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  1. Disclaimer: Any Numbers or Stats I use are my Interpretation of how strong and potent the ability should be. These Abilities are Designed by me, my Clanmate Michi and my close Friend Claudia. (If I Format the Numbers in the following Way: "10/15/20" this is when I'm reffering to the Stats based on the current Level of the Broken Frame. Aka Level 10/20/30) Passive - Strength of the Void The Broken Frame leeches his Enemies and Buffs himself an his nearby Allies. Every Leeched Enemy takes 20% increased Satus Damage from all Incoming Sources and are 100% more susceptable for getting Status Effects afflicted on them. (aka double Chance to get a Status effect applied wheneever one does.) This can be increased by Power Strength Whenever the Broken Frame has any amount of Enemies afflicted by the Strength of the Void, he and his (Affinity Radius) nearby Allies (Teammates, Companions, Defendable Objectives) take 25% less Incoming Status Damage. This can be increased by Power Strength Up to 10/15/20 Enemies can be simoultaneosely afflicted by Strength of the Void. The Base Duration of the Strength of the Void are 10/18/25 seconds. This can be increased via Power Duration. The current amount of Stacks of Strength of the Void is Always shown big on Screen, much Like with Nidus'. Ability 1 - Void-wire Pull The Broken Frame extends his Arm(s) Forward, spiking out his White Void Tendrils, latching onto the Targeted Area / Enemy. If the Broken Frame hits an Enemy, then he deals a small amount of Impact Damage shortly leeches the Power from the Enemy, Increasing his "Strength of the Void" passive by 1. If Broken Frame does not hit any Enemy or specificly targeted the Ground / Wall, he will give that Area the buffing and debuffing Effects of the Strength of the Void for all Enemies and Allies passing through for the next 6/8/10 seconds. The Base Range, Power and Efficiency can be modified with the respective Mods. The Cost for casting this ability is 25 Energy. This can be reduced with Power Efficiency. Ability 2 - Defenses of the Void The Broken Frame jumps upwards, Spinning in a full circle while grasp-channeling the void Energy around him to then Slam into the Ground, knocking enemies over and increasing his own defenses. This ability does not cost Energy, however it Costs 3 Stacks of Strength of the Void to be consumed to cast. Which cannot be improved by Power Efficiency. (this will remove the debuff from the last three entities, be it teammates or enemies) The Base Duration is set at 12/16/20 Seconds. This can be improved with Power Duration. The Broken Frame gains 100% Status Prevention while Defenses of the Void is Active. This means, no Knockback, Slash, Toxin or any other Status can be procced. The Broken Frame also gets a Health and Armor Boost of 175% to help with survivabilty. Since it does not cost Energy but rather the Stacks of the Passive Stength of the Void, I have to specify, that this Ability is recastable at anytime, but no matter the remaining Duration, the Ability will Always require 3 stacks to be cast again. Ability 3 - Grasp of the Void The Broken Frame reaches out with his Hand, aiming at the Targeted Area and Lifting his Hand upwards, clenching the Fist and summoning Multiple Void tendrils, Ripping off any ranged Weapon from Enemies and devouring them, retreating back into the Ground. This changes the affected Enemies into Melee Combat Units. This ability has a Base Radius of 6/7/8 meters outwards from the casting Point. This can be Increased with Power Range. The Cost for casting this ability is 75 Energy. That can be reduced with Power Efficiency. Ability 4 - Void Demon The Broken Frame channels his inner Void Demonic Powers and turns into a nimble Void Kavat, the All-devouring Space Demon from Voidhell. Becoming smaller and having a smaller Hitbox (much like titania). He gains the ability to run 150% faster than normal (modifiable by increasing sprint Speed), jump height is also increased by 100% While being in the Void Demon Form, the Broken Frame can use the Alternate Attack Button to target an Area, a Single Target or Enemygroup to jump to, up to 20/25/30 meters. This can be used for traversal but it can also Proc the Passive Strength of the Void Buff on any Enemy hit by the leap. The Base Range of the leap can be Increased by Power Range. Using this Costs 15 Energy on Cast. The Primary Attack is a fast, Forward-dashing attack, capable of dealing Slash Damage on hit. The Secondary Attack is a heavy Pound, dealing Radiation Damage in a small Area. The Damage can be Increased by Power Strength Mods and Sprint Speed mods (to help the attack Speed) While the Broken Frame is in his Void Demon Form, he still has Access to his other 3 abilities. Activating his 4 again or running out of Energy will return the Broken Frame back into his Normal Warframe. The Activation Costs 25 Energy, the Void Demon itself drains Energy by 5 Energy per Active Second. Which can be modified by Power Efficiency. Rank 30 "base" Stats: Armor 200 Energy 125 Health 300 Shield 75 Sprint Speed 1.10 (Duration, Efficiency, Range, Strength 100% ) Inspiration / Ideas I really hoped for a void Frame, which I can turn into Cataclysm, but still interlock the ability with tha passive and the kit. I'm intending this Frame to use his Defenses of the Void, to help with survivability, however instead of just plain Survival boosting, I want it to be connected with the first ability, the passive and the rest of the kit if possible. My friend reminded me of Nidus and his stacks. So the best implementation is to have a buff, which you can build up and spend for survivability. Now I also had the Idea of Holding the abilty button to cost twice as much but doubeling the devensive buff effectivity. This would however most likely be to strong, so i left it out. I also want the kit's abilities to Play into eachother, so it's not another 4frame again. Greetings from Michi, Claudia and me to yall ^^
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