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  1. So we already have Nekros and Hydroid for loot, and Trinity and Harrow for energy, but how about having one frame for both jobs? It could do them differently, less powerfully but more reliably and less conditionally. I'd call it Jester. 1st ability - Big Head Syndrome This ability would be much-needed to bring other weapons up to par with melee. It'd make enemies' heads bigger so you could more easily land headshots (and laugh at them). It'd also perhaps make the enemies take extra damage from headshots, based on Jester's ability strength. The duration of this ability would be affected by ability duration and range by ability range. Yes, this'd be basically the same as the Peculiar Growth mod. Synergy: enemies affected by this ability and killed by Jester would have a 25%-30% extra chance of dropping extra loot when affected by Jester's 3rd ability. 2nd ability - Surge of Power With Trinity and Harrow energy regeneration skills you have conditions like kill a lot of enemies in the range (Harrow) or enemy must not be immune to abilities (Trinity). So how about giving a skill like Garuda has perhaps, that lets you regenerate energy per health taken or something, but not just for yourself but for your squadmates too? The energy rate per health taken could be affected by ability strength and efficiency both, and the range by ability range. Squadmates outside range would not get the energy. Synergy: if used when Jester's 4th ability is active, it'd have a 50% chance to give double energy to everyone affected, as well as 50% chance to halve the health cost for that energy. Having both proc would be a 25% chance then. 3rd ability - Grabber As for loot, how about making it like desecrate except less powerful, maybe 25% - 30% chance to give extra loot per corpse but give it a bar which fills for every failure to give extra loot and when filled gives extra loot for a single corpse? Less RNG than with Nekros, and no stationary requirement like with Hydroid. Again, this ability would be affected by ability range just like Nekros' desecrate and corpses outside range would not get the buff. 4th ability - Flicker 4th ability would be like Harrow's covenant (4th) but instead of many seconds of invulnerability it'd have 1 second of invulnerability and then 1 second of 100% damage (affected by ability strength, counted like all damage mods) to the element the Jester last took damage from. If Jester hadn't taken any damage from anywhere during the mission there would be no damage buff. And that cycle of invulnerability and damage buff would repeat itself for at least 6 seconds total, making for 3 cycles. You could increase the total duration with ability duration but not the individual cycle duration like the 1 sec invulnerability cycle. After the cycle of invulnerability and damage reduction would end, you'd get another cycle of two 1 second cycles. First 1 second cycle would give everyone in range total crowd control immunity, and the second 1 second cycle would give 30% boost to the highest stat of each frame (affected by Jester's ability strength, at 300% Jester ability strength it'd be 90%). That how a Limbo who wants duration or range would get that and a Chroma who wants strength would get that. Conclusion So, what do you think? Sorry if it's too long to read, not sure I could had made it any shorter though. I think it'd be a matter of numbers and mechanics to make this kind of frame useful but not meta everywhere. This could also be a good starter frame since you can land headshots easier with the 1st ability and make a lot of missions easier so a lot of new players might buy this with platinum to go fast through the star chart, so it could be good money for DE. My only concern is if this kind of frame is too overpowered even as a concept.

    Equipping archgun on ground... if you can

    No, not complaining about Fluctus doing lackluster damage, I should had been more spesific: Fluctus does NO damage at all on a lot of the shots, even to the legs. My clanmate had the exact same problem with his Fluctus. Yeah my Velocitus was not on cooldown either ever when I tried to switch but it just didn't switch a lot of times. Sometimes moving a meter or two helps, sometimes hitting the switch in gear wheel a few times helps, some rare times it doesn't help.
  3. Happened to me too with Fluctus. It also gave extra damage stats when I made another Config (config B) for Fluctus as heavy weapon. Didn't test if the second config deals more damage than the first, testing soon. Tested and there seemed to be no difference in damage to the first config, so I guess it's just a cosmetical stat bug.

