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  1. If you are in Operator mode when the Loki Knave Specter in the Silver Grove uses his Radial Disarm attack, your Amp will be removed and you will be unable to attack in Operator mode for the rest of the mission (until you extract). Unlike other Disarm effects (such as the Drakh Master's Halikar throw), the Amp does NOT appear as a pick-up. Your Operator is fully disarmed for the remainder of the mission.

    Repro'd consistently by myself & a friend of mine; seems to happen consistently.

  2. 3 hours ago, Jarriaga said:

    I liked the concept. I never found myself interested in reading codex entries, but the way it was presented as a "museum" with a narrator is something I enjoyed. Hopefully it gets expanded in the future.

    I donated 1 million credits to it. No idea what it does with regards to progress (A hidden community goal perhaps?), but the NPC said I was insane for doing that.

    I'm actually planning on donating 1 mil every time I get over 1 mil until either something happens or I am told that nothing will ever happen.

    Throw money at it until it does something!

  3. 4 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

    Bring her in for conversion!

    Alas! First of all, she uses a very jank old Macintosh PC, and second, the gameplay loop/style REALLY wouldn't be her jam. She's always preferred puzzle games (Myst) & card/deckbuilders (Dominion). Closest I've gotten is that she's been playing Pokemon GO with me for a few years 🙂 From past experience also, me playing in the living room would basically be like..


    "woah! Wow! You're jumping! Why are you jumping!? oh my gosh WOW blam blam you killed those guys! Okay! What are you doing!? I have no idea what's happening, I think I just wanna go watch Star Trek."

  4. So my real life mom started using Discord so she can participate in an online Dominion tournament. She friended me; like a fool I accepted. This means she can see what video games I'm playing. Note that we're both adults (I'm in my 30s, she's in her 60s)


    cue this exchange.




    *edit* Further notes:

    1. I'd normally compare Hyperion Cantos & Foundation instead, perhaps, but Pern, Valdemar, & Darkover were her faves in college.

    2. Warframe would not be her jam, and she doesn't have a system that could run it anyway. She does everything on a very jank old Macbook. Maybe I'll find a way to tell her stories.

  5. 3 hours ago, Arkennstar said:

    You should just probably tell them not to worry about it until they do The Second Dream quest. Rest is spoilers 🙂

    Ehhh, I didn't want them asking me about the Second Dream, because all I'll be able to say is "it's spoilers!"


    3 hours ago, ReaverKane said:

    The warframe wiki is quite comprehensive, it has a list of all warframes, you just click and check... It's really not hard...

    Just click the images at the top: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Warframes

    I'm all for spreadsheets, but that one's kinda useless... Not to mention... sketchy and hard to use? 


    Said friends want to avoid the wiki for their own reasons. Is there anything I can do to improve the spreadsheet? Maybe adding colors to differentiate the rows?

  6. Several times when I've introduced my friends to Warframe, they've expressed a desire to only use female Warframes. I don't know why, but I don't question it either; people can play how they want. They've said that they're disappointed that there's two male starters but only one female, and said that Mag doesn't really suit their playstyle. This simple guide is meant to provide a basic idea of where to find these Warframes, and a checklist for those looking to catch-em-all. It is NOT meant to be comprehensive in terms of things like boss strategies, nor is it meant to provide information like drop tables (that's what the wiki is for); it's more of a checklist. Hopefully, someone else finds this useful.


  7. Several times when I've introduced my friends to Warframe, they've expressed a desire to only use female Warframes. I don't know why, but I don't question it either; people can play how they want. Nonetheless, they've been disappointed with Mag as a starter option, wonder why there's two starter dudes but only one starter lady, and want to know the fastest way to get more ladies (besides platinum). This simple guide is meant to provide a basic idea of where to find these Warframes, and a checklist for those looking to catch-em-all. It is NOT meant to replace the Wiki for specific things like exact drop rates / # of runs, nor is it meant to give comprehensive info on abilities. It's just a quick reference. Hopefully, someone will find this useful.

    Spreadsheet on Google Docs


  8. Here's a bit of a weird one: my brother is a musician and songwriter, and he wrote this song with his friends a while back (he's the redhead in this video)

    I'd love to have a version for my mandachord, but unlike my brother, I'm kinda hopeless with music. If you can make one, I'd be much obliged 🙂 (I can pester him for more videos / maybe even sheet music or chords, if you need it? He's usually very busy though) (no, he does not play Warframe, but I think it'd be neat if I'm playing Octavia and someone's like HEY WHAT SONG IS THAT and I can go MY BROTHER WROTE IT)

  9. Oh, I see! Thank you all, I thought he meant something in game. In other words... he's projecting a bit, and we didn't abandon him on purpose -- we didn't even know what we really were at the time, and probably had very little say in the Lotus putting us to sleep (see how Inaros also seemed to "abandon" his people on Mars; I imagine whoever that Tenno was, they wouldn't have done so by choice.)

    Just now, GrayArchon said:

    This is what I'm currently working on at my lore blog, the Orokin Archives. You'll find quest transcripts, event walkthroughs, and character dialogue. It's all still under construction. Once those things are in place, I'll start writing summaries of the lore with references to the source material. It's my ongoing side project.

    Oh, how wonderful! Do you require any assistance with that project? I'm glad someone's taking the time to do it 🙂


  10. I've been doing a little writing/theorycrafting, and I seem to recall that either during the Sacrifice or Chimera Prologue, Ordis accuses us of "Abandoning" him. (I think). But I can't remember when we actually abandoned him? I thought perhaps it was during War Within, except that iirc, the part where we "abandon" him there is a dream sequence (maybe). 

    In general, it'd be nice if there was a more coherent plot summary than the one on the Wiki; and no, not a lore video (videos just take me too long and I can't pause and take notes very easily), but like, a text summary. The Wiki stuff is OK, but I couldn't figure out where we'd "abandoned" Ordis. Transcripts of quest dialogue would be great too! 

    (we certainly do some rather rude things to poor Ordis in The Sacrifice 😞 I was rather upset when attatching the Vitruvian temporarily overrode his personality). 

  11. Every time I get to the Resevoir itself, the cutscene image freezes. I can still hear game audio, but the cutscene won't progress. I did rush past the Sentients in this mission to get there, but I don't think that should affect anything? I have the game turned down to the lowest graphics settings, and my GPU set to the highest performance possible. I *am* running on a jank-ass old PC, but the game has worked decently enough up till now. 

    CPU: Intel i5

    12 gigs RAM

    GPU: NVidia GTX 750 Ti

    Windows 10

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