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  1. Just when I was thinking of supporting the devs a bit, I guess I do it through this. To thank for the amazing game and rat plushies ❤️
  2. That's inaccurate, to put it politely. A lot of weapons got their disposition upped and people use those weapons, a fact indicated by most of them not going up the max amount. So drop that "everyone lost" thing. I won on Spira and Pox just to name two, there must be some I missed, and my friend uses Pox too. Yes it's because they said so but that was common knowledge they were gonna revisit the dispositions sooner or later. They said it again before doing it. And the changes were mild. Seriously, if people have problems because of these changes the problem is in their heads and egos, meta they use being slightly less meta. Spira will continue to rise in disposition and Arca Plasmor fall for the same reason: one is easy to up the kill count with and the other is not. And that won't stop people from using whatever weapons they want and having fun with them. You would hardly notice it in killing potential if your favourite weapon's disposition dropped from 5/5 to 1/5 because good weapons are good and they have 8 mod slots, riven being just one mod. And there's the thing called diminishing returns which applies to most rivens anyway.
  3. You got peace, but everyone is now more suspicious of one another. I wish for amp and zaw parts to be tradeable.
  4. Oh yes! Banned for banning your clanmate. Oh wait, that applies to me first. Guess I lost. 😄 Happens when you go goofballing around.
  5. Banned for banning others for the same reason you should get banned.
  6. A majority of focus skills could use a change, especially Naramon if you ask me, maybe if they nerfed Saryn, Equinox and Volt damage people might find melee useful way to gain focus. Some people do so now with stealth kill multipliers on Sedna exterminate but I think it's a real minority of more skilled players. However, void dash for Vazarin for example should stay as it is if you ask me, the healing is still useful in onslaught when you dont have Trinity or blessing is on cooldown in the elite version. Other than that yes, there are health pizzas, and it would be nice in mobile defense and such to make enemies attack have no effect. And the healing one is a bit better for tanky frames, even Inaros with all the other healing going on, unless you use pizzas. The more DE alter the code though, the more bugs there are gonna be so I'd rather pick the currently least useful abilities like Madurai void dash and make them up to par, and leave the useful enough abilities like Vazarin void dash, alone.
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