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  1. On 2020-09-16 at 4:07 PM, (PS4)caoshen0625 said:

    Everyone has different standards, is there anything particular that you are looking for? Like what's your main problem with warframe when you left, so we can tell you if the things that bothers you fixed in the new update or not.

    My buddy just told me once "bruh! I start getting burned out, afraid I will quit WF" and I can't be there to play with him most of the time coz of exam, however I was also like "more of this daily Warframe and will burn out too". Decided we will take a break, I keep studying for now with minor breaks to play some random games (relax and deal with stress). Sometimes, I log into Black Desert to just experience fantasy rpg stuff. We love WF and we will come back, we just don't want to change into these players that always complain "WF is dying, no content" etc.

    What we want is to play together, with a goal, some challange with rewards. Necramechs seem interesting, we still have Steel Path to experience and Granum Void to farm, Helminth seems interesting, my buddy needs to expand his RJ soooo there's some stuff but you know how it goes - every day, same stuff, game loses the charm.

    Thanks for replies everyone! Exactly what I needed, some pros and cons, guess we will wait for some Deimos expansion and then decide, probably will delve back into the game.
    Turns out it's one of the better updates overall but with flaws, as always, not so tragic as RJ or Scarlet Spear at least.

  2. Hello, fellow Tenno!

    I've taken a long break from Warframe (at least for the long run), I come back now and then to download updates and play few minutes, I've played HoD quest and enjoyed it. New map is astounding! However, I haven't got a chance to delve deeper into the new changes in this update yet. Important exam is coming soon, after I have all the time in the world to check everything but my buddy needed a break and we decided to shift to different game for now.

    We have lots to do in WF, however we want to focus on something for next 2 months or so, it can be WF, we can come back to the game and we will but should we now. Lately, I've been wondering how the HOD update was received, I watched some mixed reviews from different content creators but would also like to read some summarized thoughts of ppl on the forums (reddit unfortunately is full of negativity as usual).

    TL;DR: Was the latest update good overall or pretty bad?

  3. I've been playing Steel Path for a while now. Guess, I can add my two-bits too.

    1. Enemies are bullet sponges that's true, they are not much of a threat. I would suggest old T4 Tower mechanics with increased dmg that scales with each wave/round/level treshold. Moreover, +250% increased EHP is a no no, make it 150% with boosted dmg(200% max). Mix it with dodge and parkour mechanics and that's what would make players more engaged.

    2. Something that was proposed above. Increase Eximus spawn rate and Steel Essence drop chance, ~10% would be nice I guess if Eximus spawn rates are also higher. Grind would be reduced and more enjoyable, but that's only my opinion.

    3. More Teshin! I love his voice lines, should absolutely replace Lotus voicelines.

    4. Steel Path Honors store! Different rewards, stance forma is nice, orokin catalysts/reactors would be cool, build normal Forma would be amazing, more Dax cosmetics, some conclave cosmetics maybe, maybe some specific Mods in the future, 1 day boosters for balanced Essence cost. All of that mb something more but for Teshin's sake boost Essence drop chance and Eximus spawn rate!

    5. I haven't noticed any significant affinity increase, boost it more? 

    6. More ways to acquire Steel Essence and Riven Slivers? Maybe Assassination targets can drop it at increased chance? Way more than 10% but maybe 20 or 30% since Eidolons have 100% drop. Moreover, bosses are ANNOYING now, bullet sponges, no threat, it just takes longer even with OP riven weps (especially bosses like Sargas Ruk).

    Change them a bit, mix some stats, add Sortie modifiers to their missions that change randomly, lower their armor&HP a bit, some significant dmg increase and better rewards would be SICK! Would enforce players to avoid their attacks, learn attack patterns and follow mechanics. With some decent drops like build Forma, Riven Sliver, Kuva boosters, Radiant Relics, Steel Essence = enjoyment & reward(satisfaction).

