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  1. Additonal add to this one: How the rank icon looked before the update, smooth and clean and nice How it looks after the update: More pixelated and not smooth at all, cursors and emotes got effected by this aswell. And it looks awful. Please fix.
  2. When will you guys fix this issue? pretty annoying.
  3. After this update, i noticed the cursor have less quality, and are NOT smooth and clean as it was before, fix when? Same goes for our nice emojis, they are also not smooth looking anymore, like they miss quality.
  4. Congrats to all founders to reach MR 30, lets goo boys and girls
  5. Dosent hurt much lul, kronen is good even without a riven.
  6. Or make an option to turn it completely off.
  7. After you guys added the new graphic engine i get huge fps spikes when running normal, and even more if i run the beta, please remove this. Nobody will use it anyways.
  8. The new graphic engine you guys added in settinga makes me get alot of fps spikes on the classic option.
  9. This guy made this post to trash talk others, nice.
  10. Have same problem. Already reported on forums.
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