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  1. There was an error on the forum site, apparently my comment posted twice. Edited.
  2. I have several (Recovered) Nightwave missions. One of which I had requires me to fill 3 Ayatan Sculptures. I had three, so I filled them, and it didn't register I did them. Not even one. I was irritated and went to Maroo's Bazaar for the weekly Ayatan treasure hunt, got one, and filled that as well. Still nothing. I wasted a lot of my Amber and Cyan ones to do this. Please help. Finding Amber stars isn't easy, and I'm mad I wasted them on a broken quest.
  3. Also having issues with my recently purchased Prisma Xiphos skin. Both in the UI and during ship flights to various locations. It's not animated at all, and looks like a half rendered mess. I'd provide the screenshot but can't find the option. But will link a public steam screenshot that can be viewed. Otherwise, thanks for the cool update. Keep up the good work everyone. https://steamcommunity.com/id/SpaceGhost2/screenshot/787488875172689128
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