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  1. I agreed with these. I've been playing the game for almost 2 years now, and this is the MOST ridiculous changes to Nerf warframe just because of 1 Nodes! 

    I think DE expect us to Slash and Dash toward level 30 spawns and Super Jump infront of em? Man, that is OP. Its not about being crybabies but just because of VIVER, Excalibur went to useless again. 

  2. Hello guys, Its been a years past but I didn't make any introduction yet. So here we go!

    So basically my PC warframe IGN are KenCX while on PS4 is DreamCX with PSN ID Crazy_Xpire. I am a Warlord on Prime Lord clan (just a Storm Clan but soon to be upgraded),I am Malaysian, and I am a gaming geeks. So anything related games are my favourites which is why I make it as a hobby. :P

    Next, I am a helpful guy, so If you needed help in-game, feel free to PM me or add mehh for good! I would greatly help you if its a high-level / hardcore mission such as T3S,T3D with 40+ minutes of gameplay or 40 waves of defense. Trust me you won't regret it for inviting me. XD

    Thanks for reading tho. Cya in-game!

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