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  1. 30 minutes ago, Educated_Beast said:

    Yes, by runs I meant waves.  The average waves being 208-216.  But for a 99% chance to get it, we are talking about 1,416 waves.  That is 177 runs to wave 8.  And if your like me and got BP and systems but not the helmet, you still need to run over and over for helmet.  These numbers are individual and cumulative, not separate like you can add up for Harrow since the parts are spread out on different missions. 

    So someone above me claimed everything in 4 runs, I thought it was you.  Big deal.  There still is no comparison.  You may get one part in 26 8 wave 20 minute runs, but you still need 2 more parts (chassis is pretty much guaranteed).  Here is a link to the warframe wik, look at sub-category "Acquisition":  http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Khora

    No other frame is more painful to farm. If you look at the comments in the thread, and other threads like it, a common theme is players telling other players to farm void, trade plat, and buy Khora.  It is good advice but it does not change the fact you are forcing players to skip[ content because the content is not worth playing.  Normal mode is boring and repetitive.  I have every frame I want max forma and a huge arsenal, why am I forced to play normal?  Why was it removed from elite, at least elite could be fun. 

    The money grab screams desperation and desperation comes from a downward spiral.  What other reason could it be?  They hate us?  I am MR25 with a 4 year old account.  I never had to pay to skip content before.  Warframe has never been this bad and this desperate for money.  That is a downward spiral and unless they pull out, old timers like me are leaving.  We don't just support the game financially, we are part of community.  Once we are gone, that's a downward spiral.  I'm not the only one.

    Instead of burying your fellow players who are not so lucky, why not demand DE release quality content with fair drop rates and they can survive another 5 years.


    Part of the problem is that it is not on elite anymore.  If it was on elite, at least I could actually play the game and have a resemblance of a challenge.  Normal is the most boring forced content released ever.  Go play a few hundred waves of normal.  Try to stay awake.  There is nothing I can forma to make it worthwhile.  I have all schools maxed in focus, even then, the focus on normal difficultly is a waste of time compared to many other focus farming techniques.  Even relic defense missions are more rewarding than normal for XP.  Forcing high MR players into normal is unfair. I was happy passively grinding in elite.  At least that was a game mode I could enjoy and had better rewards.  Normal has nothing but Khora, and that's still to be proven.

    Equinox can be speed run and is a complete and utter joke of a grind compared to Khora.  I could have an army of equinox by the time I get a Khora, if ever at all due to exhaustion and boredom.  I don't even remember the grind for Nidus but looking at wiki with 14% drop rate, it requires on average 12-13 runs for everything.  Big f-ing deal!  http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nidus

    Khora has 26 run average for just 2 parts all in same place that cant be sped up (20 minutes minimum).  


    Sounds like you are used to mobile games and being inside a skinner box (https://levelskip.com/misc/Skinners-Box-and-Video-Games).  This kind of update has the opposite effect on me.  I have bought plat many times BUT NEVER BECAUSE THE GRIND WAS BAD.  I have never had to pay to skip content.  I have every other frame in the game and I bought none of them.  All of them were farmed by just playing because I enjoyed playing.  Khora is an exception, I don't enjoy the farm.  I hate the game mode (let me clarify, I hate normal difficulty) and every piece in the same place.  If DE improved drop rate, I would still buy cosmetics, slots, arcanes, rivens, loadouts, cosmetics, etc. 

    If I got a 75% discount right now I wouldn't buy.  As I said, opposite effect on me.  Force me to buy plat and I will not.  Make a cool game, be developers that listen to customers, have a nice business model, well I will.  I've supported DE when they deserved it.  I never will again as long as the drop rates for Khora are so lopsided.  If players accept this BS, the next one will be worse.  

    I've used DE as a model to other video game developers, but I cannot anymore.  This is not the same DE we used to enjoy years ago.  Something happened to them, they have changed.  I don't believe in paying to skip content, why play the game at all?  Seriously, if you must pay to get gear and not play the game, why even play the game.  That's what I keep asking myself every time I log in now.  


