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  1. First of all, you assumptions are grossly over exaggerated. You'll get nowhere trying to argue in that way. Second, You do realize this is a post to fix Titania issues yes? Simply stating what she can do is not detracting from the fact that she needs more of rework. Credit is given where credit is due. Third, I have used her for all those fights with moderate to high success depending on the augmentation of the sortie. Fourth, You can very much run Mesa sniper on Lephanthis, Excal as well. Granted Valkyr is out of the question and so is bansher but that is besides the point. I find it rather funny that you jump to conclusions and accusations rather than striking up a conversation, a discussion. So, when you are ready to have a civil argument with actual points without being disrespectful. Maybe I can respectful listen in return.
  2. But dps is i inherently tied to energy drain.
  3. Firstly, this is not a constructive comment. Secondly, she does have the highest single target dps. Mesa is aoe and cannot headshot, Valkyr is limited heavily by here energy drain, Excalibur is aoe and cannot headshot for the most part, and Banshee? Her ult does not scale well once armor starts to grow and if you are taling about her sonar well even in that cast that is heavily weapon dependent and Titania will still out dps her. Titania can headshot and has extremely high firerate and is even able to run punch through as well. She shreds through most anything with ease. Futhermore, she procs slash like a beast. Tell do yoh see banshee, mesa, excal, or valkyr prioritized for missions like Lephantis? A target that needs high single target dps? No. Titania is.
  4. So Titania is one of my favorite frames byt she is always lacking even if she has the highest single target dps in the game. Here are some changes that would make her leagues better. Spellbind This ability is okay but could use some refinement on the execution. This ability should lift targets similar to how exodia epidemic does so. Even if it acted more like Rhino's stomp it would be leagues better. Tribute This ability should work the same as rest and rage in execution. Titania should be able to target and enemy and then pluck the souls of all enemies in an area. Remove the damage from this ablity in exchange for that. This would allow her to put that damage duff on multiple enemies efficiently. Furthermore, the buffs form this abilty should be on a cycle like Ivara and Vabaun so she can choose her buffs rather than have enemy typings dictate it. Buff changes: Dust - Unchanged. Thorns - Causes and aoe area around Titania that cuases their guns to jam. Entangle - Slow effects enemy attack speeds. Full Moon - Pet attacks should inflict blindness or radiation proc enemies. Lantern This should work the same as exodia epidemic/Rhino stomp. Please remove the free flying element. Also it should have sort of damage vulnerablity to enemies as they are enchanted and distracted from the battle. Razorwing This ability need a couple of things to optimize it. First, make the amount of Razorflies be affected by power strength. Second, make her Dex Pixia fully reload on kills. This would do leagues for her dps which is currently severely limited by the small amount of ammo she has. Third, the Diwata needs a buff to its damage and should heal Titania on critical hits so she does not instantly die when using it. Let me know what you think down below
  5. Actually I don't. How brash of you to assume that grinding some how makes me feel better about myself. Otherwise, I did not ask for more grind, I asked why you can't do the grind. Stop your whining and do the hour survival. I just most of the community to be entitled brats who just want instant gratification. Sure the grind is ridiculous, like I mentioned, but DE notices that and changes if even if it takes a little while. I see where you are comimg from. But to me that is a matter of perspective. I like arbitrations the way they used to be, without revives, because there were real stakcs if you died, you lost your chance at better rewards. Furthermore, the drones granting immortality is better in my mind because it forces players to focus on the gameplay not just brainlessly shooting. I can agree though, waiting 10 rounds or wave for a drop is quite tiresome at times that can be changed for all I care. Also you idea of scale is already in arbitrations. They scale harder in terms of level and much quicklym you will be fighting level 200 near wave 40. Because it is feedback? I wanted to foster a dicussion to be used as a form of feedback. Please tell me where in the Ballas you are button mashing and brain deading the grind? It is sure as Lotus not ESO or arbitrations.
