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  1. The game sees Revenant in queue for the parkour manouver of climbing even while his 4 is active, by the way i see this bug happening, while moving with his Reave on climbable terrain/object, even tiny ledges. Hope for a fix from DE, all we can do for now is maybe avoiding to make it happens as much, when you understand how it happens.
  2. just wanna add that this issue is happening also on the plains of eidolons, with the return to cetus getting me stuck the exact same way fortuna does, infinite loading, doors stuck, no summary with reward/etc
  3. I'm running in a strange issue with this hotfix, in which after doing heist bounty 4 of fortuna (the spider-orb fight) and returning to fortuna, the elevator loading that would then open to the mission summary menu lasts for Way too much, that it always forces me to do alt+f4, and not being able to keep the rewards this way means no crisma toroids for me... sounds like these fortuna optimizations weren't so good at least for my end...
  4. Salve, sono MR 19 e vorrei far parte del vostro clan, il mio nick è uguale al mio nome sul forum
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