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  1. Hello,

    I appreciate your opening messages notes that you are full at the moment but if you have any spots opening in the next few days and you think I would be a good fit I would be grateful for an invite.

    I live in England and I'm looking for an active European clan, preferably one where I can get to know the members over time, so not too big suits me.  I've been playing Warframe for less than a year with about 700 hours played.  I like the achievement of collecting items and completing quests and I've made way to MR26. That said I'm a pretty relaxed player and certainly wouldn't describe myself as a hardcore player in any way.

    Happy to answer any other questions you might have if you want to ping me a message online,



  2. Thank you for the posts about trying this in a team.

    I joined a public Orb Vallis game and made sure I wasn't hosting the game i.e. I wasn't player 1. While the rest of the team were toroid farming I visited a few caves starting with some that the game host hadn't visited and then trying some they had.

    For me it turned out my missing two caves were caves the host had visited (marked on their map) and I know I have definitely visited several times before whilst trying to complete this achievement. In particular it was two of the group of three caves due east of Fortuna.


  3. Bug still happening - typically if knocked down mid cast


    On a positive note I have found jumping into a place that causes you to be returned and reset clears the issue e.g. jumping off a platform into a hole

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