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  1. the prime vaults started to take so long to change, because it doesn't go back to what it was in the past 1 month or 2 months at most to change....
  2. i want prime vault the valkyr and nekros acessories yeah yeah
  3. predicted the future announced the vault.hahaha
  4. when you're going to change the prime vault it's time and no previous announcements yet...
  5. very nice this idea but it won't have any relevance with the DE they do whatever they want hugs.
  6. well i created a topic to know how is the opinion about the end game of the game and had more than 70 answers in a few days, for many endgame of warframe is far, for others it does not exist and will not exist, I saw several cool ideas of hopefully veteran players will arrive in DE thanks tenno.
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