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  1. Yeah. Wish I had that same thought. I guess thats the case.
  2. Yeah I see it. Tried to access it and I can't. I purchased the content on my laptop at work using my email connected to my warframe account thinking that was how it was done. I also thought perhaps if that didnt work there would be some way I could enter the order number in the playstation store to redeem the purchase.
  3. Hi. I purchased the Tennocon Digital Pack from the Warframe Website. However I am still unable to access it. I submitted a ticket already. I am just wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to access it. Thanks,
  4. Seems to me DE is following up on the work they did with Wisp. I love that there is a emphasis on giving the warframe more features. So. consider me won over at the moment. I love Wisp and I love that Wukong appears to be getting so many different things. This has me excited for Vaubaun (Oh boy dont get me too excited!)
  5. Ok...Look....I don't comment on here often. I have been playing this game for a little while and most of my friends on the game are long time veterans....I say this to talk about potential nerfs.. Look....Listen....Wisp scares me. Personally Wisp is the best warframe I have played not Nidus or Inaros. Listen here...This warframe can do so many things....First of all. Thank you.. Second of all....Please can we not nerf this warframe? Pretty please. Listen...What do I have to do for this warframe to not be nerfed? Cause I have heard horror stories from Veterans...They say....remember trinity, remember saryn, and the list goes on. I know you want a balanced game...But to be honest...the AI is not dynamic enough (relies on power nullification and infinite scaling) in terms of how they strategize beating you and how they move to warrant having warframes that have huge vulnerabilities. Let me stop...Listen...let me just say this....Playing Wisp I feel good...better than I have in along time playing this game....It is fun...I run into this thing where the other frames feel underwhelming, albeit I CAN do long runs and beat all the content and synergize with other players...but at the end of the day..do I want to go back...not really...and so I find myself like in this weird place with this game. I had put warframe down...because I really wanted same time releases and when jovian released for PC first I waited. I didnt watch any youtube videos because I didn't want to torture myself like I did with Baruuk....When the update dropped. I got Wisp. I played WIsp and instantly I knew...this was the best thing I have played in warframe. I don't care what anybody says...what I experienced was a frame that could do so many things. Its power. I get it...people get bored when they are OP. And I understand that. Me too. However, there is a difference between being OP and feeling powerful at all times. Some warframes I can get the job done but I felt weak...Like I felt like maybe I dont want to play with this frame anymore. Listen I am doing a bad job of explaining this. Which is why I dont write on here often. I feel like this warframe will be nerfed. I really do...I cant see it not being nerfed. so DE if you are reading this...please don't. I mean maybe wukong will be better. Im not gonna say he was completely nerfed, but I was a wukong player and I loved the second ability...And it got taken away. And if that could happen...then nothing is safe because DE knows wukong players love that ability. Its just....man I finally found a warframe that gave me this umph and every second im playing her its like she is dying of incurable will be nerfed disease. Im losing hope the longer I type. The frame is good. I have no further comments. I wont even go into why shes good because its obvious.
  6. Hey, Im back its Derwin (Derweanq - Ps4) So I just picked up Inaros again for the first time since I beat the sand of inaros two years ago. I know. crazy right. I had set him up with the covert lethality dagger and two arcane grace arcanes. But I never took him for a spin. I put the game on solo (rare for me) and I just walked slowly through random levels like a God. And....that is all I wanted. I walked calmly through level after level, mission after mission, sortie, survival for 5 hours. It was 3 in the morning. I had work at 9am. I calmly took my headset off and put my controller down and went to sleep. Inaros is like.....well-built, stalwart, mighty. See for the past 7 months I have been working on Hydroid, Vauban, Banshee. I mean, every frame can be OP right. But the power level difference between Inaros and everybody else is very interesting. We all know this. But what I kept thinking is why do I play anything else? Why. I shutter to say that out loud because the thought of having DE "nerf" Inaros feels like a throat punch. But its strange. But Maybe in a another year I will take Inaros for another spin around the block. Also....INAROS PRIME....SHUT UP. STOP IT. What is life....Inaros is like a symbol. You have this game and you can like be invincible to such a ridiculous level that you dont even need to like...do anything else. Its like...Your the power rangers, but the green ranger is stupid powerful...why is there other colors? Does the green ranger even need the team? Has the green ranger ever heard of a team? Its stupid for me to even tell DE my thoughts on this...They know what it is. But Inaros has me going back to Mars checking to see if there is something I missed. It cant be really that Inaros is like the only thing you need. But he is really....Yeah...Nidus is powerful too. Mesa is powerful...excal...but they aint relaxed like Inaros....I mean its a whole other level of just....massive tank gameplay. Anyway....
  7. Just one question. If we fall short in Season 1, will we be able to earn the rewards again?
  8. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this update. It really seems to good to be true. While I am sure there will be suggestions for improvements...this was really a huge step in the right direction. This was clutch too, because my time playing video games just got cut down significantly. It really got me thinking and I think the most consistent form of rewards that will be able to keep everybody going is a fresh cycle of weapon specific mods. Once we umbrify our weapons and warframes and gain large amounts of kuva, forma, potatoes and all that jazz, those weapon specific mods seem to be the one thing that really keeps it fresh.. I am very interested to see what comes out next.
  9. and Neon colors and 3D wording with lots of flashing lights....But i stopped feeling things in life...its all downhill from here...
  10. I never planned on commenting on this forum ever. I don't even want to now. But I have like 5 mins.... Arbitrations- I will say that I never used Gara before I randomly found out that she can hit arbitration drones. I have seen some say in Reddit post and other forum post that it made the mode too easy. Too me it was an equalizer. The one problem with arbritrations is when arbritration drones grab multiple enemies in a small corridor and all the enemies are shooting at you but you cant even bullet jump behind the mob to effectively shoot the arbritration drone. If this were a movie. I would think the "hero" would shoot the structure, or have some other gadget that could help disperse the crowd. But this is a game. And it just seems like an impossible situation to pan out. I understand the need for difficulty and time gating in the game. But I struggle with the game going from dumb easy to impossible in the matter of seconds. And I ask myself. What could I have done? Maybe I could get to the drones before they have a chance to grab a mob. But that would be fine if we had some sort of arbitration location tool. But I found that they spawn with several enemies sometimes and grab onto those enemies very quickly. Then there is the problem of the drones hiding in walls or behind objects. Ok. I have already grown tired of writing this. I guess people get it... I think we can appreciate a challenge. But when you get 3 statues in a row and then get killed because you are mobbed with no solution for getting to the drone...not to mention your teammates might not be on the same page with you (mostly not), and you got to protect a moving target in say a defense mission. It just seems like I get to the point where the seemingly impossible challenge (is it a challenge if it is impossible) is not worth my time. Especially when you are trying to be a part time gamer with everyone around you questioning how you use your time to play this game and "grind". You start to have serious doubts about your commitment to the game. Not just the mode. I dont know. Im not some super veteran. I just thought Gara was some sort of cool secret from DE. That she was the equalizer. It was fun knowing I had an answer. It was a challenge to keep Gara up and running. Now its impossible to go on long runs in the arbitration mode. Unless its a certain frame in a certain mode. And I don't even want to get started on interception arbitrations. That is like...the diarrhea of just frustration. I was truly hurt by the Gara fix. I guess. But..ya know life goes on. I mean...i probably won't get that much endo at once ever again. and I probably should have gotten more before it was fixed. So...I guess I learned my lesson
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