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  1. My Submission, hope you enjoy~ (text for those who need it) Nidus, 374. Well met, I am Nidus, your potential host. I'm 374, but my frame was 23 when I accepted their embrace. I seek an open-minded individual who doesn't mind pets, as my hands are full with the little ones! Pets: 25 Maggots & a Helminth Charger (Suriv) Hobbies: Singing, bowling, gardening & gyming (❤ them leg workouts) Likes: The Infestation, Protecting my team, Maggots, Tentacles & Simaris. Dislikes: Shields, Extreme Heat, Ordis, & Maggot-haters. Favorite Places: Orokin Derelict & Eris. Unfavorite Places: Mercury & the Void. I've developed an infection for affection, will you be my cure? 💕
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