real life and forget to take a break once in a while.
    Warframe has it's problems, I don;t try to defend it but devs are willing to make up for their mistakes. I am glad for that! Patience is your answer if you are not sure about "the game's vision".


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  4. 6 hours ago, SenorClipClop said:

    If the G-Void is to be something the devs want players to return to, they actually do need evergreen rewards to drop from it -- rewards that still hold value when received again like Credits, Endo and Traces. These evergreen rewards don't need to be those specific things, they're just examples of rewards that still have value as repeat drops. As an anecdote, getting Traces now is frustrating because I wanted the Protea part, but getting Traces after I've gotten the Protea part already is better than getting the same Protea part again.

    They could make this mode like this: you get specific reward and it rotates out of the next drop table, but the amount of enemies u have to kill increases and lvl increases too.
    The way it is now is just a "content island". However, such insignificant game mode imo isn't worth further expansion. It's just one tile, single enemy type..... ok. mb they can tie it somehow to Corpus nemesis system so it will be reusable.

  5. On 2020-06-12 at 5:31 AM, Reifnir said:

    Except, since Warframe is all about finding the right way to cheese any fight, this one is no exception. You can:

    1) Jump to one of the small ledges and avoid the mechanic altogether

    2) Wall-latch somewhere for a similar effect

    3) Operator Void Mode ignores all that

    4) Rhino, Revenant and Nezha couldn't care less about them

    5) Titania, Zephyr, Ivara and, to a lesser extent, Wukong can trivialize the encounter just as easily.


    So yeah, it's now flashy, has unskippable cutscenes and kills pets with deadly efficiency. Can probably serve as a part of that "New player experience" they mentioned long ago... But adds about nothing in the actual challenge department. 

    I can't disagree with that except ... Jackal always has been and probably always will be the first major boss encounter for new players.

    I pretty much enjoyed the rework: OST, cutscenes, new attacks and parazon stages. I guess it would be challanging for new players and very enjoyable.
    Ofc, veterans can easily solo lvl 100-120 Sortie Jackal with decent time, actually if I pick my Riven packed, 5 forma Pyranna Prime he just goes down in seconds. Environmental changes and laser wall ofc kill weaker frames pretty quickly which is good reason to avoid it any way possible.

    As 5 yrs WF player even though it's ez ps for me I enjoyed it greatly!

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  6. 4 hours ago, TARINunit9 said:

    This isn't really a problem, in my opinion. The term "content island" is thrown around a lot by this fandom, and while it was certainly derogatory when directed at Railjack (a game mode 2+ years in the making, released in alpha stage) it's not so bad for G-void. You go in, you get some cool weapons and a Warframe, all of them based on a quest, and then you can just be done with it instead of piling it on a list of indefinite chores. The Crowns can be used for other things, further cementing the G-void as a cool minigame rather than a continuous obligation

    I agree with you. It's just an addition to the real game mode/mission we are doing beside that, with some extra rewards, weapons or Warframe parts, some cosmetics/decorations.
    Quick 75 or 100 kills and exit, 3 possible rotations, 3 possible rewards based on performance. They can bump up traces reward a bit but even if, it still won't be the main source of traces( when u farm Prime Parts u get dozens, trust me) for the most of playerbase. 

    Only thing I would add to Granum Void is lore, if I could increase my time to stay there longer to roam and scan for lore entries I definetely would. Besides, it's introduced as Void Prison of Parvos Granum ( thus the name, Granum Void) so there's no much sense to expanding this further with more rewards etc.

  7. In my opinion, current state of RJ isn't suitable for new content. What I mean is that RJ gamemode needs fixes, changes, reworks that are currently in the works/plans and those that are yet to be even thought on.

    Test cluster was a right move in a good (or at least better) direction. This is very ambitious mode for Warframe and it requires a lot of feedback. If devs want this gamemode to succed, they wil have to make even RJ Revised part 3 or even more. Then, after a solid base they can start adding extras.

    New gamemodes. New avionics. New enemies. New mechanics. More connections.
    Everything is possible as long as u have working and functioning baseline. That's what RJ needs right now.


