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  1. Yeah I know, but I thought it was gimmicky/wasted time; I figured it'd be good in case you happen to impale a high level pain-in-the-neck enemy. Otherwise, I think it's better to just go BOOM, and be done with them all.
  2. The buffs that Nezha received so far are really good. However, I think his "Divine Spears" ability could use some innovation, since it's only radial ability that he has. As of now, this ability is more of a trap ability then a kill ability; this should be a kill ability, as trap abilities really aren't all that useful -- especially on fire casting Warfames like Nezha or Ember. Basically, Nezha's "Devine Spears" ability should be more like Ember's "Inferno". When his spears erupt, they should cause an explosion -- putting some explosion damage the enemies they impale. More importantly, the spears should ignite enemies and cause heat procs [since the spears themselves are supposedly made of fire]. As cosmetic tip, the spears should cause screen shaking upon eruption; just to give them a little more sensational kick. Overall, the damage that these spears inflict should be far greater. In general, I believe that Nezha deserves to be more powerful when comes to crowd control. Speaking of heat procs, all of Nezha's abilities should inflict heat damage. So his "Warding Halo" should ignite enemies that touch it, and the frontal fire trail from Nezha's "Pyroclastic Flow" augment, should put heat procs on whoever it hits. Again, these just my suggestions; hopefully value is found them.
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