    You are either a troll or the luckiest person alive.  Since May 1st release, I've been running on average 3 runs a day (until syndicate focus max or I fall asleep playing).  Today is 06/29.  That is 60 days.  60 x 3 = ~180 runs (some days less, some more).  Most of those to wave 8, 20 minutes each (yeah, about 1,440 waves total with no end in sight).  I found systems in elite and BP recently but I am stuck on the helmet so I still have to run 15 minutes for one 7% chance.  Since I only play an hour a night, Onslaught killed Warframe for me.  I don't have time to do anything else and just come to resent Warframe and DE for introducing this level of grind. 

    No im not trolling i got to wave 10 and ended up with neuros and systems

  2. So I have been digging around lately about the topic of who or what this "Mother" character lotus talks about is. Some things that confused me were how lotus changed to her "natah" form. While ballas did take her from lua, he never did anything to change her appearance. My theory is that lotus was being controlled somehow.  She had given up the name "natah" as stated in the second dream. This "mother" character could be the one controlling her. Sentients seem to share a sort of hive mind similar to the infested. However unlike the infested, they are much more organized. Remember that the orokin used the sentients to find them a new home, which they said they would share with the sentients. This got me thinking on how its possible they could control the sentients into doing this for them. This "hive mind" theory explains how they accepted there offer. Now heres my biggest theory as of now. Lotus says "im coming home, mother" not "im coming home to you, mother". This emphasizes the fact that mother may not be a person. Mother in the way lotus says this is simply a title given to her creator. We dont actually know how sentients are created but this mother entity seems to be the creator of sentients. My theory is that "mother" refers to the entire tau system. Meaning the entire tau system is one huge sentient. Idk what you guys think so lemme know. They gave us a ton of lore to think over in the sacrafice and its interesting to go through all we know now.

  3. 1 minute ago, MarrikBroom said:

    Komi is a simplified variant of Go where you use white or black stones (much like checkers or chess pieces) to try capturing the opponent's stones. Komi specifically requires you capture three stones to win a particular round.


    Someone else has told me it's basically Capture Go


    Is it only 3? I thought it required you to wipe out all enemy pieces. Either way i assume 3 pieces would make things to easy. Removing all pieces would be more "competitive". Maybe having different modes with different requirements to win is a good idea.

  4. 24 minutes ago, davej83 said:

    what is komi... ?

    It is a board game introduced with the sacrafice quest. Its sorta like tick tac toe. Each turn a player can place 1 game piece called a komi stone. Surrounding a players game piece with your own piece will "capture" an enemy players pieces inside your surrounding pieces. The goal is to remove all of your opponents komi stones from the board.

  5. Tbh people assume we will be the ones sacrificing something but I disagree. My theory is the sacrifice refers to margulises sacrifice for the other operators. Who knows though. They are doing a great job making the quest a mystery

  6. Because some items from console cannot transfer to pc. Not to mention its currently impossible. That is because of microsoft not DE. If you really want to play pc, just make a new account. I have both a console and a pc account and ive grinded both of them seprately. Its way easier grinding a new account when u understand the game mechanics, trust me.

  7. So im a bit of a plains addict. Every two hours I run every bounty missions and then grind out ores/fishys. There are a few things though that I think could use changes because they're a bit of a bore. When i first saw "spears" i thought "whaling". Sadly, no whales. My idea is to add an option available from the fish merchent to go on a whaling expedition. Then you would be taken to an ostron boat in which you go whale hunting. The boat would be manned with harpoon guns. Also, if you have max standing you could buy a portable harpoon gun. It would have ammo however so its good to have a spear for normal fishing. The harpoon gun would be much faster then a spear. My other idea is an addition of biomes. Running past grass for an hour straight gets boring. My idea is to split the plains into four sections; jungle, desert, forest, and plains. Biomes will also have certain fish/wildlife you can find. My final suggestion is a raid that gives that orokin tower in the backround some meaning. Ive always wondered why its there so it would nice for it to have some meaning.

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