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  1. I'm so done about glassmaker. The spawning rate is so annoying. And together with all the abusive enemy spawning in Cambion Drift, glassmaker just helps kill the entire fun more easily. The problem is that DE didn't realize that the entire game system is old. From the drops to the random system, from the relics to the building system... It's old and boring. It made sense when the game was small, with few things to do, so that would hold people playing. Now that the game is huge, filled with expansions and content, there are plenty of things to do more than just wasting time praying for go
  2. 1: I don't understand why after selecting a bounty in Necrolytic and exiting to Cambion Drift I'm never randomly grouped to a team, or neither people group with me later randomly, even though I'm set on public. Yesterday there were more than 100 open squads and I was solo all the time. Something is terribly wrong. 2: the enemies spawning is over the necessary. Sometimes you just want to go mining, or fishing, and you can't because you are always interrupted by a freaking one. 3: not to mention those "baloons" appearing all the time making more and more enemies appear together with th
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