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  1. (PS4)lisanryan

    login failed check your info

    This sucks! Its happening to me as well.
  2. (PS4)lisanryan

    Wts some riven mods

    Amprex crita + 111.1% CC, + 64.5% MS -63.7% weapon recoil Tiberon Lexi +96.4% Toxin, +97.5% MS +3.1 Punch Through. Tigris lgni +44% Heat +54.8% MS +73.9%Dmg -16.4% Dmg to corpus. 400P each or pmo. Thank you.
  3. (PS4)lisanryan

    Riven Mods pricing help

    I would like to purchase that some riven but I’ll wait for the PC first.
  4. (PS4)lisanryan


    Why have 5 slots when some primes have more than 5 parts.
  5. (PS4)lisanryan


    Well I guess I will have to become a trader in warframe.
  6. (PS4)lisanryan


    First of all after I got the plat he dcd and when I ask him what happen to the soma prime he keep ignoring me. Looks like the dcd was on purpose. How is that on me and is this the type of mentality this community have? ‘thats on you dude’
  7. (PS4)lisanryan


    I trade a riven for plat but the trader was short and he ask me if I can help him out and I said yes I will. He was supposed to give me a soma prime and then he started to acted weird and he keep ignoring me without giving me the soma prime. Its tough being a new player with not much and then a MR24 just take the best thing you have in your inventory. Sad, very sad.
  8. (PS4)lisanryan


    How I do report a scammer? I have evidences. This is just sick to know after you worked for your stuff it’s gone.
  9. (PS4)lisanryan

    Wts tiberon rivens

    Hexa vexicorn sold for 700p
  10. (PS4)lisanryan

    Wts tiberon rivens

    Thank you for the price range.
  11. (PS4)lisanryan

    Wts tiberon rivens

    I was hoping for some one to pm me with offers so I can get a price range. What will you pay for these mods?
  12. (PS4)lisanryan

    Wts tiberon rivens

    Tiberon critaata +240% crit chance + 254% dmg tiberon Critatis + 305 crit chance + 218 crit dmg -43.2% zoom. tiberon hexa vexicorn +95.8 electricity + 110.6 status chance +152.8 crit chance tiberon insi vexicorn +190.4 crit chance +127.3 electricity +178.8 Puncture -99.4 status chance. Please pmo, ty.
  13. (PS4)lisanryan

    What’s tiberon riven

    I rerolled it but I can’t fully remembered what are the rolls. I thinks it’s 4 rolls total.
  14. (PS4)lisanryan

    What’s tiberon riven

    Yep. i don’t have the time to reroll it and that’s why I am trying to sell cause Ik they are a lot of players out there that will be able to polish this riven.
  15. (PS4)lisanryan

    What’s tiberon riven

    +98% mag +312% damage -112% crit chance