    Let them focus on RJ revisions and Deadlock Protocol. Then we can start thinking on how to connect Liches to RJ, how to implement OpLink on larger scale, rewards and reward distribution, difficulty and enjoyment, risk & reward, time investment and rewards! Yes! That's right, it's always about rewards in looter shooter game, we put time investment, risk and game enjoyment on one scale and rewards on the other, we try to balance them to reach golden mean, best solution. There's no point in long term interest in a fun and engaging gamemode if the end reward is not worht it, there's no overall point, no larger goal in all of this.

    Moreover, THEY MUST connect the islands! It can't be separate from the rest of the game. Otherwise, it will die slow death like Conclave or Lunaro.

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  8. On 2020-01-31 at 12:08 PM, Vharu said:



    Mission types you envisioned sound pretty cool actually. Not sure if the execution of such game modes would be possible but it's something that would surely be interesting and fun to play, at least in my opinion.


    One thing I am sure of, connection of various "content islands" through Squad Link or rewards would be game changer and huge boost in overall gameplay experience in Warframe.

  9. Don't forget about Bonus objective for camp liberation Bounty stages. Without wide AoE Warframe it's very hard to accomplish not to mention the enemy spawn delays that happen from time to time. 


    Spawn time delay should be much shorter or the frequency of spawns increased greatly for these types of objectives.

  10. 10 minutes ago, Awazx said:

     For my part, I am not going to play Empyrean and I am not going to build my Railjack.

    You are burning Warframe. You're burning faster than a Railjack burns under enemy fire.


    Well, instead burned Warframe I guess you are burned (out). Putting aside negative emotions, if you don't try Railjack you will never know if it's worth or not. That's what this game always was about. Testing content by playing through it and improving it.

    What we received now is just a small portion, they allow us to develop new system, new toys so we can get harders stuff.

    Besides, this space coop pirate simulator is actually quite fun and enjoyable. All of my friends like it so far. We are having a blast playing in an actual spaceship XD

    Give it a try at least then you can post your constructive feedback here.

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  11. Depends....

    There will not be much to do I guess or the content will be limited so most of the players will max it out asap and complain as usually.
    Railjack is a content that is supposed to be expanding month after month so we shouldn't lose our heads so easily and overhype.

    Constructive feedback and collected thoughts will give us the best vision of what it should be and how to improve it. That's how Warframe has always been.
    I believe we will be satisfied afterall. Patience.

  12. This topic is .... quite hillarious.
    Well, there are millions of players out there so opinions will differ I suppose. The only thing that grinds my gear is the fact that this  amount of players that dislike current archwing flight system SPEAKS the loudest out of all satisified and quietly playing Tennos.

    In my opinion, it's better now. I don't care much about the lack of realism. "Bring back inertia"? For what? So ppl will again complain it's hard to do pin-point stop?
    Want barrel rolls? You still can. Flying upside down? Orb Vallis and PoE ok I guess, but how often these players actually tried to do space archwing missions. SOmetimes even I would get headache, not to mention most of my in-game pals who just could't handle that when somehow they couldnt control it and suddenly turned their entire world 180 degrees.

    Ok, maybe they can make EVERYONE happy but for that we have to wait for Railjack (Empyrean update) to roll out so that everyone can test not only their railjack but also how archwings will work. Then I guess DE will get the feedback they truly want, for now, people, just chill.....

  13. Guess it's time to add my few thoughts about Kuva Liches, especially about the feature of CONVERT THE LICH.

    1. Stats show it's GREATLY unpopular choice for players to make. For two features there has to be more balance or at least if we have two choices we should have more benefits from both. As it is now, it is a no no.

    2. Converted Kucha Liches should be crew members of your future Railjack - the common idea that circles around on the forums and Reddit. Still, it won't change much. Tie it with some actuall benefits like bonus stats for your Railjack, dmg boost, repair speed boost, inner defense help (when boarded by enemies) etc.

