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  1. im a new player mr3 currently just wondering what good weapons to farm for and focus on leveling in my current mr (main weapon to use) note:i will get ash soon and main him so please answer considring im playing ash in case there are good weapons for each frame and im a f2p player so please dont say go buy that from the shop
  2. alright thanks for help i will stick to the normal ash for now cuz im pretty new and i know nothing about the market or what can be sold or not or these stuff when i get a good hang of the game i will farm for prime thanks for ur time
  3. thanks for help so the best thing to do to farm him is spamming survival grineer missions for plus 15 mins?
  4. im a rank 3 new player i checked the frames list and i found that ash suits me the most i wanna know if im able to get him that early in the game and if no what rank do i need to start farming for him? and thanks edit: sorry forgot to mention im a complete f2p player i cant spend real money on any currency item or basiclly anything in game
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