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  1. I think the question is really related to the feeling that content is not being created for the more invested players. These terms are so varied in who they represent, especially with a game as massive as warframe. The problem that Warframe faces is about time vs money vs demand. From the last update they have a window to hit to deliver a new product into the game. So already that product has constraints. Then, they have to use the marketing from that product to bring profit to the company. I imagine if the update is not profitable, the people at the top will question the direction of current projects and curtail the direction in a more profitable direction. Considering the players who are well invested are the minority of the player base, and most people cannot be well invested into warframe. One thing that I find interesting is that gamers who invest alot of time find it very hard to fully step outside of that and see that they are the minority in the world. Most people don't have the time to progress in a game as long as warframe, and it is a long game to progress, with the time they have on average. People who have that time sink available will always be in the minority. Every single one of my warframe friends could play the game for 16 hours a day if they wanted. I cannot. But I know they are the minority in the grand scheme of the world. So if Warframe wants to continue to make money they have to at least release content that is accessible to new and mid experienced players. A lockout would hurt the game. Especially considering how much current content is already time gated. The only way Warframe can appease the verteran players is by being able to release fresh content that is accessible to everybody and release content for veteran players at the same time. Because this has not happened it is safe to assume either 1) They don't have the time 2) They don't have the people power. They are in a development cycle that they have been successful with. At some point the game should serve the veteran players content that is difficult. But I think because it hasn't happened I believe it may be currently to difficult to keep releasing the consistent updates for everybody and work on something for veteran players. They just can't. If they spend more money on more people, would they be able to convince themselves they could profit when the veteran community is so small? If they spend more time will they be able to ensure both the accessible content and endgame content works properly and is good? I mean the current updates always come with tons of bugs and errors as is...I think there is no endgame because they haven't been able to solve this problem for themselves being a company that profits from a free game. They have to move carefully. They seem to be sweating just in the current way they are doing things. I think its a lack of capability financially and practically speaking. I know people will say they are a very profitable company. But just because a company is profiting doesn't mean that those profits are going to go back into the game. It is what it is. They are not able yet to serve the veteran community. After years of not understanding why the veteran community keeps complaining I feel like it comes down to two camps 1) The AI needs to be more difficult in terms of AI movement (Not more invulnerability phases, warframe nullification, enemies with large health pools or ridiculously armored enemies) People want a enemy that can dodge essentially. A AI that makes it difficult because of stick skill. Time and time again games choose the above methods. But I think this is best solved with PVP 2) Some veterans feel the current warframes are weak. They remember when warframes were Overpowered and no matter what DE does they cannot remove the taste from their mouths. They are jaded and they loved having dumb fun and feeling like the most powerful being in the Warframe universe. These are the power fantasy people. I don't think these people can be appeased. Warframe wants more skill based play in the game. But there are certain things that could alleviate some of this. Give the players ways to build up to God mode. Let us be able to work for it in some way. Earned Power. -Rant over
  2. DE Please let console players, speaking specifically for PS4 players, know when we can maybe expect the new update to come out as well. I know it may not be known, but regardless of the info if I can get a round about release date that would be very good. appreciate any info on the matter.
  3. Was using Atlas prime last week. Over multiple days I used a titanic rumbler build. The Titanic rumbler does a AOE ground smash when you recast the ability. Sometimes this just simply does not execute. It doesn't happen often. I did not save the clip, but it happened in a capture mission in the derelict and a survival mission on whatever planet that I cannot remember. Pretty much use this build for the AOE. So recap...I cast the 4 (R1 +Triangle). I press either R1 or R1 +Triangle to recast and the Titan does the AOE smash. I know he did it either because he is right next to me or because I see the indicator in the top right of the screen that is red. that UI indicator tells me the cooldown of the ability. Sometimes when I go to recast that red indicator doesn't pop up. So I wait about 7 seconds and recast again with the Titan next to me and confirmed that he wont do the AOE Smash. But When I let the timer run out which for me was about 89 seconds (A long time without my main ability) or 60 seconds when I sacrifice duration, he does perform the AOE the next time. I am not sure if I can take this build into longer runs, but it was nice to switch it up and try a new way to use Atlas other than one punch man. Plus the Titan and I really hit it off well. Hoping someone can help me with this one even though nobody else int he world probably uses the Titan build. Thanks! I need that AOE to work 100% of the time!
  4. Dont get me wrong. I love the catchup mechanic. I did the conservation challenge, even though I didnt really like it (Not my cup of tea). But I dont want to be missed that when you recover challenges you dont really have a choice to skip certain ones from the past. Like I had no choice but to do the conservation challenge in order to retrieve more from the past. Perhaps we could get a skip button on retrieving recovered challenges? I mean i endured my pain, but I think the guy has some what of a point. maybe. I mean I would be happier if I never had to do conservation, the ascension hall puzzle, scanning the flowers ever again. Just perhaps would be nice at some point in the future to consider a button to skip past those challenges that would help. I agree we shouldnt delete challenges because some people dont enjoy it. Because some people do. And all in all...it aint THAT bad. I mean there are aspects of the game that are pretty awesome even if I dont like that specific part. Like scanning the flowers. The grove is really cool to look at.
