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  1. (PS4)lisanryan

    wtb gram riven

    Or +AS +melee dmg +CD/CC with a neg
  2. (PS4)lisanryan

    wtb gram riven

    Wtb a gram riven with Attack speed CC CD and a neg
  3. (PS4)lisanryan

    Want to start Eidolon hunting

    I won’t mind running a few practice hunts with you and post you questions here as we make progress. PS4 IGN: lisanryan
  4. (PS4)lisanryan

    Lanka question

    Thank you all for the reply. How much plat would this riven go for? D CC MS Neg SD
  5. (PS4)lisanryan

    Lanka question

    Lanka riven mod. Dmg CC MS with a NEG 86% status duration. Is this a good negative for a Lanka riven? what would be the ideal rolls for a Lanka riven? Thank you.
  6. (PS4)lisanryan

    Sentry gun

    Where do I go farm the BP for the sentry gun and the flying shield restoring sentry that restores squad shields. Thank you some much.