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  1. 1. When we will get a rework on waypoint? 2. Something new about Trials? 3. Riven mods on arch-guns? 4. Arcanes rework? (some of them really needs a rework/buff) 5. New alert missions/new missions modes 6. Deluxe skins (Equinox, Limbo, Atlas, Mirage, Zephyr when?) 7. Some augments rework
  2. Well, venus? Just the junction? i'm curious about lotus on fortuna now
  3. My only question for now: the balance of rivens price. We all know: lanka, rubico, vectis, opticor, ignis, amprex, etc. have salty prices on their rivens, sometimes it can be really abusive. So, we need something from DE, or riven maket is going to drown to caos (even more).
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