    3. The chance for allied liches to show up during missions is completely random AND in my opinion too low. If I am supposed to have randomly showing up sidekick, he should show up randomly but more often.

    4. They should give you different bonuses as they show up so if you kill Lich larvaling with Oberon, untill he's hostile he has Oberon's attack abilities, but when converted he can use Renewal to heal u up. WOuld be blas and amazing help if that was possible i.e during 100lvl sortie or long Arbitration run.

    5. More interactions with converted liches, more specific lines, maybe let them hang out in our Orbiter or Dojos (would be pretty neat to have them walk around Crimson Branch joking about life trafficking or in Chem Lab doing some repair works, in the drydock looking up into space).

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  14. Just wanted to bring this up but with new Boss HP bar on top of UI, high lvl this boss fight actually feels like real boss fight.

    Was playing Wukong with some medicore weps and Catchmoon. Damage was high enough she could melt through my 1,2k HP monkey with 1,5k armor and Adaptation (2 shots from her rockets and bye bye). Her being little more tanky only adds some spice.

    Overall I enjoyed, wouldn't mind to have assassinations, boss encounters more like that. Sortie missions are still really random (like Ambulas sortie which is also nice but shows up rarely).

  15. I just wanted to add up to the OP and say that despite some problems and players "reasonable" demands for the best game that can't be met I also enjoy this update.

    Really nice update! New loot, new features with possibilities to expand further, new Warframe, new content that feels really nice and polished in the end.


  16. I just wanted to express my enjoyment over yesterday's Sortie 3. Lephantis assassination.

    I know he is just a bullet sponge, however at level 100 not only his HP is big but his dmg is considerable also. 

    I couldn't go my Max power str Chroma to check my dmg bcs I totally massacred power eff on my boi. 


    Decided to go with Volt, Pyrana Prime, Opticor and my Dokhram Zaw. Tbh, Opticor Vandal wasn't all that great but I haven't finished pimping it. Pyrana Prime was great, also I had to actually read his 1 shot attacks against my squishy Volt Prime.


    Really nice fight, took me 15 mins long (i know, didnt have my meta top dmg weapons bcs everything was Forma'd and unleveled). 


    That how boss encounters should look like, I almost forgot how hyped this boss was upon his release.

    Only hope there was Hardcore mode besides Sorties where we could fight high lvl, high dmg, bonus modifiers old bosses for some challange and juicy rewards.

  17. 39 minutes ago, krc473 said:

    So, a lot of effort for DE basically? This seems like one of those things most people would do to get the stuff, then not bother with.

    • You have not provided a timeframe from Anthem’s thing. If it is a brand new thing, wait and see if it works first.

    I know, also I am not saying we need the exact same thing, what I had in mind was just to point out this idea. Other games probably have similliar content with dynamic events. FireFall had ( I know it died long ago), Skyforge has something like that, seems neat but the rewards are "meh" and almost nobody participates in that, there was something like dynamic events long time ago in Tera Online, not sure if it's still there, Abyss stuff or something like that, gave players parts and/or resources to get high end gear and resources for special bonus stats items, there were always crowds whenever one of such "events" popped somewhere. 


    About the "Squad-Link" yes, I guess it may work like what I have in mind but what will it offer in terms of a reward. Moreover, it probably will be and won't be that dynamic tbh. You use "Squad-Link" and hope someone needs your help or answers your call. Also, I believe IT will be thightly connected to Railjack resources and Reputation of some kind.


    If Thermia resources were needed for weapons or upgrades in large quantities, interest in this aspect would be greater. 

    Why Orbs, Arbitrations and Eidolons are so popular, bcs resources from these can be used for many different aspects of the game. Moreover, these contents are fun, at least in my opinion.


    What DE has on Orb Valis are places waiting to be filled by all those enemies that are actually there, they could create big Jackal with hard hitting attacks but with weakness with good amount of Valis resources that drop from him.


    We have tons of relics, cosmetics, resources like tellurium, cryotic, oxium. We have Rare Mods, Rivens, Kuva, Arcanes, Forma, Prime Parts, Toroids, radiant relics, archwing &gun parts, reputation, bah even Ayatans and Endo. 