    7. Tier 6 Bounties, add some better rewards or double it, increase drop chance i.e for Eidolon LEns.


    8. OMG Tusk Thumpers! Pls, rework them, I hate them in normal Bounties and now? Without slowing frame and hitscan wep it's living hell and waste of time. Destroying their legs should slow them or stun them, they should have armor parts or sth else all over their bodies that once destroyed reveals weak points with dmg modifiers to main frame (5x more i.e) also their main body should also be vurnerable but with high dmg reduction for example 80-90% dmg reduction but once armor part is down and weak spot revealed it's quick job if players are skilled enough to hit it moving, on the other hand once the legs are destroyed his movements are less frequant, spins less, moves slower easier to kill. Drops what bosses drop or just some rare Grineer loot! His dmg could be boosted too, all Thumpers can do for now is annoy players with knockdowns.

    9. Haven't tested Orb Valis bounties yet with smoll Orbs or Tier 6 bounties. Nor did I try Eidolons - but I guess it's hard, really really hard with the same rewards so meh. Except Steel Essence but once players get armor there's nothing else to get.

    Overall, I enjoy Steel Path, feels like New Game + and that's nice. For some casual fun and enjoyment it's pretty nice. I can enjoy though enemies on Earth, Mars which are nice tilesets. However, for the long run I can't see it work, even for me, even for fun. Players will leave it really as fast as they got in. If I were to rush more planets I would burn out rly quickly. Change the rewards a bit and rething what makes a HARD MODE really hard, more armor&HP or harder hitting enemies.

  4. 30 minutes ago, Magus_Tahir said:

    To his credit, Brozimes video that came out today was level headed, and his suggestions for improvement I see no issues at all with and believe they should get a fair shake in internal discussions at DE. 

    Now It's probably no secret that I am critical of content creators, but I will treat their content on a case by case basis as is appropriate. I'll link the video below.

    It's like night and day vs his Xoris video I think I am going to nickname him Janus at this point.

    Brozime is actually one of the most level-headed content creators that criticize the game. In a very good way I must add. His propositions are also nice.
    Hope we get some changes to the Steel Path but overall, it's pretty decent NG+.

  5. On 2020-06-12 at 8:28 AM, xcrimsonlegendx said:

    I have ammo mutation on and frankly I didn't notice a difference.

    I have done few Arbitration runs and Relic defense runs with Nidus and Kuva Bramma.

    I don't have a Riven, I didn't spam it like stupid lil' kid. Once in a lifetime, I lacked ammo once for 1min (I often switch prim/melee). I outdamaged almost everyone in Squad with few shots. Still, pretty OP wep.

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  6. On 2020-06-12 at 5:31 AM, Reifnir said:

    Except, since Warframe is all about finding the right way to cheese any fight, this one is no exception. You can:

    1) Jump to one of the small ledges and avoid the mechanic altogether

    2) Wall-latch somewhere for a similar effect

    3) Operator Void Mode ignores all that

    4) Rhino, Revenant and Nezha couldn't care less about them

    5) Titania, Zephyr, Ivara and, to a lesser extent, Wukong can trivialize the encounter just as easily.


    So yeah, it's now flashy, has unskippable cutscenes and kills pets with deadly efficiency. Can probably serve as a part of that "New player experience" they mentioned long ago... But adds about nothing in the actual challenge department. 

    I can't disagree with that except ... Jackal always has been and probably always will be the first major boss encounter for new players.

    I pretty much enjoyed the rework: OST, cutscenes, new attacks and parazon stages. I guess it would be challanging for new players and very enjoyable.
    Ofc, veterans can easily solo lvl 100-120 Sortie Jackal with decent time, actually if I pick my Riven packed, 5 forma Pyranna Prime he just goes down in seconds. Environmental changes and laser wall ofc kill weaker frames pretty quickly which is good reason to avoid it any way possible.

    As 5 yrs WF player even though it's ez ps for me I enjoyed it greatly!

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  7. 49 minutes ago, (XB1)Tyreal2012 said:

    This is the exact reason I like doing lichs, instant spike in enemy level,  sure a drop rate increase by doubling the base rate would be appreciated, I just like murderising the Grineer and Corpus

    That's why some ppl (including myself) enjoy Lich conent. Level spike, damage spike, I have to use my weapons and powers efficently and effectively to actually not die (even if I die once it's still nothing but challange is there not to die for me XD).

