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  1. no im not BUD, maybe try some actual comprehension of the english language before just wanting to post irrelevant try hard dis posts.
  2. As the title says, twice in a row now, ive joined a random squad from fortuna to kill profit taker. Get to final phase, we kill her, the reward shows on screen ( ammo chain ) in these cases and then game crashes to blue screen and i have to reload the game. Not fun, anyone else having this problem?
  3. while I agree with the OP it's really senseless complaining about it because warframe is all about the new player experience now. I'm 5 years in so I know how things were and new players will never experience that type of grind again it seems and in my opinion, I doubt most of the new generation of players will have the patience or inclanation to play a game for 5years anymore anyway so make the most of it while you can buddy. Because of the 4k hrs I've put I'd like to just buy a umbra forma but again because this would be a mass8ve short cut to OOPP weapons and frames it really wouldnt be a good idea. considering the fact that when a new player complains things are too hard to achieve has more weight to the devs than a veteran saying I've been there done that give it to me quicker or for plat please its really just beating a dead horse unfortunately.
  4. Where do we find the ..... and more! hotfix and update info?
  5. Wait what? All of my currently owned riven stats have changed now and not just the disposition?
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