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  1. If ever I've felt spoiled rotten it's because of DE lol. They're so good to us it's unbelievable. Thank you once again for all the hard work.
  2. Honestly I didn't think it would ever be this bad. I mean trust me I get that anticipation can be extremely horrendous but.. really? Regardless of the reason it's delayed whether you believe it or not, they are obviously working as hard as they can. All they've ever done is work hard at this. We're beyond lucky to even have Warframe on the switch the way it is. If they were a different company they might not have even considered porting it. I grew up on Nintendo. I've owned both of the other major consoles. Nintendo was always this golden god to me, as I thought no other company cared as much as they did. Last year when this came out on switch I was thrilled. It was a new, massive game coming to my favorite platform. It was then that I was introduced to the most devoted developers I'd ever seen. Constant flowing communication with its community, ever-changing and ever beautiful with each new hotfix and update. Of course there are bugs and issues, as there are with all video games. They never feign transparency in hopes for your money. They have real transparency with everything they do. Now I'm not saying I know everything, this is just what I learned since I started playing. There could be years worth of issues they've had I don't know about and I get that if it's true. But even if I find out such information exists that won't change what I've seen of them myself first hand. Can we just appreciate all they've done for us instead of grilling them for something so minor compared to everything?
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