    We get murmurs, requiem relics, sometimes small amount of Kuva for 5-10 mins of High LvL content. Further along the line we get all the things our Lich acquired, stole or his weapons/ephemera. Sure, I would love to get more resources the higher the enemy level, this would be fantastic!

    Imagine, we run lvl 100 mission, we get double affinity, double resources chance and drops, double mod drop chance, more elite enemies that spawn (hyenas, bursas, juggs, noxes, manics). End rewards we get radiant relics, cosmetics, bulks of credits, endo, ducats, kuva etc. If O could double, triple my gains for the increased difficulty of the mission and decreased time of  single mission I would be delighted! That's the epithome of challange-risk-reward connection. Higher challange or risk (u can fail) but the reward is worth it ( i.e double resources obtained, radiant relic and 5 red toroids that I don;t have to farm in Orb Vallis). Ofc, I can just do ESO, Orb Vallis or buy myself resource drop booster but what would be the point of my time invested into the game, builds, my skills etc.

  8. It's actually quite hillarious to read comments that say current pandemic situation is an excuse for DE's delays.
    I don't have any classes, seminars or lectures, all I can do is to study which I do as I always did, leisurely and I don't treat current pandemy as an excuse of my way of studying. However, it still does affect last step of my academic education and I am worried how will it turn out in the end.

    Now look at Deadlock Protocol the other way or from developer POV - I don't have tools for my work (mb I have at home if I am lucky), I can't use mo-cap studio, audio studio, lots of things affect my company and dev team, I have tons of data I have to code/decode for it to work perfectly with other huge amount of data that's in the game, I can't ensure it will be perfect as I have specific task assigned and I focus only on that, not on the whole.

    Now, imagine there's 50-100 ppl, each of them different task under current circumstances. Moreover, the delay was being considered way earlier, patch is due in June. June started 6 days ago. Nothing what devs said is being covered by pandemy as the excuse.

    Not trying to be "white knight". However, I am considerate person who knows how hard it is for others or how hard it can be. I am really gratefull to devs that they are trying to make up for 2019 and I really enjoy the patches/updates since 2020. Just wanted to clear some ppls views on the matter, nothing more.

  9. I can't wait to see what other changes are to come.

    Moreover, what happens with Warframe community nowadays. Back in earlier versions/years of WF players reacted to bugs with feedback and were greatful if actually anything had been changed. Now? Only complaints and ideas that are not always right with the vision of DE. I know feedback is important but we can't blame them for every decision they make. 

    I have high hopes for upcoming hotfixes and RJ changes and I believe they will do their best to bring us the best game. Also, can't wait for [DE]Steve's poll results and first Devstream of 2020! Not 

  10. 1. How many Railjack systems (modules) will be available for us to unlock with the Update and how will we acquire them?

    2. What are your future plans for Railjack, except the things we already know about, like new factions, modules, regions? How do you plan to expand it further?
        Maybe some connection to "Raids" that are on the minds of many players right now?

    3. Can you tell us more about the Squad Link? Will it drop with the Empyrean update? How exactly will it work  once it's out there in the game?

    4. There has been quite an uproar about HOW the Kuva Lich system works right now. Many believe it's another grind-wall to be broken and there's nothing behind it. Only a temporary solution. Now we know, we can expect other liches from different factions but do you truly believe it will make up for what this system lacks? What are your current plans for warframe nemesis system?

  11. Q: Is the current Lich-system iteration close to your current goal or will it expand more with future updates?
         As we know you announced we will have "nemesis" for each faction, aside of the specific details of dealing with other factions what goal do you have for this fresh system? How much potential does it bring into the game? Will we see more diverse encounters and rewards, Lich territory expansions, Lich fight mechanics, lore ties or Lich archetypes?


    Q: Any plans for tilesets reworks after Corpus ships? Maybe old settlement tileset can have some love, as it's still the only tileset that hasn't been changed much since release?


    Q: Do you have any plans for expanding open world contents more (Orb Vallis especially)? i.e. more Bounty mission types, more dynamic/rotatin events, more bosses? Modular primaries?



