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  1. This concept looks so awsome I hope it makes it into the game but if it's a solaris themed skins maybe the back of the head should have less cables on it? I mean right now it looks like hair and we don't see to much hair on solaris people so maybe trim it down to a few so it's more of a connection port or something to connect to a terminal or something maybe?
  2. Oh yes this looks so awsome. Personal I think this looks fine on it's own I don't think it would need anything more on it in my opinion ,it looks compact efficent streamlined something the corpus would definitely design and wear. It look like a backpack/energystorage/lifesupport the corpus crewman would wear on them during missions or preaching about the temple of Profit (the small credits on the sides of it are a nice touch) and I would love to have syandan like this on my Corpra Nova. Also will this be a animated syandana or a static one? It would be cool if it's a static one I have some animated syandanas I rely like to wear but sometimes it botther me that I can't keep some of them permanetly closed or open depending on the syandana (please DE add a toggle button for it) and this syandana looks rely nice to me they way it is on the picture currently.
  3. This looks rely great! I love this style for her ,I hope this skin get's in in the next TennoGen.
  4. Any chance we will be able to change our main weapon's holster position (x ,y ,z ,etc) like we can with melee weapons?
  5. Same got stuck at 29/30 cave discovered but I got all 30 of them on my map.
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