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  1. Red-X6

    Conclave Rewards

    It's not about force to play mode its about making it more rewarding for players who play and this can pick an more interest just like participating in, just to make it more challenging and attractive to people, the more people play PvE the more fun and challenging it could be.
  2. Red-X6

    Conclave Rewards

    How about making conclave a bit more rewarding based for player, since mostly we getting some of skins for weapons and stuff, how about adding some additional good rewards for conclave which can be based on dax warframe skins, rivens, endo and kuva, i have tried playing conclave its kinda loner their when no one play except you, me trying to create it more reward full by giving away prime stuffs to my challengers and more interesting stuff just to make conclave abit useful. Also making some events for exclusive rewards based just keeping updates on pvp and stuff can be usefull and maybe more of people will participate in.
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