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  1. Yeah, come to think, of it Wisp's regen is busted so I might lower it down to 20-25. Also, the max energy regen Yokai can get is 3 /s base (if I added it right) by Unleashing the Water Spirit. If Water Spirit is not melded, Yokai and allies gets 1 /s. (5 per 5 secs for Rejuvenate) If Water Spirit is melded, Yokai gets no energy regen but his allies gets 2 /s. If Water Spirit is Unleashed, Yokai and allies in range gets 3 /s. (2 /s for Tranquil Snow + 5 per 5 secs for Rejuvenate) Thanks for the continuous feedback 😄
  2. That part of the passive is meant to make Yokai have an active playstyle so I don't think it sounds counter intuitive for its intended purpose. You just deal 90% of your damage to unmarked targets and 110% to marked targets. Also, you DON'T have to spend energy to mark targets: You can just equip an AOE weapon or do a melee attack to mark multiple enemies.
  3. First, I see I have made an error and not included in the notes that the slow and attack speed is static and not affected by Str, only the regen is since that's the main point of the armor. Also, Nidus heals 20/s at max rank, I believe. Oberon for 40/s. Wisp for 30/s. I matched my values to Wisp's vitality mote, but instead of granting max health, I gave it an enemy slow/ally speed to match water support. Only allies get the energy regeneration (if health and shields are full) so Yokai can't get energy regeneration from Water Armor. And yes, you can't use them all. I included it in the notes portion since I thought stacking spirit effects can be problematic in numbers tuning. Thanks for liking the overall concept of the frame! I liked your feedback too and had some knowledge on what to tweak here and there!
  4. Yeah I just threw that around randomly as a cautionary measure. I'd probably remove that. Good point there. I'll edit that to 3. Yes you can do that. But passive spirits have 2x ability cooldowns so technically they have 50% Str overall in the long run. It got me thinking though that maybe I could have unlinked spirits also scale with 100% of Yokai's stats and just keep the x2 ability cooldown, or maybe increase it to x3. Yes you start linked with the Fire Spirit and only spend energy to send out the wave. Switching is like Ivara's or Vauban's and there's no energy cost. That is a good point about link and Sentinel interaction. Yes it provides a minor slow and a minor speed buff. It is also a slow heal that can restore EITHER health/shield/energy, NOT all of them at same time. I don't think the energy is random though. It's just allied support regen. And it will ONLY regen energy for them IF they have full health/shields. Yeah I was thinking Fire spirit needs a buff too but I toned it down for now just in case it would seem OP. For the Earth spirit, I based it on Rhino's stomp which has a damage of 800. Since Unleashed spirits scale with 125% of Yokai's stats I nerfed it to 600. I'll probably increase it to 1000 to match Oberon's/ Anyway, thanks a lot for the feedback! Got me thinking with some tweaks!
  5. Ooohhh I forgot about that term. That's actually a better and more thematic name. Thanks for reminding me!
  6. "The spirit acts as an armor granting him protection or buffs depending on the spirit type." Also the Earth Armor is meant to be a tanking armor for yourself only. The Water Armor affects ALL allies and acts more of a support armor. Unleashing removes the spirit from your available pool. You can't stack them. I specifically stated that because 90% on top of 95% DR, is as you say, broken. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. FIRST OFF It's a "sort-of summoner" frame concept. "Sort-of summoner" since technically the spirits are already there and does not need to be summoned. Not artistic so NO ARTWORK 😞 and its just a big wall of text. My deepest apologies. Also please be civilized in discussion as much as possible. Here we go. YOKAI, THE CONTRACT-HOLDER (embrace the weebness) Alternative Names: ONMYO (suggested by Loza03) BASE STATS: Health 125-375 Shield 100-300 Energy 175-262.5 Armor 150 PASSIVE(s) Contract: Yokai is contracted to 3 spirits empowered by the void with elements - Fire, Water, and Earth (no names yet). Spirits inherit 100% of Yokai's Ability Strength/Range/Duration (see Spirits section below for more info). Master's Mark: Yokai's weapon attacks and Q-Hold marks enemies for 8 seconds. Abilities and Spirits deal -10% damage to unmarked enemies but deals +10% more to marked enemies. 