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  1. Yeah well the Flox definitely needs to get tweaked. It's a shame it hides its awesome form most of the time..
  2. Hello DE and tenno's. You might already know or you could've forgotten about a quite annoying bug that keeps the "Flox (box) Syandana" closed. -Picture shown is not made by me- I as well as many others who bought this Syandana or maybe the Vallis Domination Bundle, are left in the dark and have not heard a single word or update about a fix. My thoughts about fixing this would go as followed: *The Flox Syandana should be opened up at all times in NON COMBAT AREAS (relay, cetus, fortuna, captura! and orbiter) when moving around, and close after a while when standing still (slight movement should open it up). +/- 5 sec. OR the Flox Syandana should be open at all times and never close in NON COMBAT AREAS. We are all endgame fashionframes who want to shine! *In COMBAT AREAS the Flox Syandana should open up when double jumping, bullet jumping, wall jumping etc. As long as you are in the air. And close after a while being on the ground. +/- 5 sec. OR the Flox Syandana has to be closed at all times in any COMBAT AREAS, but when taken damage or in "attack mode" it opens up immediately. Taking no damage in 5 sec. it closes up again. * Otherwise....TOGGLE? The description of the Flox Syandana in the Marketplace is actually misleading because it doesn't work and the box look is not worth 100 platinum. I didn't pay 100 platinum for a box with triggers, i payed for an awesome Syandana, right? Please fix this... Gr. Caliguia - Ps4
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