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  1. However, you're making a broad statement about warframes not being able to handle hundreds-to-one odds, and the existing gameplay refutes that in almost every map type. Warframes excel at these odds, and some seem designed for it. Nova would be severely neutered by facing enemies one at a time, as her best power would do nothing but slow them down--heck, she could take on a thousand enemies at once and potentially kill them all with one Molecular Prime cast. In short, the more densely packed and the closer their proximity, the better Nova likes them. That is definitely not the case with a warframe like Loki, whose abilities lean towards avoiding combat altogether, or Frost, who does best when digging into a defensive position.



    Your breakdowns for the various mission types are excellent. I didn't have the energy left after that post to try and break things down that far. I really like what you have.


    I should have expanded on the part where I don't think Warframes should be able to so easily slaughter enemies in their dozens anymore. I know most of them can with 1 button press. Several of their powers are directed at murdering or CCing very large groups of enemies. Right now a lot of frames, even the light weight caster ones play more like space marines than ninjas.


    I would like to see a reworking of some of the more robust powers/frames. Reduce the damage of abilities, or the number of enemies affected, or the range, or make them better at CC but less damaging, etc... Reason being a lot of the game currently lends itself to running into a room Rhino stomping,(just for example) and then sprinting to the next room to do the same. Some work needs to be done to take away the kill everything button(s) frames have so that people will be forced to rely on actual tactics.


    A lot of good could also be accomplished as you suggested, if the enemies tactics change based on what frames show up. AI goes into counter tank style warframe mode, or counter caster frame mode, and what have you. Excellent, excellent idea.

  2. Sorry I will grab the stats in the morning.

    I threw fury, and pressure point on it. It still seems incredibly lackluster. After looking around the forums it appears that many weapons are outright inferior to others. Fragor looks like its a straight upgrade from the bo staff. Just seems like a useless weapon, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.

  3. It's a mobile defense and Darvo takes over as your informant instead of Lotus. You go about helping him hack the terminals and he keeps hinting that something more is going to happen than just the Corpus attacking you. Then the Stalker shows up on the third terminal and you kill him. Darvo then thanks you for taking care of that problem for him because he's been after Darvo for awhile now.

    Awesome. And thank you. Kinda weird we just got codex lore on the Stalker, and now he's eliminated.

  4. Figured I would add my own post on adding stealth, and strategy into Warframe. Having looked through the thread, it seems like most of these ideas have already been mentioned in one form or another. Still figured I would post what I have. If you have already mentioned something I post here consider this support for your idea.


    So here are a couple of ideas to bounce around.

    To start off the strategic depth idea, I’d like to look at the game from the AI’s perspective. A one too four man Tenno team has invaded their star ship/base undetected. Command is made aware of said Tenno team once an alarm is tripped. At that point what would they do?

    · Lock the ship/base down. (Doors/shields.)

    · Send crew to their stations.

    · Have security teams set up at choke points.

    · Reinforce important areas.(bridge/engineering/precious cargo/armory/command/etc.)

    · Send teams to sweep the area, and find the intruders.

    So let’s lock all the doors once an alarm gets tripped. Then spawn barricades with security teams in various rooms. Have the objective reinforced with more/heavier units. Have roaming security teams spawn in various rooms just like what normally happens. That should encourage people to try and stay stealthy, and keep from being detected for as long as possible.

    Have the units at a barricade stay with their barricade, and defend it. Let them use grenades and suppressing fire as normal, but have them hold against assault while their reinforcements come in. This could open up options for crew served weapons, flanking teams, shield barriers, and AI that can take advantage of all of it.

    Keep security teams spawning at regular intervals once an alarm has been triggered. Every time the Tenno take on a barricade, or a roving security team someone should have reported the Tennos location. Spawn security teams to reinforce the group reporting contact with the attacking Tenno.

    Now we take a look at things from the Tennos perspective. They just infiltrated an enemy ship/base, and there are only one too four of them VS the hundreds of enemies on board. Being detected would be bad since even they have trouble taking on that many. So stealth is key, and they will need ways to stay stealthy. Taking the enemy down silently, and without being seen is very ninja. But they are in the middle of a well lit star ship/base so they will need some help practicing the art of invisibility.

    Give all of the Tenno a predator like stealth effect while moving slowly, or crouched to reduce the range at which they can be seen. Make hiding in shadows lower your visibility even further. (Loki, and ash can still have perfect invisibility powers.) I believe you already have a system in place for sound levels alerting enemies, which is good. Add in a visibility indicator a la Thief/Splinter cell, and stealth options start looking good. Backstab instant kills,(except for heavies/bosses) and powerful melee weapons for silent take downs will be essential to remaining undetected. A special melee attack that can break an enemies gun would be helpful for taking on Heavy enemies.

    Once detected you can still try and sneak, but it will be harder with security teams looking for you. However with some skill, even in combat you should be able to run out, and hack someone down then disappear into the shadows to strike again. Or shoot someone down then fade away to take up another position.

    Stealth alone isn’t all a ninja is known for. Misdirection, and skillful use of your environment will help even any odds. So now lets take a look at hacking a consol. There are many options with hacking, and I will try and cover a few. The basic idea is that when you hack a consol you will have a list of options to choose from. Depending on your hacking ability (or mods) you can only choose a certain amount.

    · Hack into a consol to shut lights off in an room for (X) minutes, or seconds.

    · Hack to shut, or open doors in an room. Lock enemies on the other side, or open up an alternate route.

    · Hack to shut down communications for a room. So no one inside can report an attack.

    · Hack a consol to cancel a recently raised alarm. Have to hack before reinforcements arrive.

    · Hack a consol, and create false reports of Tenno in other parts of the ship to reduce the number of enemies in roving, and reinforcement spawns.

    · Hack a consol, and trigger fire containment response. All doors to the room shut, and will not open.(unless hacked) Also have fire retardant chemicals pumped in that create a visibility reducing haze to disorients the defenders. Could be useful for cutting of a barricade from reinforcements while you’re taking it down.

    · Hack a consol to change the atmosphere, and create a heavy fog that makes you harder to see.

    · Hack communications on a heavy unit after you’ve taken out a barricade, and create a false report that your Tenno were wiped out. Let it reset the alert conditions for (X) minutes so you can go back to sneaking around.

    · Hack turrets/shield turrets in a room. Disable them or have them help you out.

    That’s about it for now. Hope ya’ll like the ideas.

    Edit: Actually one more thing. Instead of just powerful melee weapons try a 2x damage bonus for your first shot on any in alerted enemy. Make it a 3x if you hit them in the back. That would encourage the use of quiet, and silenced weapons. This would not replace backstab insta kills.

  5. I feel I must offer assistance.

    Nailed him. Just roll and keep him between melee and knife range.

    each time he gears up for a slash dash roll out the way and use an ability like shuriken.

    The time needed to do the above move is faster than the time taken for him to reacquire you as a target.

    If using your primary weapon don't run too far away or he starts getting angry. 

    Spray at him while wall running if you are far away. he usually resorts to his dread.

    if you get too close and he starts spamming knives  Don't aim down the sight. it makes him easier for him to kill you if you move slower.

    Don't commit to running at him and slide meleeing you might not be able to pull out of the maneuver. Same with the superman Wall running slash. you're too vulnerable for too long don't do it.

    Quick attack dodge out. Patience is key.

    I have no further tips but if you want to add me ingame to show you what I mean then feel free ^^

    If melee is the way to go, I wonder if mods like parry would help out.

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