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  1. The craftable warframe specters, like cosmic specter, force specter and so on, do not gain any effects of mods of their loadout. They only gain the frame and the weapons, and even the weapons do not seem to gain any mods. That makes their abilities weak, base stat abilities, and weapons perform less than adequately against higher level content. I would not expect the specters we get so easily to be so good as I ask here, and for power creep there should be price to limit it appropriately. But shouldn't this power creep happen though? Warframe is a great game because it has so much customization depth, in both appearance and functionality through modding and arcanes and all that. Specters have none of that. How about... there is this void to fill, specter modding, and there's also the surplus of resources veterans have... so why not give moddable specters that cost a bunch more resources and for example, could only be acquired from some bad RNG (like 10%) from some more difficult fights, like liches or tridolon or spiderboss or sortie assassinations or lich-controlled rescues or all or some of those, or some missions on the similiar level? Maybe arbitration rewards from rotation C with like 10% or so chance to get the blueprint for one. And then you'd have to farm a lot more materials for it than you do for the normal specters, and use a normal specter or two to build those, to timegate it more. If you made that blueprint tradeable, you could incentivize trade, and incentivize rushing through the craft time and thus get platinum to circulate and out of circulation. And having to farm all the resources for it would make it less pay-to-win than it would be otherwise. Power creep is only bad if you can do it regularly enough, and severely enough. I think neither will happen if you do it sensibly on this one.
  2. Nothing. Specters are not very useful because they don't get mods from the loadout. I do have Wisp, Rhino and Inaros but weapons dont really matter as they dont seem to get mods either, so whether it's Rubico Prime or MK1-Braton, it's not gonna do crap in sorties and the like. They should really make some way to upgrade your specters to have mods, to have some depth into the specter thing. Right now it's just slap a frame and weapons and that's it, dont give a damn about what mods you got because they're not registered. For healing there's magus repair and vazarin dash, latter doing what no healer frame does anywhere near as effectively, healing defense targets and whatnots like 50% in 5 sec, dont remember the exact number. Oberon and Nidus dont hold a candle on that, even if you mod them, let alone unmodded. The only advantage is that you can build Oberon to be automatic on that point, whereas you have to actively use vazarin. But it's not much of a disadvantage if you make a habit of void dashing. Funny how people focus so much on damage and killing fast, but forget that keeping things safe enables you to focus more on the damage aspect, and vazarin dash keeps things safe in everywhere except excavations, because the excavator's health pool is so outdatedly low. I bet many would be willing to pay good platinum to get "premium specters" that could use mods, if they had the chance. Like having a Gara specter when you wanna be as tanky Inaros as you can without relying another player. But I guess they'd have to make those specters very hard to farm and not attainable from market console, so that people couldn't just steamroll the content with them with impunity. I think power creep is ok if you put an appropriate price tag to it, to a point at least.
  3. TLDR Corpus, Infested, Steel Charge 9, spending 0,1% of game time with groups where someone might want it, not doing over level 200 content, full configs on frames and forget to swap it, I dont like control freaks who can't accept that it's a game where not everyone has always the same idea of fun. IRL I'm sometimes a masochist because it's empowering. An example that people are different. To expect otherwise is to fail. Cp is 7 points, and Steel Charge 9 points. 4 point difference. Plus whenever some random player goes religious missionary mode about something that I will forget to swap back to my liking if I complied, and gimped myself on 2 of the 3 factions I'm more involved with, corpus and infested. Techs and ancients dont go down with Cp, and even though I can afford the aura forma, my builds are full already. And most importantly... Why would you think I'd comply no matter how much better reasoning you have? It's a personal thing and I don't like being controlled so overbearingly. Reminds me of my mom how she used to do that. Love her, even though I dislike her habit. You wont get lasting results with that behavior, not positive ones at least. I know from experience that one. I dont do random premades nor content where I'd actually need the aura. Because I know the cancerous attitute of "my way for the rest of you, or else I flame before leave the squad or make you leave" folk in random premades. Some just leave squad. Some dont flame but can't accept anything else than their idea for the whole squad. I dont want to deal with that stuff more than I have to, so I just do public or with clan. We all have fun and get the stuff done painlessly enough.