  6. Just as the title says. I am just wondering this because I have seen so many people complain about grind and yet I cannot understand their point. Long gone are the days of mandatory survival and defenses because you wanted a Prime frame or weapon. Today, endless farms are very much simplified down to either a usefully but not necessary item or cosmetics. So I ask again. Is the warframe community afraid of farming? It seems whenever DE releases anything, there is some sorta backlash if one cannot purchase it with plat. People want instant gratification, but I wonder how those people got so far in warframe. This game is all about working for a pay off. So what is the difference in hoe long the grind is? Maybe it is different for me. Maybe I am just desensitized to the grind. Maybe it is because i play with friends. I cannot say for sure. But what i can say, it is rather worrisome to see players of a free to play game complaining about grind. This not to say EE doesnt muck up the grind(ex. Plian of Eidolon grind THANK LOTUS they changed that) but there is a partition thye have to make. Tbh if you aren't prepared to grind hard, then why play warframe at all?
  7. De has taken out/slah reworked many old systems to stop people from overspending. Take the old kubrow system in which you paid to randomize. They took it away after someone had spent way to much money into it. From then on they have kept that mindset. As for the boosters, yeah tehya re supposed to be an incentive to buy. DE has to make money some how. As for you third statement, you are correct for the most part,I contest saying that DE has injected their own economy with various plat drops over time, not to say that makes a sent in thebplatinum economy overall but they have. I just had to say this. I hate people with condescending tones. Please do some research before you get pretentious in a forums post
  8. Passive: Overheat This should be changed. Prehaps she has an overheat bar, like the exploiter, that augments her abilities with each cast. It would make sense witha caster. For each percent of overheat Ember gains 1% extra damage for her abilities and 1% extra heat damage for her guns. Make it drain 1% per second making keeping overheat up a priority. Prehaps at max overheat she gains a boon on each of her abilities? I'll explain one each one. Fireball Keep this the same but remove that charge mechanic and the lingering mechanic. Instead have it scale with overheat. Each tick of overheat reduces the energy cost of this ability by .5% maxing out at 50% reduction to energy cost. At max overheat, this ability changes and becomes a shot gun like brust of fire infront of Ember, similar to Banshee's sonic boom. The blast should stagger enemies much like Blazing Chakram and instantly heat proc them. The burnt floor can have it's one status chance. This ability is two handed and will interrupt gun fire and reload animations. Accelerant This ability should stay relatively the same as well but remove the stun, allow me to explain. Accelerant should be a channeled ability. When activated, Ember releases a noxious gas from her that is quite flammable, this gas causes enemies to stagger as the gas assaults them. Any ability cast while this is channeled will cause a radial explosion around Ember in the effect range of the gas that also staggers. This ability would also scale with overheat increasing ability casting speeds by 1% per stack of overheat and grant .25x more heat damage per stack. At max overheat, the stagger becomes a full knockdown. Each explosion proced from this ability counts towards overheat as a seperate casted ability. Fire Blast This ability needs to be changed. It does not work with the caster style as it is more of a buffing ability to guns. This is not Ember's purpose. Make this ability a reaction. Ember conjures a herself a sheild of flame, briefly granting immortality. She then retaliates with a surging wall of fire infront of her that does 10% maximum hp damage. This wall marks enemies. Marked enemies take a percentage of all incoming damage as heat damage on top of the original damage. Say your gun does 100 damage, well now you hit the enemy for that hundred plus, lets say 10% conversion, 10 heat damage on top. This percentage only scales with the damage taken while invincible scaling up to a additonal 100% damage dealt as heat. At max overheat, the wave goes from frontal only to aoe around Ember and doubles the percentagehp damage. This ability is one handed during the invincibility phase and does not interrupt gun fire or reloading animations. The animation of the fire wall is two handed and will interrupt gun fire and reload animations. World on Fire This ability should play into the rest of her kit. Rather than being activated and left to run, this ability should facilitate the use of her other abilities and passive. So I propose this. Ember sets herself ablaze, every cast she takes surges the floor with flames that spread further and further, leave a lingering effect of fire scorching everything. Basically, Ember sets herslef ablaze and begins pulsing fire wave, think water ripples, that burn every thing ther path. This ability has a very long range but does rather low base damage, however, each ripple increases the damage scaling infinitely. The ripples travel endlessly until the whole map is covered. Now i know what you are thinking, it is another Saryn, it is but with caveat. This ability has an effect range where the scaling damage is dealt. That effect range is line of sight. Any enemies out of LoS take the initial base damage ticks which is