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  1. It is known that the system to decorate the Dojo is not perfect, but since the update there are a numbers of bugs that make decorating a horrible experience. I give you some images so you can what I mean. It is "assumed" that the construction pieces that are being built should be seen, and yet they appear invisible if you order it to be built, and can only be seen if you move and look at it from a certain angle. The truth ... is not yet finished building, but I do not want to think that the pieces will stay like this once finished. PS: I have to point out that this bug is also seen by my other clan companions and those who visit the Dojo, then it is not something that has to do with my internet or my PC.
  2. Is this problem still happening? I have not tried for a long time.
  3. I can not directly enter some caves because they do not appear to me. I can see the icon on the map, but I can not enter because it is "covered".
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