    We have so many different gamemodes and even potential for Bounty objectives. 


    What I see would be events like ghouls, thermia rotating each week, 3 or 4 events, each week different, different objectives, different rewards, some challange maybe. Each week more alternatives to tons of existing grind we have either way. 


    Squad-link may offer that I hope so but will it make Valis "alive"? Nah, I don't think so! If it really big effort to code all that I won't complain anymore, but if there's slight chance to have such events next to Bounties AND Squad-Link. Damn I want that! I could fly or k-drive all over Orb Valis every day, every week and have fun grindig the same stuff I actually did till this moment AND maybe something EXTRA. 



  18. Hello everyone!


    I decided to post a rant about the lack of dynamic events in the vast open world region that has been with us for quite a while now I should say.

    What we hoped for (at least some of us) were small dynamic (or not neccessarily) events that would fill up this big OPEN Region we call Orb Vallis.

    What we got were not so great Thermia Fractures, that gave us some interesting rewards, however, in a long term IT doesnt give us much to do or no reason to come back to it for more rewards.


    Lately, Anthem delivered sth called Cataclysm that, to sum all additions up, is mostly about specific events going on all around the world of Anthem that we can participate in (altho I don't play this game, just watched YT). These events offer different hidden aspects or should I say optional objectives, all of this gives players new powera, weapons, resources to develop their characters in a long term.


    For such vast and open world to feel so empty is just blasphemy. Can't DE mix different gameplay aspects of the game and throw at us on Orb Valis, except the current and very repetitive Bounties?


    We have all kinds of Raknoids, we have Orbs, Jackals or other units, all of them can work as minibosses or optional bosses in specific Bounties or dynamic events, we have caves, ports, labs, corpus camps and facilities that don't give us much except for some lore and graphical aspects.

    I would like you my fellow players to add some of your thoughts to my "rant" about missed potential and how would you see Orb Valis if you could fill this region with your ideas.



  19. I agree about the need of something Raid (Trails)-like. As Warframe is now, Eidolon hunts, Orb's Heists and Arbitrations are not enought to satisfy majority of veteran playerbase. 

    Idea of Trails was good. Give players high level content and puzzles and force them to use their knowledge about the game, about raid mechanics, their high end gear, skills and their brains to cooperate and finish ultimate challange for ultimate reward.

    Now we have many reward possibilities, damn me if DE wanted so we would have tons of new mods and arcanes to get specifically from such content. They even have means to create such content with current in-game assets. Unfortunatelly, they decided to polish and deliver different content tho, like Railjack, New War, Duviri. 


    I Hope that one day end-game raid-like content will return, changed ofc but giving us similliar challange for rare and interesting rewards.

  20. Nightwave Series 1 wasn't bad! Toghether with my buddy we enjoyed it, it gave us something to do or to aim for when we got bored from grinding all that stuff for Dojo, frames, standing etc. Moreover, I love Nora Night character and voice, her manner of speech.

    Story also was nice. Opened up new possibilities for LIVING WORLD in our game to happen. Hope we will get more interactivity with the story from Series 2, like the changes from story will really affect our game world.

    Very original take on PvE Battle Pass in looter-shooter. Thumbs up from me!

  21. Hello fellow Tenno!

    I have been bored recently and started playing some other online multiplayer games that I haven't played since ages. During one of my sessions I got a sudden revelation of Raids rework concept or more like an idea of sorts. Behold the imagination of my Warframe-addicted boss battles-loving MMO-sick player brain!


    Games that inspired me were Skyforge and MU Legend. In both of these games Raids work pretty differently. Skyforge requires from players to learn raid mechanics: how to pass certain objectives, kill minibosses, survive till final boss, do it fast enough not to lose interest and finally, mechanics of the big baddy.
    MU Legends puts pressure mostly on clearing stages/rooms with certain enemies that have differend debuffs or modifiers attached to them. 

