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  1. 1 is unidentified caches (ie: not shown till mission completion), and 3 is currency drops though. Maybe I'm missing something here? Not sure how one causes the other.
  2. This is an interesting alternative, I like the idea of it giving a hard consequence to aborting it but encouraging repeats.
  3. Exactly. I agree it's efficient, but it also is not good. Hence the suggestion to change it.
  4. Warning: Spoilers to any who haven't visited the shiny red blinky thing in Veil Proxima. As it stands now, there is no incentive to actually play out the entirety of the mission while the anomaly is active. Whenever it is live, if you are joining a public group, the vast majority of players do the following: Rush to the point, ignoring all objectives and fighters Tuck the ship in the "bones" of the anomoly to avoid drawing ship aggro OR scoot the ship far away from the spawn point to avoid aggroing fighters, and archwing-fly to the outpost Clear out the sentient outpost If anything good dropped, they finish the mission. If nothing good dropped, they ABORT the mission and run it again This is really unpleasant gameplay. Anything that encourages force-quitting to optimize the farm is awful. This also means anyone who wishes to not do this "meta" method is stuck between either running it solo, attempting to find a group of people who are okay with slugging it out through the whole mission, or accepting that if they allow pugs aboard their ship, they will all force quit right after the outpost is done. There have been a few different ideas bounced around to "fix" this, and I think there can be a happy medium found for casuals and farmers. 1) Change the outpost rare drops into unidentified drops. This would require a lot of fiddling with how the outpost works now, but this seems like a really great way to encourage actual mission completion. This could be implemented so that instead of rare random containers you break open, players seek out resource caches. Have 3 per outpost, with unidentified drops, and make the rare parts (shedu, ephemera, etc) part of that table. 2) Change the anomaly to not be on a timer. While this would not remove spamming as the "farming meta", it would perhaps lessen the crazed rush players have that encourage this rush/abort method. 3) Change the rare items (shedu parts, ephemera, etc) to be bought with currency, a currency dropped exclusively by the sentient mobs on the outpost, thus requiring players to finish the mission to obtain the currency - while also still rewarding players who are skilled enough to speed clear the zone. 4) Change the anomaly to operate similar to an Arbitration mission, in that you only get one shot at it per spawn and if you fail the mission, you have to wait for it to respawn again. Personally I'm a big fan of 1 or 3, but anything is better than the current setup.
  5. In the throne they sit on in the back.
  6. I don't know man, I like the idea of bringing people along on my ship, but it kills me when I see missiles/dome charges being used on wimpy squishy ships that can be easily manually gunner'd. Or launching the particle ram when nothing is in range.
  7. The issue with uninvitable players is really troublesome. Relogs on both ends doesn't work, manually /invite -ing them only results in a "Player is offline" message.
  8. It works by meleeing still. The weird issue is you need to go to hotkeys and revert them to default to fix it. Which really #*!%ed up a lot of my binds, but hey, worked after that.
  9. Can anyone elaborate on this for me? I am very confused. What do they mean "Existing liches will still be at 5%"? Wouldn't liches that exist pre-patch already be decided as having an Ephemera, or not having an Ephemera? I was under the impression that Ephemera are visible on the lich as soon as it's spawned from a larvling. This almost implies like you don't know you have an ephemera until after you capture/kill it. Also, traded and "reactivated"? This is all really confusingly worded.
  10. Hello folks! I'm a half-decent player (MR19, I can pretend to know what I'm doing with great proficiency) looking for a social clan to buddy up with in preparation for the upcoming expansion. I'd be more than happy to help lowbies (if you are a lowbie-friendly clan with little tenno beebees) or join up with folks for the tougher challenges (such as, uh... Wait, what's the Warframe endgame?). I get that discord is super fun and helpful, and I'm not averse to joining a clans discord chat, but what I really want is a clan that ACTUALLY talks ingame. I'm currently in one of those mega#*!% 3000000+ player behemoths, and the chat is silent all day. It's so depressing. If your clan actually talks ingame, I'd love to join you. Space is dark, and vast, and lonely. Let's make it a little less so, eh? If you have a website to apply on, or contact details to bug you at, please let me know! I'd love to check out your clan and find a foreverhome in this weird strange game we've all come to love.
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