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  1. DarkOmega004

    30fps, doesnt matter the settings.

  2. DarkOmega004

    30fps, doesnt matter the settings.

    Well, i had another trouble before and i optimized the game, days later I had to stop playing because in a defence i was going on 10fps (literaly unplayable) and i restarted the PC, then I opened the game and I had like 20fps. Days later (yesterday or before-yesterday) i was going on 30fps. Now, when i try to optimize it doesnt do anything. Anyway, thanks for the answer I always play with vsync off because my screen can only show 60fps. Thanks for responding When i checked my nvidia settings i couldnt do anything, the controllers was updated, the nvdia settings for Warframe was on, etc. Anyway, thanks for the answer I actually use game booster, thanks for responding I tried before and it didnt do anything, i tried again and it was quite good (110fps in the ship, 100fps in a mision) but it isnt the same as before (but is almost) Thanks for the good answer
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    DE said that they were going to out cross-play but they said it will take a long time
  4. Hi, I started warframe and i was going on 30-40fps. Normally, I was going with 120fps. I tried changing the in-game settings settings and nothing. I also tried to run Warframe in Direct 9 and it was going the same fps. My PC components are: NVIDIA GeForce 1050TI Intel Core i7-7740x 16GB RAM The warframe was installed on a WDC disk (It isnt in the same disk than the OS)
  5. DarkOmega004