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  1. Sure, we have one, is that relevant? ^^
  2. Swazdo-lah, Tenno! In preparation for the upcoming content of Railjack and Empyrean, our small group of hand picked weirdos is looking for reinforcements such as: Spaceship Pilots who don't get motion sick while flying a railjack (Bonus Points if you can do a perfect Wookie imitation and never tell us the odds) Archwing Pilots who are not constantly crashing into walls, meteorites or anything else (or at least have the ability to pretend it was on purpose or that they don't) Passionate Endless Grinder, whose energy colors do not cause immediate eye cancer Fashion framer who, like us, know that the perfect Warframe styling gives you at least 2k more DPS People who can finally tell us how to snatch more Endo from Maroo without her noticing Clem Bodyguards, for whom the sound of a Grakata is heavenly music and who care about nothing more than the well-being and happiness of the sweetest Grineer Lovebug of all times. About us: We are a small Clan with complete research, a dry dock, crimson branch for Lich Trading and a decent dojo (oookay, sometimes someone leaves their floofs lying around - but otherwise it's tidy, honest) and spend our gaming adventures together in Teamspeak. We have both casual players and veteran players who just enjoy playing the game together. Who we are looking for: You don't need a minimum Mastery rank and we don't expect you to be a human version of Warframe Wiki, because nobody can know everything (also, we're a bunch of know it alls and wise asses ourselves, so don't bother :P ). In addition, meta posers who always try to demonstrate the size of their in-game hangers to other players do not necessarily suit us, cause this Sh*t gets real old, real fast... #Clem Otherwise, both Warframe newbies and veterans (but please without a God complex) alike are welcome to explore the Starchart with us, kick some Kuva Lich asses, shoot Eidolons in their netherregions or give the railjack paintjobs a new and stylish scratchy look from flying against stubborn asteroids. There are no voicechat/if online in game obligations or mandatory attendance requirements - after all, we are all grown ups here (* cough), but since we are old school gamers, we are always together in Teamspeak, and a shy text chatter would not enjoy his/her time with us. We don't kick anyone out of the clan because he/she doesn't have time for Warframe, but we will unfortunately still have to sort out absentee players (which have given us no information or feedback) after a long offline time. It would be simply unfair to active players who then must farm more material to compensate the offliners and, above all, unnecessary. So if one or more of the attributes listed below refers to you you like to cultivate your noble nerd-paleness in front of the PC you live on junk food while playing to keep your AFK time as low as possible pure energy drink flows through your veins during a night of slacking you know the lyrics of the Cantina Band by heart you would like to set up a self-help group for post-traumatic stress disorder after failed host migrations get the HEK in touch with us, so we can schedule group appointments for anger management therapy sessions with professional therapists Wolf, Stalker, Nef Anyo or one of their esteemed colleagues. We all lift together! * FortunaLuminous AdvertisingBling Please no Alliance offers, we already have an Alliance, but feel free to contact us if you want to join ours with your clan. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voice chat: TeamSpeak (and no, we will NOT switch to Discord) Platform: PC Contact pls via ingame pm /w Farslain /w Tenno_G3N
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