mediocre at best. This is truly a World on Fire. Now this ability is a duration based ability. When activated the LoS effect range is turned on, otherwise the mediocre tick damage is constantly in effect. To get the ripples, Ember must use overheat. Everytime overheat is filled, a ripple comes from Ember. This ripple will deal the inital base damage to enemies and set them ablaze. This will cause overheat to instantly empty after a short period of time. When activated, Ember surges the LoS area and upping the tick damage to whatever stack she is at currently. The initial tick also staggers the enemies and lights them on fire. This ring will proc the explosion from Accelerant. The activation of this ability is one handed and will not interrupt gun fire or reload animations. The inital cast is two hanfed and will interrupt gun fire and reload animations. This ability is great for survials and defense as she can control when to raze her world of fire or leave it as a minor hindrance to the enemy hordes. It is weaker in exterminates and rescues but that is why her other abilites exist. The casting of this interrupts gun fire and reload animations. Ember is also forced to the ground when casting this ability much like Rhino is. As for this ability in open world. It is not feasible to let it travel the entire map. So it will have it will only have the effect range on those maps. The effect range will have to be the affinity range on those maps. Futhermore, due to hardware limitations, DE can opt to have the floor only show red aura rather than actualy flames. A whole map of fire would be alot to process. My whole thought procces when thinking up this rework is what is Ember's core? She is and alway will be and aoe damage caster frame. She is not a buffer, she is not an afk frame, she is not tanky caster. She is squishy but deals high damage. This rework to me makes her more like a fire. It starts of small, but if un controlled becomes an inferno. She should not be a mere ember in the fire pit barely burning. She should be a wildfire, a maelstrom of flames! Burning through her enemies with ease!
  9. I recommend Nezha. He scales from star map to endgame and he really helps newer players with some of warframes more annoying mechanics. -He has mobility. His passive and Firewalker icrease his movement speed and he has a teleport when reactivating Blazing Chakram as it is flying. -He has multiple sources of damage. The fire trail from Firewalker, his Blazing Chakram, and his ult to an extent. Not to mention the explosion of fire when combining his Firewalker with the teleport mechanic. Furthermore, both Firewalker and Blazing Chakram can scale all the way into endgame. -He has survivability. Healing orbs from enemies marked with Blazing Chakram. 90% damage reduction from his Warding Halo. -He grants status and CC immunity. This is great for newer players helping them with knock downs and all those pesky status effects. -He has lots of reliable CC. His ult is one of the best CC in the game. His Firewalker and Blazing Chakram adds to that with the heat proc. His ring also staggers melee range enemies good for the newer player who love melees. His Blazing Chakram when held down will knock enemies down. -He has a damage buff. His Blazing Chakram adds a huge damage buff ti enemies marked by it. Making it super easy to shred through higher level enemies even with weak guns. Consistently, Nezha has proven himself to be a Jack of All Trades that will not only get you through the Star Map but scale well into the late game. Near infinitely. Furthermore, he is kot hard to get as you can purchase his blueprints from your clan dojo. There are many clan who accept newbies and have all the research done. Also, he isn't hard to build as his materials are easily accessible. Also, it is quite easy to mod him and he is effective even with poor modding.
  10. Why do people hate volt speed again? Can you not process you movement when sped up hy volt or somthing? No question intelligence actually wondering
  11. Fair enough. My apologizes for being rude. I understand why people think they are bad but i am a fierce defender of the frames. I could care less about DE but the frames speak for themselves. I am surrounded by meta hounds because I like to min max at it gets all too overwhelming at times. Let me be more specific. The reasoning I have with meser skin also comes from the fact that you can make more charges for youself by killing enemies with reave. Additionally, the pillars left behind by dead thralls well automatically enthrall enemies for you. It is a closed system like i said. I have had no problems using Revenant like that even in pubs but i disagree it is harder in pubs. Revenant's issue and I guess Garuda's by extension as well is that they are built around fighting alone and they don't really apply in teamplay at all. Baruuk is in the same fold as well. I was not aware that the dahhers do not give dr to allies i figured that is what would happen if they do so that needs to change. As for them flying away that is why he had damage reduction in the passive and the ult as well. Most of the time, enemies are not even shooting at me because i spam the sleep so much. As for what I said about excalibur, I will not recant. He is very basic in comparison to other frames and I get some people might like that but it is not my drift at all. Sure he has high dps but like you said that ain't alll that special. Partly the reason why i dont use Revenant's 4th ability at all. Also i would like to know. Why do you think Titania and Hildryn are subpar? I want to know.