90% damage to unmarked enemies is for more anti-AFK insurance but CAN be removed if need be. Sparse Energy: Spirits are passively marked with Sparse Energy. Spirits affected by Sparse Energy have their ability CDs are TRIPLED. Q - SPIRIT LINK (25 energy) (Tap) Switches linked spirit. Removes Sparse Energy from the active spirit while linked. (Hold) Sends forth a wave of energy 10/11/13/15m forward, dealing 100/150/200/250 damage to enemies. Applies Master's Mark and additional effects depending on the linked spirit: Fire: Grants a 100% chance to proc heat and deals 50% additional damage to flaming targets. Water: Cleanses conditions from allies and resets their shield regen delay. Earth: Knocks back all enemies affected and disarms them for 1 3 second. Notes: Just a basic ability since it's 1. Fire effect procs after damage, so damage is increased only if the target's already on fire. W - SENTINEL (50 energy) (Tap) Sends the linked spirit to guard an area for 9/11/13/15 seconds. Sentinel spirit's Strength/Range/Duration is equal to 75% of Yokai's Strength/Range/Duration at time of cast. Sentinel spirits have their stats reduced by 25% (not affected by Strength to prevent double dipping of stats). Removes Sparse Energy from the Sentinel spirit for the duration of the ability. (Hold) Recalls Sentinel spirit. Notes: Only 1 spirit can be sent away. Sending a new Sentinel will immediately recall the current Sentinel Sent spirits cannot be chosen as active spirit until they return. REMOVED! New interaction, Sentinel spirit can still be linked! Linking with the Sentinel will immediately send the previously linked Spirit away as the new Sentinel. Does NOT extend duration! Automatically links Yokai to the next available spirit when cast. If the chosen spirit is currently melded, this ability unmelds them and links Yokai with the next spirit available. E - MELD (Toggle, 30 + 6 energy per sec) Yokai melds with his linked spirit. The spirit acts as an armor granting him protection or buffs depending on the spirit type. Fire Armor: Yokai deals 10/15/20/25% more total damage Yokai pulses 80/100/120/150 heat damage within 11/13/15/18m every 5 seconds, setting enemies on fire and marking them with Improved Overheat for 3 seconds. Improved Overheat - triggers a pyroblast on death, dealing 15% of max health as finisher damage to enemies within 5m. Water Armor: Enemies within 11/13/15/18m are slowed by 15/20/25/30% (not affected by Str) Allies in range gain 10% sprint/reload/atk speed and regenerate 18/20/22/25 health per second (not affected by Str) If health is full, regenerates 25/30/35/40 the amount as shield instead. If shield is full, regenerates 1/1.25/1.5/2 energy instead. ONLY ALLIES benefit from energy regeneration. Earth Armor: Grants 20/30/40/50% (max 95) damage reduction. Every 10 seconds, knock down all enemies within 4/5/6/8m and gain 2 stacks of Reinforcement, max of 2/4/6/8 (not affected by Str). Reinforcement - consumes a stack to negate the next knockdown/knockback status effect Melded spirits have their abilities disabled. Notes: Melded spirit can still be chosen as the linked spirit or you can choose another one WITHOUT changing Meld's current effects. Melded spirits have their abilities disabled. moved to above since it's an important part of the skill's functionality Meld scales with Yokai's stats and not the Spirit's. R - UNLEASH (100 energy) Temporarily overloads the currently linked spirit with massive energy for 9/11/13/15 seconds, increasing their size by 5x and empowering their abilities. Unleashed Spirit's have their stats increased by 25% (not affected by Strength to prevent double dipping of stats). Removes Sparse Energy from the Unleashed spirit for the duration of the ability. Spirits use their respective Unleash skills upon R cast: Unleashed Fire: Apocalypse The Fire spirit grants himself an aura while unleashed that procs heat and deals 3/4/5/6% 5/6/7/8% max health as heat damage every second to enemies within 11/12/14/17m 10/11/13/15. The aura decays current shield and armor by 3% 6% per second. (NOTE: basically 8% since Unleashed spirits have 125% scaling) Unleashed Water: Tranquil Snow The Water spirit envelops the area 9/10/11/13m around it with a light snow, dealing 100/150/200/250 cold damage to enemies and slowing them by 15/20/25/30%. Enemies that stay in the area for 5 seconds are frozen for 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. Enemies can only be frozen once but can be slowed indefinitely. Allies in the area regenerates 6/8/11/15 health, 12/16/22/30 shields, and 2 energy per second. Grants overshields. The blizzard snow follows the spirit. Unleashed Earth: Meteor The Earth spirit transforms into a ball of rock and slam the target area, dealing 350/425/500/600 550/700/850/1000 impact damage to all enemies within 9/11/13/15m. Enemies within 5/6/7/8m of the center are Lifted for 2/3/4/5 seconds. Additionally, the spirit gains health equal to 100% health, shields, and armor of all enemies affected by Meteor and materializes