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  1. A clanmate and I wanted to do an exploiter fight real quick tonight. We finished the first phase, and to start with the bugs, as we loaded in to the above ground phase of the fight, we ended up being separated and unable to find a way to either start the fight or get him into the upper ground to fight with me. I ended up extracting and he teleported into the elevator with me, and all seemed well. I sat just inside of Fortuna for a moment and alt-tabbed to youtube, and when I alt-tabbed back, I was staring at a giant, angry Exploiter Orb talking down to me for leaving the lights on in the kitchen or something. I thought it was funny, considering the few bugs we had with profit taker spawning in Fortuna at launch, but I noticed that her overheat bar on the side slowly filled up, and I was actually able to jump on her and pull out her first cognition engine thingie. Her codex description also was displayed at the top of my screen the whole time. Since I was in Fortuna, I wasn't able to shoot at her open wound like the savage I am, so I ended up leaving back to my orbiter. Sorry, SU. I'm sure y'all can handle her on your own, right? Pictures attached below for clarity and amusement purposes. Sorry for making them links, I'm bad at this and I wasn't able to make them show up as normal pictures in the post itself.
  2. Thanks for the diligent fix DE ❤️ You guys work so hard and we can tell. You're all doing such a fantastic job and I could not thank you guys enough for the work you do and the S#&$ you put up with.
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