  12. Is it so bad that a frame does damage? Is it so bad that frame lacks utility? I ask these cause I really need to know why people are so mad over a frame that is not out yet. You know that frames are their own style of gameplay right? Much less of what it used to be in the past, frames today are more freeform in their usage and play style coming with their own mini game of sorts. I feel as though, and I say this with respect, many min maxers, i myself am one to an extent, just do not have fun with th game anymore. Why is it only about how good a frame is? Why is that metric we measure on? Prehaps being spoiled by the designs of Nidus and Mesa have ruined the Warframe community to the point where we can not accept even a slight deviation from concepts like such. Take Khora for example. I feel that many still hate her and think she is bad but that is completely unwaranted. She is nigh unkillable in endgame levels. Has utility, cc, and damage that scales. Yet because she didnt have and exalted whip she consider bad only because of her meh release. Min maxers probally wanted to do spin to win on her. Lets look at Gara. The secomd they nerfed the wall everyon forgot about her. Meanwhile, she still had infinite scaling damage and 90% that give that damage field to everyone with the dr as well. Also he first ability does made damage and is a hard cc. Did you know her fourth makes you do more damage to vitrified enemies and refreshes your 2?. Sure you dont really use her 3 but why was she thrown away? Revenant Revenant Revenant. I am a huge advocate for this frame because of his one shot potential and his insane sustain making him, say with me, nigh unkillable. I feel that his pore is a garbage fire but his kit is sound and rather well designed. It is a closed system resource user and yes it is more efficient to use other frame but that's not the point of picking a frame yes? Garuda. Say it again! Nigh unkillable with massive infinite scaling dps tools in her kit and yet! People hate her and say she is bad. I am confused at this one in particular especially since i have started playing her even more. She is a monster when it comes to sustain and damage with some utility in there as well allowing you to use guns that you couldnt before because she adds slash! Baruuk. ONE MORE TIME PEOPLE, nigh unkillable. Baruuk is well designed around his concept and evrrything in his kit makes sense. He just not played because people say he does scale but he does. He clears trash mobs well into the triple digits and if he slide attacks, can do the same for heavy units. He aslo offers alot of control with his ultimate. The whole point im trying to make is that people are missing the essence of what warframe is. The warframes themselves. I played Nezha when he was "bad" and yet I never felt like he was bad at all. Sure i made post on the forum to ket some QoL things done but other than that i loved him deeply and played him because he was fun for me. I feel people have lost that thought. Warframe is not about having fun anymore. It is about how good a frame is and that to me is highly detrimental. But hey thats my two cents take it as you will
  13. After playing some conclave, I have gotten a few ideas to improve its playability in terms of a pvp mode in an OP god simulator. Bring back the stamina bar Now I know some of you vets are shaking at this thought, but I believe bring it back will do Conclave some good. Currently, Conclave is all about bullet jumping and rolling to avoid bullets, while also annoying the crap out of someone trying to aim at you,, while trying to shoot when you can. This isnnot healthy at all. It makes the game mode extremely hard to master and leaves alot up to rng. With a stamina bar, you can spow the pace down enough to make it more feasible to shoot other Tenno much like any other fps. The stamina bar will have a max of 100 and this pool of 100 regenerates at a base rate of 5 per second and can be affected by mods(I recommend that the mode down side for stamina regen rate should be health and sheild reduction). Stamina will affect rolling, bullet jumping, and double jumping. Stamina will not affect sprinting, wall running, aim glide, or wall latch. Rolling will cost a 25 Stamina allowing 4 rolls at max stamina. To compensate, rolling will now have an innate 10% damage reduction, im not sure if the 50% works in conclave but if not add this. Bullet jumping well cost a 33 Stamina allowing 3 bullet jumps at max stamina. To compensate, this will add 10% velocity to the bullet jump. Double jump will cost 20 stamina allowing up to 5 double jumps at max stamina. To compensate, double jumping now grants 25% evasion. This will allow the speed of the game to slow a little while still maintaining the unique movement in warframe but allowing for feasible gun play. Kills should restore health This should be an innate feature as you are consuming the oro of another Tenno. I say let it be a base 50 health return on kills so you do not get instantly merc'ed in a free for all.