    Ogris and Heavy Caliber

    This might not be a bug, but mathematically it seems to be. When I use Heavy Caliber mod max ranked on Ogris, the accuracy stat drops from 100 to 1,7. I'm not sure but it also seems to translate to the accuracy, can't risk accurate shots near obstacles or I kill myself often enough. Maybe it's a mechanic I dont know of, but it just doesn't sound right when accuracy is reduced from 100 to 1,7 with -55%. It should be 45 or so instead. Any thoughts?
  5. `So I can solo the profit-taker in 15min with Inaros, Opticor, Pyrana Prime and Velocitus. But when I go public, I consistently deal 10% or less damage after the whole fight, some rare times more, much more even, but usually others outdamage me. I know I should probably play Rhino there first of all, and have a sniper and just move like a madman and keep shooting the orb with just one weapon until it's the right element, because that's how some people seem to do 40% or more damage. I've even seen a chroma with just a sniper and Hikou Prime obviously for self-damage do 40% of the damage or more in a 4-man squad. My beef is not just snipers or that I'm doing low damage, it's the why of doing low damage. And before you say "this belongs to players helping players" consider my theory of why this is so. Despite doing lackluster in damage charts, I consistently take legs and orb down at least 30%-50% of them with Velocitus, doing obviously more in that department than people with Fluctus or Imperator. Those same people with Fluctus and Imperator however outdamage me so much in the whole fight. The damage charts don't show my contribution well at all because of how big part taking down the shields play. I'm not sure boosting the leg and orb health to add more damage to arch-guns is the right way to go, but isn't it something to consider? Right now, even with Inaros I can 2-shot legs if I crit with Velocitus and it has a 60% chance to crit and 60% chance to multishot, 1-shot leg if both multishot and normal shot crit I think. That makes me think they could have more health. Because I can solo the damn thing in 15 minutes with Inaros I disagree it being a L2P issue like TL:DR people will post here. It might be I should be using snipers and do something differently if I want bigger damage charts myself, but that doesn't seem to be the whole deal. Maybe the answer is to accept things as they are and remember that in this fight having the most damage doesn't mean you're the most important contributor, like in the eidolons too. edit: oh and shield phase seems to last much longer than leg and orb phase usually, unless my archgun is completely unwilling to get summoned due to bug obviously, which is rare, usually it needs more than one click to summon it but that's it. That why you might wanna consider adding health to legs and orb and removing some health from shields.
  6. Can't say I've noticed this one yet, might be because I use my operator ones first, but I'll keep an eye out for this.
  7. I didn't notice a topic about this on the first page, much to my wonder, so gotta make one. You can't equip the archgun sometimes. This has happened to me only on multiplayer, public squads, and seems it happens to others at the same time as well, at least sometimes (not many people communicate in publics you know). I've soloed the profit-taker maybe 4-5 times, duoed it with a clanmate about the same amount of times, and I dont think I ever encountered this bug then. But when I go public, this bug suddenly appears almost 30-40% of the time. I am usually not the host and suspect this might not be a problem for the host, because someone is almost always doing damage to profit-taker legs and orb despite of others having this bug. And the worst part is, sometimes you can't circumvent this bug no matter what you do. Sometimes you just have to try again once and it works, sometimes you have to do all kinds of tricks before it starts working like switch regular weapons, mount archwing and press esc, sometimes nothing helps no matter how inventive you get. It makes public squads a bit more liable on profit-taker and that's not really a big problem but it's infuriating that you can't contribute and make the fight faster and smoother in the important part, but have to sit there powerlessly and hope somebody else does the job. I've not even used arch-guns anywhere else than in the profit-taker fight so can't comment on this appearing anywhere else. I've only used Velocitus when encountered this bug, used Fluctus and Phaedra both once and didnt encounter this bug with them. Also offtopic, Fluctus does very disappointing on the profit-taker fight, you should look into that too at some point. Phaedra doesn't seem much better but it seems to be doing something at least.
  8. This, hotkey the slot it's in in your gear wheel and the jump and push the key mid-air and the problem goes away.

    Two same warframes with the same exalted weapons

    Nowhere, but I also saw nowhere a warning that you'd have to use same mod set for the exalted weapon of a second set of the frame you acquire even though the frame's mod sets are different. I call that misleading. A crappy design desicion. Who or what does it hurt to have separate mod sets for the copies of same exalted weapons except the coders maybe? What would be so different that I can't fit the same set of polarities you ask... Primed Expel Infested max rank. I intend to use that for the plague star boss next time but there's no reason for me to use it for Profit-Taker, is there? I suppose my concern is invalid if exalted weapons dont work on Profit-Taker shield phase anyways, havent tested, but if they work, it's a valid concern. I would had also opted out for Gunslinger instead of Pathogen Rounds to use heat instead of Gas on plague star boss, it worked pretty well the last time, but this time I must use Gas if unless I wanna spend the forma. Now that I look at it, you can fit Primed Expel Infested in a gas build yeah but not Gunslinger with those polarities. So who or what does it hurt if copies of the same exalted weapons had different mod sets like frames have? And I've been on the forums a lot but never saw this topic pop up, I didn't look at this section though.
  10. So I just bought another Titania because I wanted a different set of exalted weapons for spider boss, than for plague star boss, but the new Titania has the same exalted weapons as the old one. I mean the same mods and polarities and rank there. That doesn't sound right, and if it's working as intended it's deceptive advertisement or whatever you call it. I dont suppose anyone else has even noticed this bug but people might start since exalted weapons are a big bonus if you wanna solo the spider boss, so maybe look into it?

    Move loadout up and down

    Right now if you have a lot of loadout slots, it's quite a pain to rearrange them all to your liking. Quite a pain indeed, you have to redo each and every loadout slot from the beginning. Imagine being in my situation, MR 25 with 18/20 extra loadout slots bought and all of them in use. Having that many loadout slots, you'd really wish you could arrange them so you wouldn't have so much trouble finding stuff and reworking your loadouts, especially if you come back from a long break and forget it. And lets face it, that's what many high MR players face after they come from a break to check stuff like Fortuna, and need to create a new loadout for spider boss since it's a special encounter where you use different weapons than anywhere else if you wanna make the most out of it. It's good devs create content like that but you need to accommodate us with the QoL to support stuff like that. You need to try retain the higher level playerbase, and this would be a small but meaningful step there. My wish is to be able to add a button to move the loadout slot up and down in the loadouts list. Reason for that is the sheer number of loadouts, not even for every frame but for different encounters.
  12. Taking cold showers boosts your immune system so I guess it could help avoid cancer.
  13. Sorry only looking for rattleguts with those spesific stats

    New Beast Damage Mods

    I find the capacity to be enough when you forma 8-9 times, but pets having no melee weapon but sentinels having their own weapons is not good. Why do sentinels get special treatment? My friend formaed his sentinel weapon a lot just for the sake of it and made it strong enough to kill sortie enemies quickly with a riven, sweeper it was. That's on top of having a sentinel that can survive. Sure, sentinels dont get link mods but the moas do, moas win in everything except utility where smeeta and adarza shine most. It's totally unbalanced, and I'm not saying there shouldn't be a best utility and best damage and best survival and whatnot like there is, but make others more viable. Pets will still be melee attackers anyhow without fancy ranged weapons even if you give them their own weapons, so they already lose there. Sentinels except for helios and carrier should have better utility likewise. It's a good system but god there's room for improvement.
  15. Willing to pay hefty for a Rattleguts riven. It MUST have fire rate and at least electricity and toxin, negative is a plus, benign negative a big plus. You can PM me here if you wish or reply to this or if I'm in-game, negotiate there.