    In my head the idea of pretty decent rework was born but I wanted to add a twist. Twist that would give us, Warframe players something unreachable, a feature that would make it almost unclearable unless we used all our knowledge of Warframes, mechanics of the general game and cooperation.

    Law of Retribution was the first Trail that was introduced to Warframe, it took place on different planets and tilesets requiring us to compleate objectives and cooperate. We could join as 8 player squads. I wanted to keep the fundamentals, 8 player raid, cooperation is a must, multiple objectives that allow us to proceed further.

    1st change

    The first change that the old raid would benefit from imo is to introduce it just like the Sorties system we have now. You have to complete missions one after another before you reach final one, it allows players to take a break if needed, change loadouts, Warframes that are best suited for the job and help us to reduce the clear time or maybe to leave our squad coz of reasons.

    Each stage (out of all 3) from the former Raid would work like a distinctive, singular mission that would take place in specific tileset. Loading screens wouldn't happen unless we ourselves decide so, but to proceed to the final stage you would have to clear the previous ones. However, all of the would be connected, lore wise and objective wise. Our final goal would be prevention of the Balor Fomorian and revenge on Councilor Vay Hek for destruction of our Relays. The Trail would need lore synopsis and bit of a story about how in the past Vay Hek deployed Balor Fomorians to destroy our oases and main bases of operation.
    I imagine an UI or cutscene that reminds us how it was or a NPC that tells us about these events (in Skyforge after events there are NPC that tell us about them as if they were past events, even if we, players didn't participate in them). From this screen we can search for the random party for example or invite ppl and start the Raid.

    [Law of Retribution - stage 1]

    The first stage would be the same as in the old Raid. However, I'd personally expand it.
    Our main objective would be to find Vay Hek's officer who leads Grineer forces on Earth to destroy the forest with toxin and fire. We would have to prevent that and find him in order to retrieve location codes for the facility that produces Fomorians. In the old raid we had to take the bombs or sth like that and drop it near the toxin generators. This would be the beginning. Then we would have to stop Grineer napalm cannon (like a BIG cannon) that is located in the same tileset but requires us to destroy toxin generators first. The cannon would have diffrent layers of armor that would defend it. As a team we would have to spread and cooperate to destroy 3 different energy supplying machines, to down the shields, the armor and finally to stop the cannon. After that we could destroy the cannon, just like during Assault gamemode on Kuva Fortress.

    Final part of the 1st stage would be boss fight, our officer/commander with location codes would fight in pretty big Thumper archetype vehicle, little bigger than our current Thumpers however he would have more attacks both fire and toxin bases, artillery drones and constant flow of Grineer enemies to help him. Instead of 4 weak spots he would have 6 of them and quite decent amount of HP. Destruction of all weak spots would down his shields and make the Thumper prone to attacks.

    To boost up the difficulty that we players want from endgame content enemies would start with lvl 80 (along with boss fight). His attacks would be hard to predict but possible to learn and to avoid, attacks would deal large amount of dmg, beide that other objectives would require our cooperation as a squad with door panels to stand on in different places like in old raid.

    The rewards for the 1st stage would be large chunk of different resources, some rare mods, 100k credits (or more?) maybe some cosmetics specific to stage 1, endo, Ayatans, Forma.

    [Law of Retribution - stage 2]

    Stage 2 would take place on Ceres. One of the objectives would be the old symbols&the big door puzzle from old raid. Then we would have to destroy the manufacturing line, to do that we can modify the Hijack part of this stage from old raid. First we would have to finish mobile defense like objective with datamass tablets, this would require for our team to spread to 3 different rooms, thanks to that we would allow the computer in the main control room conected with previous 3 smaller ones to turn from red to green and to hack it. The hacked computer would recode the line and the Fomorian reactor. Now we would have to escort it like during the old raid. However at the end our ship wouldnt take it. There would be just an opening where the hacked reactor would went, the main manufacturing line inside the facility on Ceres. Get me? We would blow the facility, but before that we would have to extract from the facility and SURPIRSE. On our way back the boss of this stage - Jackal/Razorback archetype boss but remodeled with some Grineer parts, more chunky, bulkier. Before we could down his legs we would have to destroy armor that protects each leg. As for the attacks I don't have any proposition but I guess some Radiation based attacks like instant death laser and lot of NAPALM granades would make it a challenge. He would require LARGE amounts of armor and HP. Bullet sponge but tricky one and deadly.