  5. Now they have tied some spy in with the nightwave. I might be in the few category but rewards is a very varied thing. Last night me and my friend were in a wierd debate. I was playing nightwave for the umbral forma, for which he called trash. He was playing for the operator skin, for which for the life of me I cant value that as a high tier reward. But I dont value cosmetics like my friend does. So this is why I cringe when I hear higher tier rewards...what that actually, objectively means, idk. I tend to think the game is about making your warframe stronger. Every reward seems to do that. Whether its the tenno schools, or the arcanes or different forma options or a new custom gun. With it all leveld up you become way OP. I know even at my current state, I am way OP. But personally I like the idea of putting in effort and becoming even more powerful. I guess I am in the power hungry camp.
  6. This may have been said many times already, but as a father and full time professional, I really do appreciate the catch-up system. I have not been able to play Warframe for a while and I cannot express how much of a relief it is that I am able to catch up. There are other games I recently picked up that completely ignore players that cannot play a game for more than 1 hour day. Warframe, you have made my wife very happy and I have truly been able to develop a balance that is healthy for me. I can put the game down without that feeling that I won't be able to obtain whatever it is I want to obtain. Thank you. It cannot be overlooked.
  7. I literally had stopped playing warframe for the past couple months until I heard about these reworks. Of course I don't know how actually good it will be. I feel like every warframe needs scaling damage, some sort of armor stripping ability and some sort of damage reduction. Can we apply those changes towards something for atlas? I think you just need to give vauban some sort of unique movement ability. Like change the zoom pad to something makes him be able to latch on walls for a longer duration than any other warframe. That would be unique and since he is a trapper warframe would sort of fit his theme. Or just make the speed boost innate on use of the ability. Minelayer needs to be smooth in its use. I find I dont use the rotating abilities mostly because they feel super clunky. However, these changes literally have brought me back to the game. Im excited to play both frames. The fact that Vauban will be able to strip armor, and recieve armor as well as get damage boost from suspended enemies +one of his minelayer abilities + the new 3. I am hoping it can scale in a way that is still challenging. I like that DE is trying to give us the ability to scale damage mixed with challenge. Seemingly there will be some effort to the rotation of abilities. Looking forward to DE finding the balance. I certainly love the abilities over the weapons so I love it when the abilities appear to be viable regardless of what weapon you have. Taking the focus off the weapons focuses on what makes Warframe unique and its the abilities. Every game has guns.
  8. Seems to me DE is following up on the work they did with Wisp. I love that there is a emphasis on giving the warframe more features. So. consider me won over at the moment. I love Wisp and I love that Wukong appears to be getting so many different things. This has me excited for Vaubaun (Oh boy dont get me too excited!)
  9. Just one question. If we fall short in Season 1, will we be able to earn the rewards again?
  10. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate this update. It really seems to good to be true. While I am sure there will be suggestions for improvements...this was really a huge step in the right direction. This was clutch too, because my time playing video games just got cut down significantly. It really got me thinking and I think the most consistent form of rewards that will be able to keep everybody going is a fresh cycle of weapon specific mods. Once we umbrify our weapons and warframes and gain large amounts of kuva, forma, potatoes and all that jazz, those weapon specific mods seem to be the one thing that really keeps it fresh.. I am very interested to see what comes out next.
  11. and Neon colors and 3D wording with lots of flashing lights....But i stopped feeling things in life...its all downhill from here...
  12. I never planned on commenting on this forum ever. I don't even want to now. But I have like 5 mins.... Arbitrations- I will say that I never used Gara before I randomly found out that she can hit arbitration drones. I have seen some say in Reddit post and other forum post that it made the mode too easy. Too me it was an equalizer. The one problem with arbritrations is when arbritration drones grab multiple enemies in a small corridor and all the enemies are shooting at you but you cant even bullet jump behind the mob to effectively shoot the arbritration drone. If this were a movie. I would think the "hero" would shoot the structure, or have some other gadget that could help disperse the crowd. But this is a game. And it just seems like an impossible situation to pan out. I understand the need for difficulty and time gating in the game. But I struggle with the game going from dumb easy to impossible in the matter of seconds. And I ask myself. What could I have done? Maybe I could get to the drones before they have a chance to grab a mob. But that would be fine if we had some sort of arbitration location tool. But I found that they spawn with several enemies sometimes and grab onto those enemies very quickly. Then there is the problem of the drones hiding in walls or behind objects. Ok. I have already grown tired of writing this. I guess people get it... I think we can appreciate a challenge. But when you get 3 statues in a row and then get killed because you are mobbed with no solution for getting to the drone...not to mention your teammates might not be on the same page with you (mostly not), and you got to protect a moving target in say a defense mission. It just seems like I get to the point where the seemingly impossible challenge (is it a challenge if it is impossible) is not worth my time. Especially when you are trying to be a part time gamer with everyone around you questioning how you use your time to play this game and "grind". You start to have serious doubts about your commitment to the game. Not just the mode. I dont know. Im not some super veteran. I just thought Gara was some sort of cool secret from DE. That she was the equalizer. It was fun knowing I had an answer. It was a challenge to keep Gara up and running. Now its impossible to go on long runs in the arbitration mode. Unless its a certain frame in a certain mode. And I don't even want to get started on interception arbitrations. That is like...the diarrhea of just frustration. I was truly hurt by the Gara fix. I guess. But..ya know life goes on. I mean...i probably won't get that much endo at once ever again. and I probably should have gotten more before it was fixed. So...I guess I learned my lesson
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