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  1. 2 minutes ago, Aldain said:

    I WAS.

    Every time this happens I was the engineer the entire time.

    I always am on Repair duty, I never let a single fire or mini breach last long, don't assume I'm doing nothing, if anything I'm the only one EVER repairing things in these missions.

    Put that "why aren't you doing anything" card back in the deck and throw the deck in the trash, because I am not, repeat not, ever just sitting on my ass while the ship blows up.

    So if you had already repaired everything, what was he repairing? 


    What about that part you said about being 14k in a cruiser? 


    I can leave my railjack on its own for a very long time when under attack by smaller ships and it will barely take a hit, leave it with 2-3 cruisers and it will be game over in a few minutes. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, CarrotSalad said:

    My experience when piloting in a premade squad was allot of the times my team members struggled in spottiing the crewships. They were also frequently

    Just confirm though, The crewships are actually controlled by the enemy right? Its not one of your team members flying one?

    You can fly them if you want, just need to invade and take over, however, when you do this, make sure there are no healing bubbles, since once you take control they become immune and cannot be taken down, meaning that enemy ships will be invulnerable while you are piloting this cruiser. Plus, more cruisers will spawn. I am not sure if the healing bubble/orb is intended, probably not there is just no real reason to do it unless you want to just give it a go

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  3. 12 minutes ago, Aldain said:

    My number one complaint is when there are 4 people on a Railjack, but every single little breach the PILOT decides to hop off the controls and repair.

    ...In the middle of crossfire from like 18 fighters, which causes us to take even MORE damage and get more ruptures that the Pilot then spends more time repairing instead of FLYING THE SHIP AND AVOIDING THE GUNFIRE.

    But then if I decide "Forget this" and go grab the wheel, I get yelled at by said Pilot who abandoned their post to "STOP FLYING MY RAILJACK".

    How can anyone not have the actual brains to realize a immobile Railjack is going to take INSANE amounts of damage? This has happened on more than one occasion too, I just don't get how people can think leaving the Railjack pilotless with no cover is a good idea.

    I can't win sometimes, sometimes I want to focus on the lower deck but nobody is manning the guns so we get overwhelmed by fighters, sometimes I want to be a gunner but the Pilot is 14k meters away in a Crewship. I can't even quickly slingshot into a crewship to destroy a reactor sometimes without seeing the critical damage timer go off in seconds because the Railjack is empty and in the open.

    I have my doubts that even the best in-game tutorial in the world could fix the nonsense I've run into, especially the owners who don't want anyone piloting their Railjack...not even the owner themself.

    Thats because you dont know what the pilot is really doing, he could be down in the dome, using the forge, or who knows. Railjacks can stand still and take damage for a long time, small ships are the least of your problems. 


    Question is, you said he decided to repair, why werent you repairing? or filling up the forge? or using the turrets? or going after the cruisers. I mean, you said sometimes the pilot is 14k away in a cruise ship... that should never happen, you should be the one in that cruiser... there is probably a reason why he is doing it and it is because nobody else is...


    I have this problem all the time,I have to get out of my pilot seat to fix breaches or whatever, go to the forge, even to the slingshot to take down a cruiser because none of the other 3 are doing anything about it, just standing there shooting the turrets, I even often get killed by invaders while the other 3 are still at their turrents and didnt bother killing them, like I hear them lach to the ship and always say to myself... I bet no one will deal with them. And of course, as soon as I leave the pilot seat to deal with them one of them jumps on the pilot seat straight away, ignoring them, nor fixing breaches, fires, etc. 


    Its really very simple, when you join a pub, check what people are doing, pilot seat will be probably for the host since it is his ship, choose your position, engineer (fix and refill the forge), gunner, use turrets, etc etc and if all these are taken then destroy the cruisers. 

    It is so easy when you find a team who does this, quick and simple over in a few minutes. 

  4. 1 hour ago, JackHargreav said:

    How come I rarely run into these kind of ppl?

    I play Railjack in public fairly often but I didn't have this kind of expirience.

    Anyways I think that could be a tactic too. I mean finishing off the fighters and then killing the Crew ships. I do that in solo sometimes.

    That is not a good strat for solo runs, you will get constant ramsleds invading the ship, healing bubbles will prevent you from using the dome and killing small ships...


    The way to approach in my opinion, is to prioritize cruise ships first, small ships cant really cause much damage except for the outriders, how only spawn in pairs and move quite slowly. 


    I found pubs so unreliable that I only solo this missions now, takes me less time to solo them than doing it with a random team (on average). I dont blame the people, most of them have no idea of what they are doing, I know this because when I finished the veil I also had no idea of what was going on, literally spent my time in the turrets (as I thought I wouldnt ruined other people's experience at first) and then invading cruisers. 


    Once I figured out what was going on I realized that it was too soon to expect people to know what they were doing,  found randoms using void cloak, void hole, ordenances without any logic running out of flux, etc very quickly, in many cases nobody using the forge or refining materials. 

    Just small things like having to take down the cruisers with the dome and as soon as I would step out of the pilot seat to go down to the dome someone will take over and start moving around... so frustrating. 

    Now I only go solo, quicker, and much easier. Less hassle, might do publics again when people familiarize themselves with the game.


    Of course railjack has only been out for a bit over a week on console, should improve soon

  5. On 2020-01-13 at 10:16 PM, (PS4)SolarPhantom82 said:

    Yeah I'm on PS4 and railjack is a ghost town. .. I can't get in to a squad and no one joins mine even in pub..  I thought maybe people are waiting for fixers. .  But the news is out about railjack. .   It's a one dimensional ,buggy , grind fest that no one wants to play. . 

    It's such a shame. .. I soloed earth and I'm ready to give up myself. . $6.000.000 waisted lol...

    Is that you solar_82? I am el_senior_fats if it is


    For the last 6 days in a row I have been farming the reactor, about 14 hours a day, still nothing, normally my party is open so people can join me, but lately I found it is quicker to actually solo it.You wont find me in the veil again I am afraid!

  6. 2 minutes ago, Soridian said:

    downloaded (at amazing connection rate for an update btw) and failed when complete. attempting again - not salty, willing to wait! i have faith! looking forward to enjoying fortuna when it does download successfully 🙂

    Having the same issue, was wondering if I was the only one,this is my 5th attempt... fingers crossed

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