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  1. I've been keeping this to myself, but I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a Kuva Saw pretty soon. Which is why my post doesn't talk about stats. :)
  2. If it's helpful the air attack of the ghoulsaw is contestant and very strong.
  3. You realize the Ghoulsaw is based on the CINDERsaw a real tool meant for cutting through cinderblocks, cement and rebar, and pipes. :)
  4. I think Rhinos iron skin does need some logistical working. at almost max strength I'm getting 18k armor on SP and it's not lasting at all, but there's tons of ways to get armor to turn into exponents. Some wrangling into making consistent would be nice.
  5. I really really really like the ghoulsaw, but combo chains between groups of enemies is kind of weird and the chainsaw neutral forward is like a perfect line. Can we have some momentum during combos so we can move a little bit? And can the forward combo be extended outwards a little bit, right now forward meleeing is awkwardly running around enemies in bomber circles.
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