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  1. You can say that the symbols of Tenno are Lotus, Necros, Kubrau and Kavata?

    Lotus gives way and instructions and the grinir has become a larva of a kuva.

    The conclusion is that the new Warfeim should get the power of the kuva and perform the instructions of the lotus and kubrau and kavata can always become a symbol of help and care for them.

    Infected? They can be removed from all missions and introduced new opponents of the kuva

  2. Hello!

    Can you express the opinion that the new warp can become the embodiment of Necros kuva?  

    It can be done initially with the aura of the auva, the savior of the kawats and kubrau on all planets through the antena - a tow truck from the grinir and the power to fight the ambulans, jiggernauts, and the mind by enhancing the abilities of the mods of the kuva?

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