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  1. 2 hours ago, Dekoser said:

    gtting the murmurs gives you the info which 3 requiems you have to use (without order) to end your lich. using wrong requiems, or wrong order is fatal (as in lets it kill you and level its up)
    its helps as in you can narrow down the trial and error from 40.320 possible combinations of requiems down to 6.

    and you get these relics from kuva siphon missions, with normal one you have a chance and with kuva floods you get one 100% of the time.
    look at the alert tab at the botton and you see it in the rewards for them
    then you can refine them like normal relics and run them one a fissure on the kuva fortress (aka T5 fissure)

    I see, thank you for all the information and help! 

  2. 2 minutes ago, Dekoser said:

    You gained the knowlage of one fatal requiem to the lich, not the requiam itself, from requiem murmurs
    the actuall ones you get in the requiem relics

    So the murmurs i collect from my kuva lich territory only gives me knowledge, what use if that knowledge? And I'd also like to ask how one get those relics? (other than from these gift of the lotus alerts) 

  3. So I just returned from an mission and it said I got a requiem named "Jahu" however I cannot find it anywhere in my inventory, did I really get it or am I missing something? 

    on my profile/kuva lich at known requiems the same name, but if i klick "modify parazon" its not there, I only see the mod "Intruder" 

    So as said is there something I'm missing or what hapend? 

    Thanks ahead for any replies. 


    Edit: i play on PC

  4. Unsure of Prices so i would like offers on them  =^-^= 

    hope you find any you like!

    Riven Mods (not ranked)


    pWKbEa7.png Hazr3Rf.png

    zjSRj4F.png acOfFLH.png

    yeEHNEL.png YV2JUkG.png





    FsdTjum.png NsyN9J5.png rPqjZ8M.png

    mThn2gD.png d8uFudK.png 1UEQIOf.png

    MiRNtiq.png osICNj0.png Ee3lGYM.png







    Widow have been soldyYKtUXl.png


    thxuFvx.png ydhrGmu.png 


    bmqH0En.png V1kUKxd.png

    cx4vnga.png neZGEeU.png 

    (Blue again but another patern to show the colour more)


    Edit: one kubrow sold

  5. 11 hours ago, Lobotomy said:

    1) The word you're looking for is "sane".

    2) You don't have to do it 100 times. If you would actually do the event you would find out that the points you get accelerate in rate for each mission tier. Tier 1 is 1 point per run, Tier 2 is 3 points, Tier 3 is 10 points, etc.

    oh yeah sorry english is not my main language.

    i have done it 15 times and thats already too much for me. its easy and all but doing it over and over again gets too boring. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Senpai-Pie said:

    Possibly. Chances of that happening are somewhat low, though.

    " Tenno should be sure to keep an eye out for Kela de Thaym and pet Kavats pre-U19 as well!"  thats whats it says on the link that he/she posted and thats from the warframe page

  7. 5 minutes ago, Gurpgork said:

    We're probably going to get the Volt and Mag reworks in a week or two, but those aren't coming with U19, they're coming earlier. If we got U19 before May, I would be very, very surprised.

    aaah i see, then people have confused that to be u19. thank you for the info btw! didnt know they where gonna get reworks :3

  8. 5 minutes ago, Gurpgork said:

    It's probably not going to be for a while. I'm guessing not until June. Maybe the end of May, if we're extraordinarily lucky. 

    okey, the reason i ask here is cuz people on steam are saying its only about a week or two before we get it so i got a bit confused by it

  9. i have been seeing a lot of people complaining on the steam forum about it so i just wonder if its still going or not. i havnt been able to play for a while due to the ddos and havnt been wanting to go on missons just cuz i got kicked out a lot and i dont want that to hapen when i get the mod i have been farming for again. so is it still going or is it safe to play yet?

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