  4. Do you use frames that tell something about you? The theme of the frame, for example Saryn = toxic personality, or the abilities, like Hydroid = hoarder / hard farmer, or anything. I'm sure they tell something about you, because you picked them, so share. 🙂 Nekros is my most played frame and I'm quite the hoarder. I'm also a rat person, but while there's no rat frame per say, there's Nekros and rats are hoarders, and Grendel because rats are gluttons (males at least, and Grendel is a male). I'm also a hippie so I use Oberon and Wisp (I like support roles too). Banshee's abilities and theme speak to me the most though, because she senses others, and that's the kinda delusion I have whenever I'm in psychosis. But there's also so much killing in Warframe and I'm not much of that type, just an addict, so I thought it'd be kind to enemies to put them to sleep before killing them so they can die in their sleep, with some viral damage and slash proc, so viral is probably the gentlest way to go and bleeding gives them the euphoria. So maybe Garuda too because I'm also a masochist a bit, or equinox because of the day aspect 4th ability is a bleed. Also Nekros, because I've dealt with a lot of fear and some death in my life, so there's Nekros again. Inaros I just play because he's beefy AF, and has insect theme (flies and spiders are my shadow totem animals). Nyx is spiritual and kinda psychotic frame, except she induces psychosis to others instead so I feel that's my thing too, but not as much. I never found Trinity to be my thing but didn't really mind playing her either, as she is a healer and buffer. Just not the kind I enjoy playing more. But she was good for focus, as well as Saryn, that why I got those two there. Rhino and Excalibur were my newbie frames which I just used because I didn't know any better. So I guess they tell that I had a big newbie period of ignorance. Volt, I just love love love the speed when you melee and move, it's the best, same with Harrow, but those are too squishy frames for me. I know Volt could be built with Quick Thinking to make him beefier, and he's absolutely great buffer, so I might use him more in future. Ivara is the noob choice for spy missions, but I'm a butt guy so there's also that. Wukong, well I never related much to the theme despite liking far eastern stuff. Frost and Gara are just practical pics with no consideration for the theme, I guess they tell of my practical easymode mentality then. Except Frost, because I've done some ice baths and stuff like that so Frost speaks to me in that way. It should be interesting to see different reasons for people to play the same frames. So, share your stories please!
  5. So Quick Thinking is supposed to let you live even if you lose "all" your health, by making energy be your health instead in that situation. Wukong's passive, Immortal Techniques, is also supposed to let you live if you run out of health. They both do that. The problem is, when you use that mod on Wukong, Immortal Techniques activates first, and only after all three Immortal Techniques charges have been used, you revert to Quick Thinking in that situation. That is very disappointing, because while Wukong is a tanky frame even without Quick Thinking, that mod makes him all the tankier. But using it, you practically make your passive skill useless in that picture, as you can't rely on Quick Thinking before you use up your passive charges. Is this a problem? If you're used to using the mod, yes it is. It's one of those cases where you can say "yeah but you should just be grateful that he even has that passive" and that's not wrong to say. But, Quick Thinking is practically a buffed Vitality mod if you apply it with (Primed) Flow, as it too gets the advantage of having armor. Thus you want to rely on Quick Thinking a lot more, than just have it as a failsafe you should never come to use. It's better than that, much better. So please, make it so that Quick Thinking trggers before Immortal Techniques, not after.
  6. I'm making a separate topic about this on feedback category since it doesn't seem like a bug but rather an oversight or intended, the latter I doubt and hope its not like that. Another counter-intuitive thing, and while it doesn't completely defeat the point of using Quick Thinking on Wukong, still a great mod on him, it is so disappointing.
  7. This does not happen always, and it usually seems to happen the second time you go from your railjack ship to archwing mode. This happens in both solo and two-man squad, when hosting and when not hosting. What I do is put Wisp flower buffs (1st ability things, health and speed buff only) on the exit hatch of railjack in the beginning of the mission, and then go out with archwing with those buffs. I have a build with 70+ seconds on the buffs, and on the first go or two the buffs are on for the correct amount of time. I've not enough attention to say for sure what causes the bug, but it might be me going to blow up a crewship (one of those big ships) and coming back for buff with the omni tool's teleport ability you unlock in 3rd-4th level of one of the intrinsics, the one that lets you teleport back to the ship by using the omni tool. What happens when the buff duration bugs, is the duration is around 26-30 seconds instead of what I have in the build. I've made a habit of coming back for the buff with omni teleport and the bug doesn't seem to happen all the time when I do that, so that isn't probably the only triggering factor. Railjack is a most excellent addition to the game, so I hope this wont be one of those persistent bugs, as Wisp really found her place with this game mode. And Wisp is not the only frame that can be used to benefit the archwing to similiar extent or even further. I've not yet tested those other frames so dont know if they're bugged too like this, but as time goes by people will use them, just like they use certain frames on eidolons. Gara and 1st ability augment frames. Thanks!
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