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  1. We all know by now that arbitration rewards are not that usefull for people playing it, because if u can do arbitration there's high chance u already maxed ur mods. I actually like the mode, i think it's a great way to test yourself but as of right now with the rewards not really usefull for people who are playing it. i don't really play it a lot. So, here's my suggestion the rewards should be better, for me i want mods, skins, and something that u can only get in arbitration. Secondly, let's start the enemy at level 100, also remove that arbitration drone, they're more annoying rather than a challenge. 

    Alright now about the Endo rewards, for mid level player who still grinding for their mods. as u see the arbitration rewards, u will think this is actually really great and then work your way through the star chart ASAP to the this Elite Alerts mission. but then realized that u can't survive because u need to upgrade ur mods. So for this one, my opinion is to put a different mode for endo farm with this loot table. Because let's face it sure farming endo in Arena is fast, but it need 3 nekros and 1 nidus. I don't want to recruit everytime i want to endo farm. Let's make a mode for endo farm that u can do it even solo.

    That is my opinion and feedback on the missions, thank you for reading this. please share if u have your opinion, and have a great day.

  2. i still can't login this morning but i tried to reboot my router hoping i got an IP that wasn't blocked and yes it works!
    I am not sure if this is the Answer but i think you should try to keep rebooting until you're able to login, it's worth a try at least

  3. yeah using vpn just made my internet really slow, and i can't turn it off after login or it will fail to do anything like creating session. so vpn is not the answer.

    I've had this problem 3 times in the past 13 days. first 2 last for 1 day, and this time for 2 days, if this issue still exist tomorrow it'll be more. but i assume this is the weekend that's why they haven't fix this. but the problem keeps on coming back. i hope big patch coming to fix this, because i lost 2 days of my booster because of this.

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