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  1. I unfortunately was not recording at the time but about 10-15 minutes ago from the time this is posted, Vome and Fass were swapping places on Deimos. Fass fired at Vome but instead of the usual effect, my screen flashed pure white (I mean my whole screen was white not the orange/white opacity effect Fass gives off when firing) and the lighting changed instantly instead of it being the normal transition. I essentially got "flash banged" to put it in simpler terms. I couldn't even see the UI. I don't have any sensory issues, but this gave me a searing headache for at least a minute. I'm concerned for players who do in fact have sensory issues, has anyone else experienced this? (sorry if the tags don't quite fit)
  2. Not sure why you would compare video game characters to real life things but I get the point you’re trying to make. (The game constantly moving forward) Yes the newer content in theory is supposed to be better. But there have been plenty of occasions where new content has either released in a lackluster, or even an unplayable state with both warframes and mainline updates included. The biggest one off of the top of my head being railjack. DE went back and tweaked railjack numerous times and it’s probably the least played game mode in the game. Now railjack is not something DE fixed immediately, they did it over time. Even after it wasn’t the newest form of content in the game. So if they can spend resources doing that, why not go polish older content and warframes?? It just so confusing. I’m not gonna freak out if they don’t tweak older warframes immediately, but continuing to ignore them isn’t the best feeling either. But hey their plans might change in the future, especially if they release another Yareli. The open world syndicates were never the best systems to begin with, but they did get better over time.
  3. It’s not about whether they are usable or not. Yes it’s true that you can run any frame based on what your doing and get some type of value out of it. But some frames are complete dimensions below others while having pretty boring and impractical parts of their kits. It’s abundantly clear that balancing all of the warframes is impossible, but older, lackluster frames should be tweaked to be both more fun and viable. And it certainly doesn’t help that damage is king above all in the game.
  4. Ok fair but vet or not, they don't have to express disliking the format in twitter speak instead of just critiquing it, I'll organize the post later.
  5. Confirmation from DE would be swell since they tend to ignore this subject outside of other frames they've looked back on. It took years for the Vauban and Ember reworks to become a thing for example.
  6. THE PRESENT SITUATION Ok I know DE is really crunching down on the New War so they can release it before the end of the year, but what comes next after the New War? The Duviri Paradox? Its already been hinted that The Duviri Paradox is very far away, so what will they do between the New War and The Duviri Paradox. Well they'll obviously release new frames, maybe a mini-mainline update for one of them like they did with Gauss and The Saint of Ultra update. So why not go back and make some older frames, well, good. DEVSTREAM 157 During the recent devstream, DE revealed that Nyx is getting tweaks. I know Nyx players have their own thoughts on that matter, but Nyx was also tweaked/"reworked" along with Titania in the past. And it put both the frames in a better spot than they were before at that point in time. I know Nyx needed just a little bit more of a touch up, but of all the frames to tweak in the modern era of Warframe, why was it Nyx? It could have been because of that "exploit" some players aren't happy about being gone, but what about older frames that are in dire need of a touch up, or dare I say, an entire rework? Hell Vauban and Ember got full on reworks about 2 years ago and it made them infinitely more viable and fun to play. With that said, why are other old frames just simply forgotten about??? SOME “LETHARGIC” FRAMES Some worthy mentions are Chroma, Hydroid, Frost, Loki, Inaros, hell even Trinity since frames like her are apart of a by gone era. Chroma is just his 2 and his 3 and his new passive doesn't impact his gameplay in the slightest, Hydroid is hydroid, Frost is only made for defense with his 3 and 4 being his only viable abilities, Loki is outshined by any frame that can go invisible and the only thing keeping him up is Radial Disarm and maybe his decoy since that has some niche uses, Inaros is bland like his theme, sand, and support frames like Trinity have no practical use outside of very specific situations like eidolon hunting since many mods and arcanes can already heal us enough/provide plenty of survivability, and Wisp is hands down the best support frame in the game at the moment. I know there's other frames I didn't mention that could probably use a little polishing, but this topic is somewhat subjective. However, old frames with lower amounts of play time should be looked at regardless. MODERN WARFRAMES Most modern frames that have been graced by Pablo's hand can fit almost every role in the game. It's criminal that old content in general is left behind to collect dust. There is an argument that reworking old frames won't be as profitable as making new ones, which is fair to an extent. ZEPHYR’S MONETARY REWORK When Zephry was changed, it was looking to be really good (which it was), but DE was working on Zephyr deluxe. So now that Zephyr was going to be viable, AND she was getting a really cool skin, there was now an great chance that both the frame and skin would be bought, making DE some money. But won't reworking old frames make their play time go up? People would get invested in them again, maybe use plat on them, and would directly increase play time on the game in general which DE still makes money off of. CONCLUSION Now I know some people will say "Well X frame can do Y pretty well," which in some cases is true, but that's not the point. The point is that modern frames do almost every job exponentially better. I'm not bashing DE, I love the company and I love the game they have spent so much time on. I even love the old frames I mentioned prior. But when I play them, I always know in the back of my mind that there is a frame that can do what they do better who might even have the same theme, which isn't all that bad, but I think it may be time to go back and make some older frames shine again once DE is done with the New War.