as long as it has health. While materialized, it transfers 90% of damage taken by allies within 11/13/16/20m onto himself. While active, hold tap button orders the spirit to move to the target area. Hold button immediately recalls the spirit. After being unleashed, Spirits rest for 3 seconds (not affected by mods) before becoming available for linking again. Notes: If the chosen spirit is currently melded, this ability unmelds them and links Yokai with the next spirit available. YOKAI'S SPIRITS General Behavior: Basic Stats Spirits don't have a health bar. Spirits cannot block attacks or abilities, those will only pass through them (like Baruuk's ability) Spirits follow Yokai loosely like a companion but does not wander more than 10m away from him. (Spirits are 2x the size of a sentinel) Spirit rank is based on Q rank. Spirits inherit 100% of Yokai's Ability Strength/Range/Duration as base stats. Combat Precepts They only attack enemies when Yokai is in combat (unless sent by W) and has an attack range of 30m (not affected by mods). Prioritizes Yokai's last damaged enemy Spirit Skills (cast by Spirits autonomously) Fire Spirit Combustion (2 sec CD) - Ignites a target and all enemies within 5m, dealing 60/90/120/150 heat damage and sets them on fire. Damage is increased by 50% against targets on fire. Unleashed: CD is reduced to 1, increased bonus damage against targets on fire to 100%. Flame Wall (12 sec CD) - Conjures a 5m wide wall of flames 3m in front of Yokai for 4 seconds, enemy projectiles that pass through are destroyed and ally projectiles increase damage by 10%. Enemies that pass the flames are dealth 50/75/100/125 damage per second. Unleashed: Creates an 8m radius ring around the spirit instead, doubles ally damage buff, and CD reduced to 8. Overheat (Passive) - Marks enemies damaged by the Fire spirit with Overheat for 3 seconds. Overheat causes enemies to explode and deal 10% of their max health as finisher damage to enemies within 5m when killed. Unleashed: Heat damage also procs Overheat's explosions for half the amount. Can proc only once a second and damage to bosses is reduced to 2% max health per explosion. Water Spirit Piercing Frost (1 sec CD) - Sends 3 shards of ice in a 30* cone with 1m punch through towards a target, dealing 50/75/100/125 cold damage with a 100% status chance. Unleashed: Increased damage by 50%, sends 6 shards in a 60* cone, and punch through doubled. Tidal Crash (8 sec CD) - Sends forth a 4m wide wave of water forward 9/11/13/15m, dealing 50/100/150/200 cold damage and disorienting enemies for 3 seconds. Allies washed over are marked, doubling the the next rejuvenate by received. Unleashed: CD reduced to 6, enemies buffs are stripped, and eximus auras are disabled for 3 seconds, Rejuvenate (5 sec CD) - Replenishes all allies within 15m for 25 health, 25 shields, and 5 energy. Unleashed: Health and Shields tripled. Can grant overshields. Earth Spirit Slam (3 sec CD) - Sends a large rock to slam a target, dealing 150/200/250/300 impact damage to and knocking back slightly all enemies withing 5m. Unleashed: CD reduced to 2, damage against lifted targets is doubled and heals the Spirit for 50% of the affected enemies' health, armor, and shields. Quake (10 sec CD) - Shakes the ground beneath Yokai for 2 seconds, knocking down all enemies within 6/7/8/10m. Unleashed: CD reduced to 5, targets the ground under the spirit, lifts enemies for 1 sec instead of knocking down, and disarms them for 2 sec. Fortitude (10 sec CD) - Grants 1 stack of Fortitude to Yokai, max of 3. Consumes a fortitude stack to reduce the next instance of damage by 25% (max 50%) Unleashed: CD reduced to 5, the Earth spirit also gains a stack of Fortitude which instead restores 5% of spirit's total materialized health from Meteor. Cannot exceed Spirit's original max health. ADDITIONAL THOUGHTS: LOTS OF NUMBER TWEAKS. TELL ME WHAT SOUNDS WEAK AND BROKEN. Maybe we can discuss stuff. Not really satisfied with some abilities. Head hurts so can't really think of good solutions properly right now. Please ignore some grammar errors for now. A bit sleepy when I made this. EDITS: Formatting Tweaks and interaction changes. More formatting/wording changes. Added some missing notes/info. More interaction changes and tweaks. Some wording changes on the Spirits section. Tweaks on Water Armor
  8. Paxis Syandana twitches uncontrollably when I'm in non-mission areas. Works perfectly normal whenever I'm in a mission though. Edit: changed link from imgur to youtube
  9. Thanks for reading! Glad you liked my suggestions. And yeah, I do prefer the "purify" suggestion than a shrine since I use her most of the time even in exterminates where you have to move quickly across the map and having a shrine would indeed slow that down.
