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  1. thanks i found all the infos i needed in this ^^
  2. Hey guys ! I finally got octavia today and i love it but i was wondering if anybody knew the exact time between each tone in the mandachord... Thanks in advance
  3. Thank you very much that was actually the solution after checking and re checking all my settings i found that the resolution was in scaled mode so i switched it to native and now it looks like fullscreen ! ty ^^
  4. Well as i said the problem is that when i play windowed i still use the fullscreen button top right and the window is (nearly) fulscreen because of that and thats what i found weird because the resolution nearly doesnt changes but the quality is much better in fullscreen... To add a bit of precision, when im windowed fullscreen it looks like some kind of blur effect is applied making all models and textures less sharp and realistic
  5. Hey recently ive tried to do some nice capturas but the quality was constantly terrible (i play in windowed mode) so i tried fullscreen and the quality was suddenly much better, but i couldn't figure out why and the problem is that i prefer playing in windowed cause i like being able to see my taskbar and switch apps easily but the quality of the entire game in fullscreen is so much better and sharper (even when im in fullscreen windowed mode)... So im asking this pretty simple question : is there any way of having a fullscreen quality in fullscreen windowed mode ? I can add some screens of the quality difference if u want ^^
  6. Hey guys I tried to start playing nova recently but I really need an advice on how to use her second ability... I found it really hard to aim and to easily store some damage in the ball... if anybody got tips on what weapons to use to charge up the sphere and how to aim it easily that’d be appreciated ^^ (i read everywhere that the Tigris was the best with nova’s 2 but i dont really like that weapon so im looking for alternatives) Thanks in advance ^^
  7. Hey i’ve been quite a lot for volt and loki’s relics recently but couldn’t get any so I asked a friend if these relics dropped from different places than the other relics and he told me that he thought you could only get them from the void but he wasn’t sure about that so I searched that on the wiki but couldn’t find any information that could verify that, and now I don’t know where to go for volt’s and loki’s relics... If you guys know anything about that help would be appreciated ^^ Thanks in advance
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