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  1. Hello future friends! I'm an active (read: obsessed) new-ish warframe player (MR 19, been playing a few months) , looking for a clan to call home. All the upcoming stuff has got me hyped, and I'd like to join a group of active folks to actually play with. Ideally adults, who actually (gasp) talk in-game! Discord is neat, but imo nothing really beats logging into a game and seeing people actually talking to eachother. Not looking for hardcore elitists, just people who are active, social, and... most importantly: Not kids. I'm sorry. The Youths (TM) are fine people. I just prefer to play with jaded old codgers. 😛 I'm getting really excited for Railjack, and I'd love to join a clan that's equally as pumped - plus I'd love to be in a clan that does Eidolon hunts together, perhaps sorties & Nightwave shenanigans. Just in general people to putter about with that aren't of a rotating cast of strangers. If your clan sounds vaguely like this, please drop me a line! My discord is Orellani#2633 , or catch me ingame if that's more your style (IGN is... also Orellani. Who'da thought?)
  2. I think the wisp motes are adorable. So, I made little pixely icons of 'em. Feel free to use them if they strike your fancy. <: Imgur album in case uploading here gets wonky: https://imgur.com/a/MC7nrHP
  3. @[DE]Drew is there a link to the updated drop tables?
  4. Is it just me, or are the drop tables listed outdated/inaccurate? None have the Wukong relics available.
  5. Hello there! I am looking to trade both of my Raksa Kubrow imprints for 2 Sahasa imprints. Their pattern or color does not matter. However, my imprint I am offering does have a rare blue color as a secondary or tertiary, so there's a little bonus for ya. 🙂 Please contact me either via the forums here or ingame. Have a wonderful day!
  6. If they're actually AFK, ick. Just because that feels gross. However, if they are simply underperforming due to low level frames/weps, I don't care. I'm a big plague momma Saryn, I sorta enjoy helping people get their affinity up. If you run around and avoid dying, try to hit things (even with pissy low damage), and maybe even - *gasp* - chat with the group, then I love you please group with me more THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING.
  7. Ooh that makes sense! ... Although they're totally more sunflower seed shaped but, I get it now. (Thank you ♥ )
  8. Hypersexualization in games is always a hot button topic. I don't get your original issue in this thread though which is about wisp specifically. I see as many complaints about her as I do any other fem frame. It just comes with the territory. It's no more prominent than any other. I think you just need to get better friends that are less upset over pixel booty.
  9. Off-topic, but I'm a newbie here: What the hell are potatoes and how do I get them? I'm dedicated now
  10. I dont think they will take this issue seriously, because this is not an issue. I think YOU are the only person who has encountered people complaining about wisp being "over appealing".
  11. Who is actually complaining about thiccwisp? I think you hang out with odd people to have this perception. If people think Wisp is hypersexualized and can't handle it, they're new to video games. And they've never been outside.
  12. Hello folks! Y'all sound wonderful, I've been hoping to find an active clan to join while I learn more about this game. You all sound lovely, I'd appreciate the opportunity to apply. :3 IGN: Orellani Discord: Shy#2633 MR: 6 (Maybe 7 soon if I grind my ass off)
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