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  1. I struggle with them never going invisible
  2. In some missions it goes invi during combat, and sometimes not, very annoying for the view..
  3. i have done 1 disruption and 4 zones of ESO, and the wings does NOT go invisible.
  4. Hes coming in March under the next big update yeah
  5. Thats a one good looking Zephyr!
  6. Go to Fortuna and buy from Ticker using bounds.
  7. There isnt millions people playing, max peak is 50k
  8. Dw people will be hyped for it awhile, then u will slowly not see it again.
  9. dont think it ever will be either sadly, we just gotta live with it :(
  10. I hope not. They look to good to be seasonal.
  11. will those wings be a syandana u can wear forever? Or just an cosmetic for a limited time?
  12. I need Zephyr Prime unvault in my life.
  13. Still not fixed Dont think it ever will be fixed.
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