    Enemies would spawn at lvl 100. Random Radiation procs during this stage to make it more difficult. + our cooperation.
    Rewards for this stage same as for stage 1.


    [Law of Retribution - stage 3]

    Final boss stage. The boss being Vay Hek with his upgraded Terra Acrid Frame and with some new deadly attacks (I leave this field open to more open minds: attacks could be anything that hits hard or puts deadly DoT on us so we would be forced to use our parkour 100% to avoid it, or to use tank/defense Warframes. Additionally, the surprise, Balor Fomorian shooting from time to time from the orbit. However, the range would be substantial for the final fight arena so we would be forced to take cover on the map edges. To make Vay Heks invincible Frame vulnerable we would have to use fire vents and bomb carriers, like in the old version of it. After that Vay Hek would enter rage mode and increase the frequency of his attacks. To make his main mody vulnerable we would have to destroy several parts of this upgraded Hek FRAME.

    For this I imagine totall model rework for his battle suit and attacks. Multiple layers of armor that would fall off, leaving only the flying body of Vay Hek in the end and a cutscene as he crawls away from victorious Tenno squad ... wait wait but what about Balor Fomorian, well cutscene would show that that Vay Hek flees and leaves the scanner device that allowed him to pin point the exact location of artillery strike from Fomorian(or orbital laser). Fomorian is idle, before we extract we find orbital cannon on Mars (similliar to the one on Kuva Fortress) and with just simple X press we dmg it and get it down, seeing in the skybox as it falls somewhere on Mars. With epic fireworks.

    Before the final fight we would have to reach Vay Hek ofc, but I imagine that making even more difficult puzzles for players would be exhausting so sipmle 800 meters distance would be pretty decent, with dozens of Nox enemies, Eximuses, maybe new enemy types, orbit laser strikes would make reaching Vay Hek harder. Imagine enemy type with Sargas Ruk armor and spewing napalm and fire, with alot of dmg reduction but weak spots that would make killing him super easy as a reward for good aiming. Maybe some Kuva guardians and Ghouls to spice things up. Who knows?

    Enemies lvl 120+ same with Hek. Dmg would be huge. Enemy HP pools also, not mentioning final boss. The reward? Something worth all this trouble. Not only a cosmetic reward. New endgame Arcanes for sure. Focus rewards but not Eidolon shards, sth that gives us large amounts of focus. Umbral Forma? Legendary cores? Large amounts of credits (300k +?) and resources (imagine Exploiter orb style). New weapon parts. New mods with endgame values. Maybe Rivens and Riven transmuters. Catalysts and Orokin reactors?

    ...but this still would be easy right? Dunno. For some players maybe, but if I were the game devs I would boost enemy hp and dmg so much that it would require to use different Frames, cooperat and learn boss attack patterns and mechanics (like in Skyforge). The reward would be earnable once per week.

    Damn! That's alot of text. Did you like it? Pls, comment and post your thoughts on this, this concept is just a quick and rough idea what would make up for a true endgame in Warframe in my opinion. Maybe who knows? Players wouldn't be able to finish this. Maybe they would try for days, maybe even weeks. However, these would make all this trouble of min maxing worthwhile in Warframe.

  22. Hello fellow Tenno!

    Recently, I finally managed to reach max standing with Solaris United and was able to start Profit-Taker Heist missions.

    I won't talk about Heist 1-3 since it's totally different story (although imo they are good design). 

    I know many players fought Profit-Taker long time ago, however as I finally went through all of this, tried to solo him up to 5 tries and also because I love boss fights in many different games I thought I could share some small feedback.