  7. Wait what can't be changed? Duration, height of floating enemies, or both, Both the height and duration enemies float at after the piledrive mechanic for Drift is used cannot be affected by mods. I didn't want it to be too similar too rhino's stomp. This I don't get, why is he healing? I want Apollo to have some kind of squad utility/support. My initial thought process was since enemies are being held in place by the force of several atmospheres, that they would be exhausted, and then could be under the effect of life steal. It is weird thematically. I can probably rethink some sort of utility mechanic that can come out of Fullforce Flux, like enemies caught within the ability have a chance to drop an energy orb when killed? That sounds more in place with the theme. Honestly if you or other people have suggestions about his third I'm plenty happy to hear. However his 3rd by itself is just an AOE CC. Thanks for taking time to look into my concept though, I really appreciate it! Share with your pals if you think this will interest them. I know he'll never actually be adapted into the game but the fun thing about concepts is creating a character and seeing how many people are into it.
  8. So out of the 47 frames we have so far, I can't really find one with a theme of gravity, space and conservation of energy. You can nit pick some abilities out of the bunch but a frame who thematically revolves around gravity would be pretty cool ngl. So I've been thinking of a concept. Hope y'all enjoy. (Please provide feedback and criticism.) Apollo- He is the one who has been cast a drift into the cosmos. The weightless. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Health: 200/250/300 Armor: 300/350/400 Shields: 600/650/700 Energy: 225/250/275 Speed: 1.10 Inertia- (This is your basic DR ability) Apollo changes the gravity around his body to soften incoming blows providing 25%/50%/75% damage reduction. At the end of Inertia, a percentage of the damage that was reduced is converted into to shields that caps into over-shields. This ability lasts for 10/15/20 seconds. |Ability Duration is affected by duration mods; DR provided is affected by ability strength with a cap of 90%|-(Shield conversion is a set value TBD) Energy cost is 25 Drift- Apollo embraces his inherit weightlessness and becomes free from gravity's shackles. Apollo is able to fly freely at his sprint speed for a short duration of 6/8/10 seconds. Cancel Drift while above ground to piledrive straight down at a great speed. This does damage in an AOE with special effects. Initial damage of the piledrive is 400/600/800 impact damage. All enemies within an 8/12/16 meter radius will float 3 meters above the ground for 5 seconds (This cannot be changed). All enemies within a 4/6/8 meter radius will also float and affected by heat procs (stats of heat proc damage and duration TBD). |Ability duration (along with status duration) is affected by duration mods; Movement speed in Drift is affected by sprint speed mods; Piledrive damage and heat proc damage is affected by power strength mods| Energy cost is 50 Fullforce Flux-Apollo crushes and tires his enemies with the force of several atmospheres, CC-ing them for a duration of 8/12/16 seconds within a 10/15/20 meter radius. Enemies affect by Fullforce Flux provides life steal when damaged by Apollo and his allies for 2%/4%/6% of life steal. (This ability does not do any damage by itself) |Ability duration is affected by duration mods; Ability range is affected by range mods; Life steal is affected by power strength mods| Energy cost is 75 --- (Fullforce Flux UTILITY effectiveness TBD) Black Hole-Apollo sends out a projectile that summons a black hole once it has made contact with a surface. The black hole has a level up mechanic that will instantly kill 8 enemies to use as fuel. Black Hole first begins by dragging in enemies from a 15/20/25 meter radius. Black Hole increases in size as it levels up and expands its range by 1 meter per level. If 2 enemies are consumed, Black Hole will become level 1, 4 enemies for level 2, 6 enemies for level 3, and if 8 enemies are consumed all at once, Black Hole will reach level 4. In short, Black Hole increases a level for every 2 enemies consumed. Now, once Black Hole has reached level 4, all enemies will be attempted to be dragged in within a 19/24/29 meter radius and will be staggered. Black Hole will implode 3 seconds after reaching level 4 and will levitate all enemies within a 19/24/29 meter radius with special effects. (Assuming it is at level 4) When it implodes, Black Hole will do 3000/3500/4000 radiation damage to enemies within a 19 meter radius, enemies within a 24 meter radius will take 2000/2500/3000 heat proc damage, and all enemies within a 29 meter radius will levitate 3 meters off the ground for 5 seconds. Black Hole has a duration of 5/7.5/10 seconds in order to level up. If it does not level up in time, range and damage will be proportionate to the level Black Hole is at when it implodes (This means Black Hole will start to implode once 8 enemies are consumed no matter what). Level 1 is 25% damage, 2 is 50%, 3 is 75% and 4 is 100%. |Ability duration is affected by duration mods; Ability range is affected by range mods; Ability strength is affected by strength mods| Energy cost is 100 Passive: Newton's Law-For as long as Apollo remains in the air, He will generate 5 energy per second. This also includes when Drift is active. Here is a possible synergy between Drift and Fullforce Flux: When in drift, casting range for flux is doubled and if casted, enemies are raised into the air for 2 seconds and then slammed back down to the ground stripping 75% of shields and armor (affected by power strength) for the remaining duration of flux. Drift is Apollo's subsume ability. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please let me know what you think. Comments, questions and concerns are welcomed. I will try to provide illustrations of what I would like for Apollo to look like hopefully in the future in this thread.
  9. This is probably most likely to happen. All modern frames (except for yareli currently) have been able to fulfill more than one role.
  10. Now I know Caliban is half-sentient, half-warframe (coming with the New War). That's not what I mean by "type." I'm of course talking about how Caliban will be categorized as a tank/DPS/support frame. This is a bit of an awkward topic simply because nothing has been revealed about his kit. However we do know 2 things. Caliban is a half- sentient half-warframe frame, and his passive is Adaptation that he can apparently share with his squad mates. Based off of his theme and passive, I speculate that Caliban will be a tank/debuffer frame who might have a little of utility if he is able to provide other buffs to his team. His passive by itself makes him tanky enough already, but I am convinced he can debuff simply because sentients in general are meant to "disable" warframes. However you could argue he could be a damage dealer because some sentients can do that disco attack, but Revenant already inherited that through his 4th Dance Macabre.
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