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  1. Good idea! I'm going to submit a ticket, too. I logged back in today, and the floof is still out of sight.
  2. I have also come with my story of a lost floof ball. It's a sad tale, told in two gifs. Firstly, I discovered that the invisible wall, in the room closed to folks who haven't played The Second Dream, doesn't apply to the Carnival Roller Floof. Gif below. Since it was still in sight, what I should have done was pop it back into my inventory; but, oh no...I decided to experiment. Can I move it back? No. It fell through the floor, into The Void. (sigh) Gif below.
  3. Oh my dears, what a gloriously delightful and fun event! However, cast an eye on the Aero Vantage Exilus mod as it seems to put Executioners to sleep. Time to head back to the beach (without that mod equipped)! (Region: NA)
  4. When you right-mouse click to see details on the Meso N6 relic, this general description is seen instead of a list of its contents. Image below.
  5. We did this twice during the Ropalolyst fight, so we know it's repeatable. If you lure the beast to the platforms, but break its shield with void damage before it attacks and charges the device - it will lose aggro. Shields will recharge, and can be broken again but it will not attack at all. If you go to another platform, the same applies. It stays docile. As I'm writing this, the remaining squad mate informed me that host migration "fixed" it and they were able to complete the mission successfully. Presumably it reset the boss? Just letting y'all know.
  6. The Bloodshed Sigil is in my inventory, and it shouldn't be. I did not buy it, earn it from Profit Taker or receive it as a gift. (Image below)
  7. I also have resolution issues. This is fullscreen 1920 x 1080 (image below). Drivers are up to date, and game is optimised.
  8. Steve just said on his stream that Series 2 is still being worked on, so not today. Hang in there, OP.
  9. Series 2 will probably start today, as part of the Jovian Concord update. However, you'll still have to earn credits, in order, to get the Nitain Extract from Cred Offerings. The only hope I can give you for speed is this line from Dev Workshop - Nightwave Changes for Series 2: "We are also looking at front-loading more Cred with the next Series to increase the initial amount of Creds received for participating!" Also, from the Wiki: Missions:Ghoul Bounty (15-25, 40-50, 40-50)Sabotage (T1, T2, T3, Void 1, Void 2)Exterminate (Kuva, Lua)Other:Nightwave Offerings Wolf of Saturn Six 0.13% Welcome back and good luck, Tenno.
  10. Greatswords demo, please. I'd love to see what my Gal Pal (Galataine Prime) is going to do with Melee 3.0.
  11. Clan Name: SugarBunnies Clan Tier: Shadow Clan Platform: PC My Clan Role: Warlord Three months ago our clan dojo was completely restructured. With a fresh layout, we decided to flex our creative muscles. Our various designs are unintentionally movie-themed, but that trend shows no sign of stopping. It is my pleasure to submit our dojo for your consideration. Caerbannog Hall: This is the dojo's spawn room. Our goal was to create a warm, serene atmosphere since this is centre of commerce for the clan and central focus of the Barracks floor. Two Ludoplexes are near the Trading Post so members and visitors can amuse themselves while waiting to trade. The Rabbit Hole Lounge: Clan members were most excited when the lounge's construction announced. Although it has killed some visitors' framerates, there have also been dance parties and impromptu fashion shows on its wide tables. Fight Club: Our Grineer-themed duelling room features an elevated VIP section (suggested by our Dravenkaathe) that should provide the best view in the house...if that's how duelling rooms worked. Still, we like the idea of a little Orokin fanciness amidst the heavy industrial pipes and general Grineer grunginess. The Abyss: Our basement and reactor floor is built around the clan's first hall. This small hall became a grand experiment when natural decorations were added. Not only is this deep sea cave home to our Treasury post, but also has hidden treasures of its own. Wade the blue depths as long as you like. The Secret Garden: It was the best kept secret in our dojo until the transporter was installed. This breathtaking garden is why the "meditate" emote is a permanent fixture on my gear tab. Sometimes you just want to sit in or under a tree and gaze at the vastness of space. Thank you for your time. Decorations and Designs by Harrycan and Tennossee_Williams Video Editing by GrandMarshalCross Actors: GrandMarshalCross Harrycan JoeMonk3y Kkaileni Scyoen Woodzyowl
  12. As a ground slam enthusiast, any updates on Melee 3.0 would be welcome. However as an even bigger lover of lore, Mask of the Lost One teased more secrets hidden beneath the Planes of Eidolon. Are there more little story quests in the works?
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