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  1. hace 4 horas, Oreades dijo:

    @[DE]Rebecca To save yourselves a lot of headache later on, make it a token system, 

    So when you hit X days you get a Weapon/Mod/Etc token and you can exchange that later for the gear you want. 

    Otherwise I will guarantee you will see massive dips in logins around periods when DE normally adds new items to the pools. Because people are going to wait it out rather than having to sit for another 100, 200 or 300 days if the "new thing" turns out to be interesting to them. 

    With a token system they can pick it up now and decide what to do with it later and you will avoid those "well lets see what they add" drop offs. It also avoids a bunch of irrationally angry feedback from people who don't pay attention, hit their mark, get their thing and then find out that a cooler thing was added a few days after. Since at that point it becomes a matter of the player choosing to redeem the item and not the system forcing the player to redeem it NOW. 

    The token system sounds interesting, but i do not login for these rewards, i login to play the game, i woldn´t wait for a reward several days for "new things", 

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