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  1. Ah, true. How could I forget about Nukia?
  2. That's a pretty good summary of it, only eventually it just stops asking and goes for the throat. I dunno how, either. It's survived a lot of abuse, which ranges from being dropped in varying liquids to being thrown full-force at a wall because someone thought it was funny. Its screen's cracked, but otherwise works fine somehow. And I thought Nokia was known for indestructible devices...
  3. It still updates every so often! It usually just waits until I restart it, though, so at least there's that...unlike Windows 10. Why must you push so much, Windows 10?
  4. Not much of a photo person, and clearly not one for phone upgrades either. This thing's old enough to be Orokin, I swear, haven't gotten a new one since, like...2010, maybe 2009. That said, sorry for the blurry image.
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