    1) First of all, I should compliment DE for the Boss design, graphically she is superb, mechanically it's interesting and entertaining imo. No invurability phases because to dmg him we have to rotate dmg types all the time + lore-wise need of using Archguns. Superb! Imo, good design. We can use operator but we don't have to. All in all, to solo him we need to do alot of things, tricky and demanding for solo player (not neccesarily super powerful, fully end-game moded player), moreover she's not that much of a bullet sponge which is pretty nice.

    2) I went against her with Chroma, Rhino, Mirage, Inaros and Oberon. Was finally able to down her before she killed me 4 times or before the 5 min timer finished playing as Chroma. I didnt have Adaptation mod, any Arcanes, didnt play as Chroma Prime, my warframe has only 1 forma put into it. My operator used 123 amp, no Focus waybounds maxed yet 250hp, no Arcanes. No riven on weapons. Used Soma Prime (Corsv/Heat), Stubba (Magnetic/Toxin) and Imperator Vandal (Rad/Cold). 


    I had some problems with taking down the shield in 5 min time limit. After taking down the shields the fight was pretty easy thx to Archgun and Vex Armor BUFF. However...


    3) Adds were the problem, I had to watch out for Orb attacks and deal with adds on the same time, the alerts rise like crazy fast and there's always tons of enemies. Without Adaptation or decently developed waybounds in Focus trees the fight is a real challenge for solo player. The timer and additional shield phase is a bit problematic. 


    To sum up : one of the most demanding fights for me in Warframe for a while, I may still be noob or lazy casual but faced with something like this I get more and more motivated to lvl up and min/max my Warframes/weapons/operator. 

    Thing I think needs looking again into od mostly enemy spawn scaling, by that I mean the frequency of mobs spawn, the accuarcy of their attacks, without Adaptation this fight is practically impossible to finish. Maybe if the frequency of enemy spawns was different for solo players and squads the fight would be much more enjoyable. To prevent the fight from becoming too easy I would buff the boss dmg instead ( to compensate loss of dmg coz lesser number of enemies), buff his armor/health a bit so he would not be sprayed so fast by meta frames, decrease the last shields phase to at least 50% so 5 min time limit would be enough to down him for solo players. 


    I know many of these topics were probably already posted. However, I believe it's important to talk about older features from time to time. What I showed up is just my opinion, non meta player. If you, my fellow Tenno disagree or have any points to note in my post feel free to comment/post.




  23. Hello fellow Tenno and whoever from DE who is reading this post.

    After all of this Umbra/ Sacrafice hype has settled down and we received our long awaited quest and update, some of us has already completed it. This post will be a little long becasue I want to express how I feel now and how thankfull I am for this amazing experience that Sacrafice quest was.

    Second Dream gave us goosebumps and shocked many.
    War Within was an epic journey to the top of beautiful snowy peaks, our reward for the hardships we went through because of Grineer Queens and the revelation of our powers.

    .... but this quest, this Sacrafice, for me, a person that has rly vast imagination, for person that tries to identify with the protagonists of the story he follows.
    With every cutscene of Sacrafice, with every sentence of Ballas, with each detail in paralysed Umbra Dax's room, I tried to understand how he felt, as I looked in Ballas direction I felt pure hate for that fictional character. For what he did. I was growing impatient and curious of what is about to happen. Every single metaphor. Every word of honour and respect from Umbra's son. This feeling of helplessness of what he could have felt in that moment. 

    The realisation that he spent last few thousand years wandering as a mindless and ragefull beast, trapped inside this "cage", with only this tragic memory to relieve. No inner serenity. With only the guilt to feel. To suffer for eternity. Then this culminative point happens, we as a Tenno show up there, this scene under that tree. To ease his suffering, to help him accept.
    First time in my life I cried so much in front of a monitor, while playing video game.
    I don't know who was the script writer, neither I knoiw who was responsible for the music in that scene but from the bottom of my heart I thank you. For this amazing experience.
    For all these feelings and this mindblowing, yet incredibly moving story.

    Kind regards from an adult that cried like a baby for the first time since long time  🙂

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