  14. Are you sure? Her excute is at 30 who wouldnt you use it constanly? You just dont understand her kit. Its okay. It comes with time. Just keep at it.
  15. It doesnt matter. If you arent executing minions with her 1 then are you really playing garuda
  16. Augment is fine is supposed to sunergize with her passive allowing her to habe constant damage buff
  17. Ima say this once. He was a frame TAINTED, key word, TAINTED by eidolon energy. So it makes sense that he was a vampire like frame who has added some eidolon features to himself because he was TAINTED by eidolon energy. Simple as that.
  18. Nezha or Oberon. Im not quite sure. Ive also though about using it on Titania but jow that aviator works on her I don't need too
  19. Well with the reveal of Wisp's abilities, let us have a chat. 1st ability This needs to be changed but not scrapped. I like the idea of creating buffs that your allies can pick up but the issue is you will probably be the only ones using them which is not inherently a bad thing but it is not good. I propose this. Keep those cool lookin flower things but make them more radiant. Remove the pick and choose function and make a single cast summon the 3 of them around you in a triangle and limit the deployment of these to a maximum of 4 triangles at a time. As for the buffs, I feel they need to change. I like the movement speed buff, prehaps work in the cc field intot he move speed buff? The health buff is fine but prehaps work some mitigation nto it? The cc field has to change to a damage buff of sorts maybe even providing lifesteal? 2nd ability Cool looking ability. It fits her theme of portals and light; all that ethereal stuff. I just wish it moved faster and had a longer base duration. 3rd ability This should absolutely be independent from her 1 or else it will become unreliable. I propose this. When she cast this ability a wave of energy will also radiate from her and her allies 4th ability I like it. It looks cool but the problem is that it makes her vulnerable. Revenant can dash in his ult and Baruuk has mitagations. Since Wisp is all about light and portals, why not have her avoid damage during Sol. Prehaps channeling the solar power destabilizes he form making it harder for bullets to land on her?.
  20. Im pretty sure she is supposed to be a light bender seeing that invisibility is jsut a bending of light. This would make her 2 , 3 and 4 make sense not so much the 1.
  21. Well first off. You have not even gotten the frame how can you have an opinion of something gameplay related? Furthermore, they said he theme had to do with portals and space bending, including her own dimension, which explains her abilities. Lastly, it is off your opinion that channeled ults are not fun and it is not a fact. So dismissive. Just yeet here away before she even has a chance to be released. Great feedback from the always reliable forums smh.
  22. Well Im sorry you feel that way. You don't have to play him. Sure it is slightly con- well it really is not but whatever. You play what you like. You disappointment with Rev really does not matter. That is how you feel, the frame speaks for himself. Furthermore, he is probably not your playstyle(think I have said this before to you) so just do not play him. I hate Vabaun because he is always the most useless thing in my squad and I hate how one dimensional, awkward, and still he plays in such a fast paced game. So I do not play him. He is not my playstyle. This si why you do not see me making forum posts on Vabuan. I do not play him nor do I care. I will leave that to those who genuinely love and play the frame which is why I am always on these post about Baruuk, Rev, Gara, and Khora. It is simple.
