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  1. Thank you for the hotfix. Is there any word on when Operator's amp scaffolds will be fixed? They've been broken since around update 25.5. See below for an example; the Shraksun scaffold should be upright, not embedded in the Operator's hand.
  2. All amp scaffolds are still immensely wonky; see below / spoiler for an example. Any updates of when we might see this issue fixed?
  3. Has there been any word on when Operator's amps will be fixed? ALL scaffolds have been twisted the wrong way around since 25.5.1/2 or so.
  4. I know that there is already a forum post for the Fortuna parts; however, as of today's patch, which noted fixes for two of those parts, ALL amp scaffolds appear twisted / oriented incorrectly. To boot, the two Fortuna braces (out of three braces, and three scaffolds) mentioned in the patch notes appear to still be backwards. Below are screenshots of all family/tiers of Amp parts, displaying the wrongly oriented scaffolds (and braces, for Fortuna parts.)
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