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  1. 3 hours ago, Julian_Skies said:

    Yes to both. It is STRICTLY a cash problem, servers are NOT cheap, and to maintain servers they need assured income, they need to know that each player that plays the game WILL pay for a portion of server rental (and they'd have to have servers scattered across the world to serve everyone), which means one thing: subscription model.


    Er, no.  Elder Scrolls Online, F2P, central servers.  Lord of the Rings online, F2P, central servers.  Heck, World of Warfcraft, F2P, central servers.  So it is not as cut and dried as you make out.  At the very least, the choice is not subscriptions or no servers.

  2. 3 hours ago, TheDarkZonePilot said:

    how many MR 9's you seen swimming in ayatan sculptures... hmmm... ill wait. ppl complain for the sake of complaining 

    That's rather irrelevant,  Why not just allow it for everyone?  It's actually less work, if only marginally.

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  3. 37 minutes ago, ForsakenPenumbra said:

    Whats with the incredibly petty restriction for? What is the reason for this restriction? Why mastery lock UI additions. @DE

    I admit, it does seem a bit odd.  Even if the assumption is that you wouldn't have many statues until MR10, who cares?  Wouldn't it actually have been simpler to just add it for everyone?  I'm MR 16, so not really invested, but I doubt any MR10+ people would be bothered if the restriction were removed.

  4. 45 minutes ago, tucker_d_dawg said:

    when you have hundreds this is a godsend.  that and if you use a controller its even more painful (I use controller on pc since main acct is on XB so it keeps it simple for my little brain)

    Ok, makes sense.  I hadn't considered using a controller on a PC.

  5. Quote

    Added an ‘Auto Install’ button to the Ayatan Sculptures screen for Mastery Rank 10+ Tenno! This long requested feature allows you to auto install Stars from your Inventory to your Ayatan Sculpture with one-click. 

    I'm genuinely curious, was this a much requested addition?  I mean, at most we're talking like 3. maybe 4 mouse clicks to fill a statue.

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