  23. Of course Im talking about the bugs. Those are things that need to be pointed out. Second of all, he design is not the worst. That title belongs to Vabuan. His one creates thralls. His thralls become a reasource. Expend said reasource to gain damage and a source to create more thralls, to gain health and sheilds whilst doing heavy damage, to gain overshields and a burst of damage. Basically, you select a usage path and you prioritize the abilities for that path. Want lots of pillars? Build for duration, range, strength. Want to one shot whilst never dying? Build duration, efficiency, strength. Want more overshields? Duration, efficiency, strength. Flow of combat with Rev is this. Activate Mesmer Skin, Start making Thralls(building reasource). From here you can use the reasource(thralls) as cover to stand and shoot. Now if you dont go with the first option then you can begin Reaving the Thralls to consume them and then reset. Id you prefer the Danse Macabre then you skip the Reave and use that instead opting for overshields and dps rather than regen and burst(Reave). His kit flows just not like any other warframe. Mesa, for example, is activate Shooting Gallery and Shatter Sheild then from there you Peacemaker or you begin to shoot sometimes mixing in Ballistic Battery. A better comparison to Rev probably is Baruuk. They but are reasource users. Baruuk uses all his abilities to produce rage(or reduce restraint) and then attacks draining the reasource. It is more straightforward than Rev but they are similar nonetheless. It is funny though how similar Baruuk is to Mesa as well. He uses his 2(Lull) and 3(Desolate Hands) just like Mesa and then can opt to shoot or ult(Serene Storm/Desert Wind) with his 1(Elude) beimg situational or mixed in. Anyways. The point is Rev has a flow to his kit there is some disjoint when deciding what path but even so it is around same about warfranes normally have. Similar to Mesa, you do not always want to ult. Sometimes it is more efficient to use your other abilities. Honestly, I can not believe you have played Rev and not noticed this? To hammer in my point,let us look at the truly worst design warframe, Vabaun. Tesla has no correlation with his other abilities it is just there. Minelayer is just randomness that do not synergy with his kit. Bastille is a stand alone cc and so is Vortex. There is no flow to his kit at all. You either build for Bastille ot build for Vortex. Thats it. There is zero flow to his kit. This si what I absolutely love about the new frames. There is flow to their kits and a requirement to use most of your abilities frequently. Prehaps you mistake a shift in design as bad design? A fatal error. As for me being a white knight for DE. Well I'm not. I'm not defending DE im defending the frame. I have not hesitated to tell DE when they are being stupid but when you decide that a frame is bad becasue it does not suit you, that is were I disagree. Most people on these forums do not evennplay the frames they are whining about and if they do they did breifly. The only ones who have a basos normaly are the Vabuan, Wukong, and Ember posters be even then arguments can be made from rhe frames. It is okay to be critical but running into hyperbola is not criticism anymore that is whining. Very much my issue with people like you is that you lack vision of the big picture. You are extremely tunnel visioned and approach things at one angle or use stagnating, old methods/standards. Futhermore, you lack the ability to see design change. DE obviously wants to change the way the game is played, ehich is not a bad thing, and so the new frames will reflect that new mentality. But then you write them off as bad. Stuck in tradition, old ways. Happened when Gara got her slew of changes. When the wall was op that was all she was used for and then it got nerf and everyon thought she was dead though she still retained her ability to infinitely stack damage on an ability that also give 90% dr that she can put on allies who then gain the damage field effectively increasing her dps for every ally affected by the field but no. Her wallnis not op so she is trash. Mag is another one that suffers from this traditional mentality even though her kit has amazing flow and great results. I digress. DE is not perfect, which is why we have forums, but that does not mean we can not give credit where credit is due nor does it mean we ostracize a frame because of hiccups and bumps that need to smoothed out(some of which are not even hiccups and bumps but are innovations and design changes). Complaints are not always relevant. Feedback is always Relevant. There is a difference. The original post here was feedback. You and other people's post are complaints. Mostly irrelevant. All that being said, Revenant has poor lore depiction and is a mess in terms of concept and fitting into the warframe universe. He is a vampire warframe who got eidolon-ed and raised from the dead making hom skmewhat of a Lich as well. However, like I have said many times, this disjointedness does not show in his kit.
  24. Well, someone hates Revenant I can tell that much. Now, I haven't experienced these bug whilst playing Rev but i do agree we should take off the Danse killing pillars after all the pillars give free enthralls as well. Rev is not the best desgined from a lore aspect, however, hos gameplay speaks for itself. He can one shot anything in the game, but I'm not going to waste my breath explaining the build for it or the playstyle. Most people just love to hate a frame and leave at that and it is always the ones that have the most potential. It is just asinine but I no longer have the will to actually argue back so I'll just let y'all have you time to whine.
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