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  1. Which weapon are available and which one would u suggest to pick at my 100th login
  2. I read many places that now zenister is available as 100 day login reward but when i check on wiki or other sites they show azima as 100 day reward and zenister at 300 days. So exactly when we get zenister now 100 day or 300 days?. I am mr 14 etc but yeah not yet dont with 100 login so idk and i am here asking this question
  3. I am not much into eidolon hunting but i am thinking to start getting into it now so i started to watch a few videos guides etc i understood all things one one thing i got confused is I saw those youtubes void dashing to eidolon head what does that do?? Can someone care to explain
  4. Some mission from quest are solo u cant take friends or squad mates there
  5. There are 2 things not exactly bugs but that shohld be removed. Abilities end when u fall of the map and then game respawns u. For eg if ur rhino ferrite armour is active u will lose it all if u fall of the map and then respawn auto (same for loki invisiblity, volt speed ability etc) Another is when u lose few ability when u get into AW on plains or vallis and then leave the AW, if u have active ferrite armour of rhino u will lose it when u go in AW and then get down idk if it haplens with other abilities too but with rhino i have personally experienced this thing becomes issue if sometimes u forget to re cast iron skin after getting down from AW between a dozen of enemy I hate this 2 things a lot and maybe many others too
  6. My question is simple for those lvl 150 and uppaer enemies mostly im arbitration does high cd and cc work more effective or the status chance on kitguns and zaw(i am not much into using rifels after i build my kitgun)
  7. Well i need help right now lol not when it comes back it had been there recently so it will take maybe 2 or more months for it to be back. I was sadly a week old in game at that time so i didnt got any plague parts as i was unaware about most part of game
  8. Can someone tell me good zaw build for lvl 150 enemies and further no asking 1 shot and not to many shot a zaw build which can 1-3/4 shot high lvl enemies in arbitration etc. Not asking for mods to put on zaw asking the about parts (please dont suggest builds that need plague parts as i dont have any)
  9. Hmm that would also be a nice question i have no idea about
  10. In survival when when life support runs out our shield and then health starts to drop. So in case i use wisp flower will it regen the lost health???????? If it does then taking wisp to arbitration survival is best choice just find a spot where enemy cant hit u and then put the flower and stay there for hrs or days(ur choice).
  11. Anyone wants to buy? https://photos.app.goo.gl/uDEoCYpHaGtzvSdi7 Price starts 500p since its got great damage output stats I will be back online in game at 21.30(ist) around 2 hr later
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