  12. For me Jug has showed up 3 times yet. 

    1st time I had weak weapon and I was solo, it took from 3-5 mins to kill it. Played with squishy Loki.

    2nd time, solo, can't remember the frame but I had a boltor prime... went down quite easily. 

    3rd time, in a squad ... haven't even noticed when it went down. 

    They are not hard, I hate to say this but I suppose it's OP who couldn't handle it. 

  13. So maaaaany pages and I don't have strength to read them all, what a shame of a lore-nerd I am :'( 

    I bet it was said here many times over, but I just wanted to add some of my thoughts, based on the little lore we have in the actual game about the 'frames. 

    (as I said, I may be pointlessly repeating something that was stated few times over but the more it repeats the more solid the lore gets... I guess) 

    Let's start then!

    1) Excalibur Codex entry. "We took the twisted few that had returned from that place. We built a frame around them, a conduit of their affliction. Gave them the weapons of the old ways. Gun and blade."  Although, it's not any proof that Tenno are not energy it states that Orokin build a frame around "someone" ... we may say this someone was an organic being. As a lil' extra we read that 'frames are conduit of their affliction..... hmmm, interesting. 

    2) Smiling and talking Mirage. Just as OP mentioned, energy cannot smile but there's a chance for it to communicate (Tenno language is very ... specific and very different from other factions). Yet, we cannot precisely interpret what a "smiling and talking" means if it goes about the Tenno. 

    3) Rhino Codex entry. "I have cut its shell and eviscerated its brothers. I have given it pain and measured its response. I have crafted then rejected countless like it. But I've never seen this beast so close, without the shield, without restraints. I have never seen it ... free."

    Can energy feel pain? Can energy respond to pain? He crafted them? Without shield, restraints - can we assume he's talking about the frame they builded around those "twisted few". Still no clear answer. 

    4) Ember Codex entry. Without any quotes here... this entry says about the children found by one of the Orokin officers. To sum it up, one child burned her pretty badly. Child. Not the energy. 

    5) Tenno need oxygen to breathe, Tenno can bleed. Yet, they are resistant to Infestation. Why? Other organics are easily infected. 

    To sum everything up ... Tenno feel pain and can show emotions like anger (Rhino codex and Valkyr), they can feel fear (Zariman children, Ember codex), they are afflicted with something and are bound to their "shields" their conduit. They can breathe and bleed, so they have basic, vital internal organs right? Energy beings cannot. It's confirmed yet again, Tenno are not energy! What are they then? 

    I believe Tenno are half-organic (human side) half-synthetic( Warframe side) ... something like cyborgs I guess. Living person inside it's shell that can feel pain, breathe etc. and that has an ability to transfer it's affliction (Void contamination, power) via it's conduit(Warframe) to the outside. 

    Warframes are part of the Tenno that cannot be overlooked. Tenno and Warframe are one. That still leaves me with question .... how the hell they change 'frames now, they cannot change form and body structure to fit their all frames. So? Is there a hint at the end in the Rhino codex? 

    Who knows... maybe there actually is a hint. 


  14. I like Chroma's design.

     Frame around his arms looks like if it was melted or something, also this helmet of his .... ppl may say it's ugly but it's freakin' nice, exciting and original. Same thing was with Limbo and then, with time ppl started to love his "magician's hat". I was thinking the same about Limbo and now I can't switch his original helmet for the alternative one. :D It's Warframe for you! 


    Moreover, 2nd TennoLive was amazing and ppl can shut up 'coz they are too negative lately. 


  15. Oberon: Hallowed Ground


    This power should be utility over damage. 2nd powers damage will be useless on high level content. It should be "capture" power. What I have in mind is Hallowed Ground's rectangle traps number of enemies that enters it for a time of it's duration( dealing small DoT). 

    This rectangle isn't large as Vauban's Bastille or Hydroid's Undertow. Would capture up to 5-6 enemies. 15 seconds duration or less. Low energy cost. 

    That's only my idea, it can be totally bad in the actuall game, but it's worth a while to share it here.

    Oberon: Renewal


    Should be insta heal without Trinity's Bless kind of buff after casting. Number of HP healed increases with Power Strenght mods. 

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