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  1. Story is prety much something it needs. (also more factions and place-in-order of things depth, but mostly story)


    With the playerbase that they have now they shouldn't worry about a lack of weapon and warframe content.

    Better yet, with so many warframe planned the warframes begin to lose personality.


    With some lore, story, story based misions and mabye an sort of "close" to story where you "for example" save the universe.

    People can have at least have some sort of clossing. And gameplay lovers would have a bit of a boost in morale.


    Also I would rather play a fun game of a few hours and later have a memorie that way, than to burnout because I wanted to try many weapons and I just

    have memories of painfull grinding later on.

    Have to agree 100% with this. There must be some kind of story to pull the game together.


    Currently there is a very limited lore section with little or no flow between the next missions and the one that was last played. The entire Tenno existance has been "forgotten" and their new purpose is to what? Kill anyone the lotus tells us to.


    As you have stated, other factions seem to be needed as well. Personally I always thought a friendly or neutral faction would be a nice addition even if they are not in any missions. For once it would be nice to find out who and what these Tenno sympathizers are from the allert missions.

    I don't have any ideas for another enemy or know if DE has plans to add another enemy faction but variety is always nice when we only have three.


    Just some of my thoughts.

  2. Lol, nice selfishness.. Lot of people think about individual rewards... Better if you think about the new locations and the weapon you will find in there. And this is not a reward?

    the other events have had personal rewards with them so why not this one. As for the new location it would have been released anyways in due time. the devs are not going to work so hard creating a new map just to keep it from us forever and throw away their work.

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