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  1. Didn’t you get nerfed? Like, 1000 times?
  2. I have a photo but I can’t seem to get it on here
  3. Whilst traveling In New York today I saw an add for fortune in the street, anyone else see any other form of physical advertising for warframe?
  4. Well, you do have to pay for twitch prime to get them. Even then if you use amazon prime to get twitch prime you still have to pay for it. In the end, we end up paying anyway.
  5. So nobody has an answer to the actual question?
  6. Anyone have an idea as to when the next twitch prime bundle comes out but with an actual warframe? Like the trinity prime bundle?
  7. Come to think of it, the ability to use warframe armor or your operator would look cool as well
  8. The options for transference suits and armor is pretty limited, and some new additions would be nice. I think a good idea would be umbra operator armor or something that resembles the commodore prime suit, I think that would look cool. If anyone has any other ideas, you know what to do.
  9. You know now this seems like not such a good idea.
  10. My point is if you buy a cosmetic for a certain price, you can sell it BUT only at the price you bought it for. This way not only DE benefits from it, but everyone else can.
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