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  1. This is just feedbacks and suggestions for this updates. These are for challenges, rewards, QOL, balanced and gameplay. 1. Give POI unique mini-bosses with some gimmicks guarding the console for more challenge and sense of importance on the loots. Capital ship with more threat such as more torpedoes to brace yourself. Cool siren to signify crewship or torpedoes for less boring and excitement, also time to react. 2. More balanced crews, pilot will cruise around for gunner or you to shoot smoothly with better animation, so less dizzyness. Increase the stats of gunners(less heat accre
  2. I think the best to satisfy all players, including me is to balance all weapon types and enemies. We are Tenno, master of guns and blades. We need to have more versatility and combo the effects on all those weapons rather than making only 1 type of weapon more powerful. For example, melee user can deal more damage but sacrificing your safety to come closer(you can still min max build to challenge yourself) so you can use range weapon to set up your engage or kill the threat to melee. With this, everyone can can have fun by showing their creativity in diverse build and can make contents withou
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