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  1. WTB your godly rivens for unpopular or niche weapons Needs to be +3/-1 Needs a combination of Damage, Multishot, Critical Chance, Critical Damage Needs a harmless negetive or -impact/-puncture
  2. Did you not read the threat, at all? They would be a new type of secondary weapon, like throwing daggers with unique stats and abilities
  3. Enemies in Warframe already use grenades, why not give them to us Tenno to use as well? Grenades would function similar to throwing daggers at least in animation. The models are even already made! Grineer Grenade - The Bouncing Betty Accuracy Low (Adding multishot to the weapon will cause the grenades to scatter) Critical Chance: 32% Critical Multiplier: 2.4x Fire rate: 1.24 Magazine: 2 Multishot: 1.0 Noise: Alarming Reload: 1.2 Status: 14% Trigger: Semi Flight speed: Slow Max ammo: 10 Initial Hit Damage Impact - 80 Total - 80 Radial Damage AEO - 10 m
  4. Akarius's rockets used to explode each time it went through an enemy if you modded it with punch through, now it's rockets don't even go through enemies.
  5. I'm looking to finish my riven collection, Messege me with rivens with these stats only For guns, a combination of 3 of these 4 stats: Damage, Multishot, Crit Chance, Crit damage Must have harmless negetive: -Impact, -Puncture, -Zoom, are the best, and -> are also fine -Ammo Max (sometimes) +Rec (sometimes) -Flight speed (hitscan pistols), -magazine size for bows (or any weapon with a magazine of 1, exergis, tonkor etc), -infested (is fine but reduces price by a lot) For melee: Speed, Range, Crit dmg only, just these 3 nothing else -Slide Crit, -impact, -puncture, -finisher, -com
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