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  1. Ok, i dont thing this gonna work and this is why: Point 1 - Buffs on kill: 100 level enemys is already hard to kill, a heavy gunner or a bombard 100 is hard and on simulacrum you can spend all the bullets on a single enemy, without headshots. If you upgrade this for steel path nad get enemys around 200 or 300 and above, this buff will be useless and so the mod. Point 2 - Why nerf condition overload and blood rush? I get it, melee is powerfull. But we get more powerfull enemys and isint that easy staying alive doing melee with enemys shooting you. The role point of this game is the feel of being a super powerfull robot ninja and not every warframe have the toolkit to be like this. I like to play vauban and if i odnt have a good melee to kill enemys with my cc i'll never play with this frame again, and this is bad. I dont wanna to be lock to a meta of frames like eidolon hunting have.
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