  10. Yeah I also would like a "shrine" of sorts that would give buffs to allied players. Healing would be meh since Blessing fully heals but buffing allies or debuffing enemies near the shrine would be cool. Maybe even pulse slight CC every few seconds to give a moment of relief from crowded rooms as a bonus.
  11. (I made this post on Reddit and just wanted to share it here too for discussion) First of all, regardless of my "mini-rework" suggestion, can we speed up link/bless' cast time and increase duration by 2-3 secs please? It would make hear smoother in my opinion. ANYWAY, here goes: 1 - WELL OF LIFE REPLACE THIS ABILITY QUICK SUGGESTION: Purify - sends a wave of purifying light forward. Allies it passes through are cleansed from status effects while enemies are purged (heat + magnetic proc for temporary armor and shield reduction) and knocked back slightly (slight CC). Deals weak damage, mainly a support ability." AUGMENT: Corona Burst - marks affected enemies. marked enemies has a 20/30/40/50% (not affted by str) chance to explode, purging (see above) all enemies within 2/3/4/5m 2 - ENERGY VAMPIRE Seems fine and works reliably enough. Augment is decent too. No changes. 3 - LINK TYPE: Toggle ability. Drain cost NOT affected by duration. Can only receive energy from orbs, mods, and EV. COST: 25 per cast. DRAIN: 19 per second. Old Link costs 75 and lasts 12 sec so 75/12 = 6.25 energy per second. New link costs more per sec but has the benefit of less repeated casting. ABILITY: When toggled, Trinity gains 30/40/50/60% damage reduction (caps at 95%) and links to allies within X range (maybe affinity) of her, granting them 80% of the DR value (caps at 95*0.8 = 76%) AUGMENT: Abating Link - Trinity also links to 2/3/4/5 enemies within 12/14/17/20m, reducing their armor by 25/30/35/45% and redirecting 100% of the damage and status effects Trinity receives to them.Same functionality as current, slight target # buff. 4 - BLESS COST: 100 energy, no change ABILITY: Trinity restores 40/50/75/80% of allies shields and health within affinity range (same values as current). Additionally grants 100% status immunity to Trinity and 50% status resist to allies in range for 6/8/10/12 seconds. TL;DR Replaced 1, suggested an ability EV kept the same. Link - slight switch with Bless, links to allies giving dmg reduction, but abating link still has the same function Bless - slight switch with Link and, now heals + status resist to allies ADVANTAGES OF PROPOSAL Builds are the same and basically unaffected! PLUS EV builds can now also have long DR (but has costly drain)! Easier maintenance of Link and Damage Reduction (Rejoice Chroma mains! DR can be toggled off easily for Vex armor stacking when you need it!) Very slight increase of DR to self and allies! Bonus stat resist for allies! Any thoughts and suggestions? Criticize as much as you want as long as you keep the discussion civil. EDITS (Chronological Order) Added back redirect damage to Abating Link. Increased Link cost and changed related energy mechanics Formatting
  12. FIX THE KUVA FLOOD RATES PLEASE. 2 hotfixes and still no fix for that? At this rate I'm 60-70% confident DE won't fix the requiem relic drop rates until the sales of the requiem relic pack goes down a bit.
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